So, we have completed our delivery, and even met a Road Crew yesterday in Portland and today right after the delivery. We are camping out at a secret location until tomorrow. As of right now, there is not a next trip and freight has already been dished out for the weekend. Hopefully,, we don’t sit here until Monday!

Not sure what happened to our broadcast this morning. First try, it stalled, second try everything looked good on my end. I didn’t learn until we got to the delivery that nobody watched anything! Not sure, maybe YouTube throwing a fit because every indication on our end was normal.

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The internet disappeared!

Hey gang, just a quick update since you are probably wondering what happened. The plan was to broadcast the trip to our short delivery in Stockton, and since it was a drop, we would just flip the camera. We totally lost signal about 2 miles from the drop point. We tried to bring it back but it just wouldn’t get going.

Something very nice happened though – We took the last empty trailer that delivery location had. While we were checking out, the office lady told me I was lucky to get the empty and that just a minute ago, another driver came in looking for an empty! I thought to myself, well dang, I don’t want an empty because our next trip is actually being dropped in Lathrop Sunday morning. As we left the gate, I saw a bobtail sitting just outside the gate. I pulled over and asked if he was the one looking for an empty. He was. I gave him the empty and while we were talking, he told me he just started driving in November, and that he had been looking for an empty for over two hours. We also had the exact same dispatcher! I gave it to him and he was very relieved. Glad to help out a ew driver:)

Our next trip is posted and starts tomorrow morning. BTW, we were going to do a watch party here but still very dismal internet. I am trying to edit and upload 3 review videos but it is incredibly s l o wwww… Who stole the internet from this area???

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