Memorial Day Weekend

Howdy! I apologize for the broadcast being thrown to the buffer monsters.  I didn’t realize the plug had come off the phone earlier so the phone died and disconnected from YouTube.  We have started our time off and we will climb back in the truck sometime on Friday.  Stay tuned to the blog for any updates I might post.

Load Swap Meet!

Afternoon. Man, what crummy weather today through Utah! High winds, snow, and a few blown over big rigs.  We have virtually exhausted our 70 hour week worth of hours and will gain back 12+ in the morning. We sure had a rough time today with signal both on the phones and tablets. I’m guessing everybody is busy checking weather radars and traffic conditions along the way. Just a rough day all around.

We are shutdown in Little America, Wyoming today and will be swapping loads with another driver sometime tomorrow morning. They will take this load we have on to Southern Illinois while we take their load which goes to the Chicago area so we can take some time f\off. The trip journal has been updated to reflect the trip changes and we will update the next trip information as soon as the trailer swap is completed….

Thanks to all that have donated to the RedNose Organization. Don’t forget to watch the Red Nose Special tonight on NBC TV. Check your local guide for times.

Howdy and hope your weekend is going seems the website is still experiencing difficulties,  but I’ve already been talking to the hosting services and the problems are on their end.

Because of the extreme lack of truck parking near or around Seattle,  especially on a Sunday when truckers are arriving for early Monday deliveries,  we have stopped at the truckstop in Ellensburg which is about 100 miles from our first delivery.  Monday will be a very busy day for us since we have our first delivery in Washington State then our second delivery in Portland,  Oregon.  We are also creeping up on our 70 hour clock already and our next trip is 2200+ miles!

Goals and Noses!

Way to go Road Crew!! We have met and surpassed our Red Nose Fundraiser goals. I was not sure how well it would be received since it was the first fundraiser we have done, so I set the goal at $500.00 the morning of May 1st. When we arrived at our New York delivery, we already reached the goal! I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do except to bump up the goal to $1,000. Well, we were in the dock door getting unloaded just about 45 minutes and I noticed we again met the goal! Feeling surprised we met two goals in the first two hours, I bumped it up to $1500.00. It sat there a day. So, thinking I was going to “out goal” everyone, I made the final goal of $2501.99. That goal was not reached until a few hours before I wrote this posting. Guess what? Yup, ya’ll did it again! The final goal was reached exactly, then BigRigTravels added the promised money for each image in the RedNose Road Crew Gallery adding $25.00 more. I do want to point out that an individual named “Johnny L” donated a total of $1,709.99 over several transactions and I am thankful for it, as I am ALL those that donated!

Even though our fundraiser is officially over for this year, the RedNosed Gallery will remain available under the PHOTOS tab in the menu. The official Red Nose Day is May 23, so if you do get your red nose before then and send in a photo, I will gladly add it.

Quick Shop

When we last left you, we were waiting for the driver to come pick up our loaded trailer and head to it’s delivery in Utah. While waiting we kept trying to get the truck to reset it’s computers and clear the derate codes. Guess what? Just two minutes before they arrived we got things cleared and was able to drive our truck to the shop in Denver. Our service appointment is scheduled for 6am Wednesday but they were able to start working on it this afternoon! We will see what they say later tonight. Will we be rolling in the morning? Stay tuned!

Check out the latest additions to the Rednose Road Crew Gallery! Thanks for taking and allowing bigrigtravels to show your support of!

Get outta Dodge? Not so fast!

Well I woke up to a message this morning stating that we did what we were supposed to do over the weekend and we are not responsible for the service failure. We haven’t had our meeting yet but that will for sure happen later this afternoon, trust me. The same planner gave me a trip out of Dodge City but doesn’t load until Wednesday! I rejected it claiming retaliation for the weekend problems. The boss then gave us a trip that was ready several days AGO now! Well, we are attached to the loaded trailer and it has a tire completely off the rim. We are waiting for the tire shop to come fix it before we even roll off the shipper property. Stay tuned as the world of trucking continues…

Happy Mother’s Day

Howdy.  Our trip was unexpectedly removed from us. There seems to be a blame game of sorts going on. I have documented evidence to support my reasoning.  Because it is the weekend,  nothing can be properly addressed until all the big wigs come in Monday morning.  We are basically being accused of sitting in one location for 24+ hours for no reason while we were under a very tight trip. Obviously,  the planners have a few issues going on and have attached me with a service failure.  In the long run,  a service failure affects my bonuses to the tune of several thousand dollars worth of money! Not happy at all obviously.

Radio 3

Howdy! We just got off the air from our third episode of Road Crew Radio. It took a few attempts, but we managed to get it going. One problem we encountered was extreme buffering. Come to find out, my data plan puts hot spots at 600kbs once the cap is hit each month. We solved that problem by buying a year’s worth of wifi at Flying J truckstops so we won’t have the limited issues with the show. The caller audio was fine on my end but for some reason it didn’t reach the YouTube audio stream… we will look at that later. The show was saved though because someone mentioned just trying the speaker phone….so we did and it worked as a temporary and emergency fix. We also did a full review of my freezer/fridge and did an interview with Ken Laws. Good show overall.

We have to make our current delivery tonight then we will start our next trip that has two deliveries:) Stay tuned for details!

LINK TO Dometic Review Item:

UPDATED – May’s Sunday Video

Well, we set everything up and gave it our best shot to do a Road Crew Radio Show but the signal was just too weak. We tried a few times anyway, but dropped so many frames there was no way we could continue. We will try again as soon as we can based on schedule and of course, signal quality. Enjoy your weekend and we will drive straight to our delivery in Wisconsin tomorrow.

This afternoon we will be doing episode 3 of the Road Crew Radio Show.

We arrived at our shipper but since we just got it washed out an hour ago,  they are refusing us to enter their property until the trailer is bone dry. We currently have the reefer running at 95F to dry it out faster. As soon as we get dry we will drop and hook and run out our remaining hours towards the delivery.

Ran out of my 14

Howdy from soggy Mount Sterling, Kentucky! We live unloaded our delivery and was in and out in 30 minutes or so. Then we dragged that trailer to another building then dropped it in exchange for a preloaded trailer we are using for the next trip which is now posted. Lots of heavy dense fog this morning as we started out in Pennsylvania and lots of rain and traffic delays as we rolled through Ohio, but we finally made it.
Hey look! I’m not the only red nosed road crew member anymore! We have 5 now, er, make that six if you count the hamster! See ya in the morning as we start this next trip. It will be delivered Friday night. BTW, fantastic job on the donations thus far! 🙂 I Thank You!