Sunday Song 8/7/22

Good Sunday morning from our delivery. Wow, I just saw a lightning bolt hit the street light 50 feet from us in the dock door! Wow that was close! Big storms currently rolling through right now!

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Delays and confusion

What Up Road Crew!? We are in a delay status for the moment. It seems the tractor tire came off the rim, not completely, but not secured airtight and inflated. An observation shows no holes, nails, or damage to the tire. The tire was fine at our delivery but as soon as we got to the yard to swap trailers, we noticed it. Right now we are in line at the tire shop.

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Out of time!

Hey gang! As we discussed several times today and yesterday, we are in need of a 34 hour restart. We made our delivery this morning and made it to the truckstop with just 30 minutes left on the 70hr clock. We covered 320 miles today, and a total of 2,590 miles in the last 8 days. Tomorrow we would only gain 4.5 hours, so we couldn’t do much anyway. We are looking for the next trip on Wednesday with a full set of hours to run around with! See ya then!

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