UPDATED – May’s Sunday Video

Well, we set everything up and gave it our best shot to do a Road Crew Radio Show but the signal was just too weak. We tried a few times anyway, but dropped so many frames there was no way we could continue. We will try again as soon as we can based on schedule and of course, signal quality. Enjoy your weekend and we will drive straight to our delivery in Wisconsin tomorrow.

This afternoon we will be doing episode 3 of the Road Crew Radio Show.

We arrived at our shipper but since we just got it washed out an hour ago,  they are refusing us to enter their property until the trailer is bone dry. We currently have the reefer running at 95F to dry it out faster. As soon as we get dry we will drop and hook and run out our remaining hours towards the delivery.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED – May’s Sunday Video

  1. Hi yo, Silver & away…..(is the William Tell overture playing in your head now?)

    Have a super blessed day, All day

  2. Better luck next time. NASCAR had bad luck today, also.

    What time do think you’ll be hitting the road tomorrow?

    1. But at least Steve can drive in the rain. To answer your question, I think Steve will start out at 9 AM Central tomorrow. It depends on the scheduled time of delivery.

  3. When you wete in salt lake a while ago
    My son and myself spotted your rig on the road and saw you sitting in your rig. We honked to say Hi and waved. We didn’t want to bother you because we figured you probally wanted your privitcy. Anyway we were glad to see you pass through salt lake city utah. Happy trails Steve. Sincerely Shelley

  4. From what i can tell u will be driving very very close to where i live monday. Never thought i would see the day u got to drive to north-east Wis. If i lived near the highway i would look for u to wave. Enjoy your trip.

  5. hi steve i love the truckstops map idea i wounder if we can have a map of where we stop at rest area case i noted from time too time we stop at rest area for the night some time has well

    1. Naw, we rarely stop at rest areas. If you need a rest area you can find them on Google maps. Besides, I’m looking into other maps for upcoming projects

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