Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the American Road Crew, and a “regular, Thursday” to everyone else:) We are sitting in the truckstop in Grayson, Kentucky doing our 34 hour restart so we can make our delivery drop on Friday afternoon.

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Sunday News 11/7/21

Good morning Nebraska! After a few days of having to drag our feet because of very few driving hours and hitting our 70 hour clock, we finally gained enough hours for a full day today!

We have been bringing our photography back online to the website. Need a free wallpaper for your device or PC? Check out our free downloadable images – and more to be added now and then. We will be adding more State galleries when possible.

Road Crew Meetups- Have we met since June? Make sure you let me know your name so I can put it with your picture. All roadcrew photos have been added except the last Houston meeting. I will get that added as soon as I can.

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