Very long day today as we ran the full 11 hours of our drive clock. Tonight we are very thankful that we get to park on the property of our first delivery. Thursday morning we will make our first delivery at 6am, then scoot on over to the second delivery appointment in San Diego, then the final delivery in Compton. A full busy day ahead of us for sure. Since we are already at our first delivery, we will not broadcast until we leave here for the short 30 minute drive to the second delivery. Exactly what time ya ask? No idea, it all depends on how long this first delivery takes!

Lots of heavy traffic after we departed Hesperia, California because of a major accident as we descended through the San Bernardino mountains towards the Inland Empire. Then we hit the afternoon rush hour just about the whole way to National City! Glad we are safely parked for the night. Hope you enjoyed today’s broadcast! See ya after delivery!

International Orders

I do have to make mention that the bigrigtravels store purchases come with free shipping in the 48 continental States. Because of the much higher shipping costs for the International orders, we have been fulfilling the orders and shipping them, but do ask that you visit the page to reimburse us for your shipping. Simply notice the postage on your package and send us the amount. If you don’t remember what it cost, you can email me and give me the details and I can look it up. Most of you have paid your international postage but there is a growing number that have not. I do this on the honor system, so let’s make sure bigrigtravels doesn’t lose any money with this. I greatly appreciate it.

Rush then stop update


I know that sometimes we get the short end of the stick with being turned away from delivery for being an hour late, or shippers that take 36+ hours to load us. But, let’s put things into perspective shall we? Right now there are thousands of Celadon truckers that have been stranded across the country and their fuel cards have been shut off and the trucking company has ceased operations. With no job, no way to get home, and their pay for miles already traveled in jeopardy, this is a very difficult Christmas season for them. Years ago, Arrow Trucking did the exact same thing – stranded their drivers – during the holiday season as well. So, while we may be inconvenienced by delays, there are alot of other truckers with much bigger problems on the horizon than just a delay. Perspective. It’s all about being thankful for whatever you do have and not letting the minor stuff cloud the bigger picture.

Well, our three attempts to make the final delivery this morning in Cheyenne, Wyoming really didn’t affect our next trip. The shipper had a DDT of 4am Saturday morning but as we arrived here in Greeley, Colorado, the load was 16 hours behind and no ready time in sight. They are so far behind schedule that they closed the yard to dropping any empty trailers because they had absolutely no room for us! We will check again in the morning. All bets are off and all delivery appointments are null and void!

More local news

Well, yesterday we were late due to circumstances beyond our control but we showed up as fast as we legally could. Yesterday we were told to come back at 0930am today to unload. So, we showed back up at 0915 but then get told that all the 0930 slots were full and that nobody actually penciled us in for a 0930 slot. So….now we have had to depart the property and they “say” they have put us in for a 1330 unloading slot later today. Great, more delays all due to communication failures from everyone else. Just hang tight and we will get back to the road when we can. At this point, we still have our next trip attached to us but all of those three deliveries need to be rescheduled as well. Stay tuned.


So we rushed to make up time to get to delivery at the most earliest legal time allowed…and they would not allow us in the gate today because we were 1hr 15min late! They have rescheduled us for 930am Saturday, but then this probably means we will lose our next trip! Let’s hope for the best and see what happens next.

Bloomington is Normal?

Good evening everyone.  We made our delivery in Mount Sterling,  Illinois this afternoon.  It was supposed to be a quick drop in their yard then Bobtail to Belvidere for time off but it turned into a live unload.  There was virtually zero signal as we rode through the backroads and so we stopped just outside of Peoria,  Illinois hoping signal could be found to broadcast.  No such luck, so we drove on to Bloomington for the night.  We still have about 130 miles to go so we will finish it up Saturday morning.  We have a nice new jingle for ya so be listening for it as it debuts on Saturdays drive!


Good good morning everybody hope this finds everyone well. I hope everyone enjoyed the 24-hour broadcast of the winter storm that shut down Interstate 76 as we waited out for the roads to reopen. During our shutdown break the reefer unit on the trailer decided to come up with a dead battery. The load was not too terribly sensitive it was listed on the bills as simply to protect from freezing. Last night when the roads opened up we headed down to Commerce City Colorado to the reefer repair center to get the reefer looked at. We then went to a drop yard to drop our trailer for someone else to finish the load to Utah. We have now posted our next trip on the website which will take us back towards Illinois. We have already connected to the trailer and done our pre-trip inspections and we’ll be leaving here shortly.

While we were broadcasting the storm live in Brush Colorado a lady named Barbara came into the chat room for the live broadcast and told me to come in for a cup of coffee. Come to find out she is very familiar with! Go to the photos section in the menu bar then select Road Crew Gallery and see our two latest inductees. A few days earlier,  we also met up with Rural Mailed in Nashville,  Illinois.

Colorado Winter Storm

Howdy and good morning to you. We are in the Love’s truckstop in Brush, Colorado waiting out the snowstorm and blizzard. Currently Interstate 76 is shutdown. We have been broadcasting the snowstorm from late lastnight and will continue as long as we can. This will be the first official weather related shutdown for us this season!

Sunday video and talk stream

A little late for Sunday morning, so here is your Sunday evening video! We have been pushing the time clocks and 14 hour rules right down to the very last few minutes the last few days. We are hitting this trip out to Utah as hard as we can in order to make on time delivery! Thanks for joining me on today’s road trip and many thanks for tuning into the evening talking video. I appreciate each and every one of you! See ya for Monday’s ride out West!