Surprise !

Good Wednesday afternoon. The latest information available this morning was they were going to pull it into the shop bay on Friday or late Thursday. I extended my car rental to after Memorial Day just in case. The last few days, I have been keeping the freezer running by using our heavy duty battery. I charge it in the hotel, hook up the solar panels, and let the freezer run all day. Then go back to the truck at night with a freshly charged battery pack to carry it through the night. We head to the truck to get the battery pack to charge back up and the truck was gone! It has been located in the shop bay with a service technician actively working on it. No further details at this time. We will go back this evening to see the progress at that time. Could we be back on the road tomorrow? We’ll see…

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Sunday Song and Update 5/22/22

Well, we finally got rescued from the turning lane after 14 hours! I have to admit, it was pretty nerve-wracking! I was going out of my head for sure. We broadcast all night long and it was great to share the time with you all. As a reward, we decided to stream the tow truck ride to the dealership. They will look at the truck on Tuesday morning, and there are recalls on fuel system components so hopefully everything gets properly addressed this time. On Tuesday, I’ll update again as we learn more.

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