Delays, repairs, and knowledge

Howdy! This morning there was lots of confusion with the planners switching trips and changing their mind several times. In the end, we are staying with our original trip to California. At the same time, we noticed some issues that needed immediate repairs with the loaded trailer. The trailer shop is currently working on this and as soon as we are road worthy again we will start the remainder of our trip. In the meantime, watch this video which is a very good explanation of how freight has changed lately and how things domino into creating a shortage at your local grocery store.

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Reviews and Notes

Good Evening to ya’ll! Our load will be ready early Tuesday morning. We will pick it up then roll South to California!

I listed the 2022 BRT Calendars differently this time and I forgot to put the review box for your comments (and stars). I have now fixed this, so if you have received your new calendars, please take the time to review them for me. Simply go to the product and scroll down to the bottom and you will see the box to put your review.

Also, we have made some progress with our website and the ability to see the latest information right away. We are still fighting with the GPS website location and weather and the snowman images. Have patience, we will conquer those as well.

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