Westbound and Down!

After several unexpected days at the house, we finally have a long trip that will get us out of the East and back towards the West. We pick up our preloaded trailer right here in Belvidere, Illinois Thursday morning and run for 1300 miles!

If you were watching the last few minutes of today’s broadcast, I took you down Irene Road and you saw the old cornfield turning and churning with big earth movers as the prepare to build the newest General Mills plant. This will mean more freight right here in town, and tons of jobs for the locals.

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Freight Update 9/9/22

Hey gang! Just thought I’d give an update about what’s going on. The truck completed it’s scheduled maintenance and we are on the load board waiting for our next trip.

Now, the bad news – freight in the entire South is at it’s lowest point of the last two years. The pandemic caused freight to rise, then the big rush to resupply inventory of grocery stores has now slowed things down considerably. As of right now, there is no current freight within 500 miles for us to grab and run. We will check back in Saturday morning for availability of freight, but I ask for your patience since we are not the only trucker without a trip.

Trucking and freight is a very unpredictable and volatile industry. Most times we are constantly busy, other times we use up all 70 hours in less than a week, and now, we are in a slow time. Hang in there, we will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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