Wasted weekend

Well… everytime I thought about updating the blog yesterday, things kept changing. We had multiple trips lined up. Then shop delays. Then they took us out of shop status so we could do these important trips, but then, other people said no. So another set of trips came along but we couldn’t do anything because we weren’t allowed out of the yard! Hey, it was the weekend. Ever noticed that weekends are when our biggest challenges happen?

Currently, the truck actually IS in the shop. Don’t know what plans or trips will remain until we get cleared from shop status…

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Wednesday updates

Alright, we made our delivery this afternoon at noon, right on time. We have had several trips given and taken away but think we have a solid plan in place now. We will load first thing in the morning by swapping trailers then making a beeline to our delivery. Once delivered, we will head North for our truck inspection and services.

BTW, this trip we handed out seven Road Crew Medallions! We met Barbara and Jeff in Brush, Colorado, Chris in North Platte, Nebraska, Krista in Lincoln, Nebraska, JD in Des Moines, Iowa, and Mike and Jeff in Hubbard, Ohio!!

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Sunday’s Song and shop

Morning! We came to Gary, Indiana for our scheduled maintenance today. It was supposed to be done yesterday but they work by appointments and we missed it by an hour. We will pick up our next loaded trailer from here and make the next trip’s delivery at 5am Monday which means we will need to leave here about 1am. As soon as we get cleared from the shop, we will post the trip. We currently also have our next 5 trips lined up! Good thing we are managing to squeeze in a 34 hour restart!

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