Final inspection

Nellie, the BRT shipping inspector, has ok’d this batch of new shirts to head to the post office! Everything is on it’s way! Remember, lately, the postal department has been extremely slow in certain areas, but at least all store orders have finally left our hands!

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Automatic colors and missing lines

Good Morning! So you may have noticed that the lines that draw the route on our trip map has been disappearing and the different distance measurements such as how far to shipper, how far to delivery etc has been all strange or missing entirely. It has been discovered that the geocoding information services we use now want to charge us $99/month for doing what we do. Obviously, we will need to find another solution, so just hang tight. It’s always something lol.

We are now officially releasing our very own custom built broadcasting application. We used to use 2 different phones and three apps to get the GPS information, live broadcast stream, and the Snowman images to the website. Now, everything is one phone and one app! Snowman images has increased quality and so has the broadcast. We are using a new method of trying to hold on during no or low signal areas and have actually pushed up images and video longer than ever before! The text colors now will change automatically between day and night for better visibility. We might tweak colors more, but let’s start with this. More screen information available right in front of you has eliminated the most common questions in chat. No other streaming app has everything ours has. Over the years we have tried lots of them and they never provided everything we wanted for our website. So we had our own built! No, we still can’t broadcast anything if there are no towers, or congested big cities issues.

Welcome to the next generation of bigrigtravels broadcasting!

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Updating News!

Good evening from North Bend, Washington where it’s a beautiful evening with great scenery! Couple of news items for ya…..

First, you will notice that the trip blogs are now all caught up! We have a new addition to our BRT Team to help with trying to take care of all the different features we offer here on the website. Erick from Phoenix, Arizona has offered his help and is now in charge of his own little corner of the website which is keeping the Trip Blog updated. He joins the ranks of Ken Laws, Marco, Mystic, and of course all the moderators for chat. Welcome him aboard!

The last few days we have been having issues with the website and store not loading properly. I have researched all I know to do and have hired some investigators familiar with hosting to locate and address whatever the major problem is with our servers. Hopefully we find out more in a few days and can get things running smoothly.

The new Trucker Mask tshirts have started arriving and they are already starting to be packaged up and get ready to be mailed out! Please be patient as there are well over 100 orders that need to be sorted. I assure you, things are finally moving out of the BRT warehouse!

Finally, the customer of our delivery has moved the appointment out to Friday 4/16! We will NOT be sitting that long of course, but instead will drop this trailer in Sumner, Washington and head on to the next shipper early in the morning. I will update the next trip once we get a chance. Stay tuned….

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