Wait then run fast!

Good morning. Just a reminder we are sitting waiting to make our first delivery today at noon or so. Sure, it would have been great to deliver early yesterday but they had no earlier appointments. We won’t broadcast again until after the delivery today. You can always see my status on the green highway trip sign. Our second delivery was scheduled for 7pm friday but that has now been changed to a drop and hook. This means the plan now is to make our first delivery then run straight to North Platte, Nebraska to drop the final delivery tonight. This will free us up for our next trip as early as friday morning….

Utah on Tuesday

Howdy from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I figured I would stop here today after 400+ miles since we only have about 400+ left and cannot deliver until Tuesday morning anyway. Nice sunny day around here but still a bit chilly and of course the winds are just blowing and howling…..

Strange week!

Good Friday morning!
Well it sure has been a frustrating week indeed. I will get the Trip Journal updated today at some point. After we brought our load and made the Denver, Colorado delivery we had three trips lined up for us. The first was to North Platte, Nebraska.  We had a short delay while we waited for another driver to arrive with his trailer so we could finish his trip for him. We waited and waited. Nightfall came and no word. Come morning, I find out that yet another driver had taken it and nobody bothered to tell me. So much for the first trip. Then, the second trip was supposed to be a very short local trip basically only 5 miles or so. That trailer was supposed to arrive in the afternoon for us. We go to a drop yard to pick it up and find out that the previous driver did not remove his lock from the trailer doors so we had to take it to the shop to get cut off. THEN, we find no bills for the load anywhere. Come to find out, he took the bills with him to Arizona. Since we cannot be on the roads (or deliver to a customer) without bills, we had to wait for the original shipper to fax the bills. Nope, they never came. There goes the story of the second trip.

Finally, we started our third trip picking up in Dodge City, Kansas with two deliveries – the first in Kansas City, Kansas then the final in Mankato, Minnesota. It figures that a late winter storm has all the roads closed for several states! We, however, managed to slide on in between the snow and closures to make our final delivery. I will post our next trip shortly. Sure hope things get better for us!

Behind the scenes

Oh boy. Nonstop, all day. Been on the phone to payroll, dispatch and planning. Lots of confusion and wrong information. We currently have three trips booked on us. Two of them have delivery times listed BEFORE the loading appointment. Our next trip is supposed to absolutely without fail, deliver Monday night by 11pm….but i don’t have the available hours and the driver we are supposed to repower isn’t even here yet. We will do the trip Tuesday morning. Lots of payroll matrix issues and software glitches that are not paying out correctly. Finally got things straightened out, halfway anyway. See? Just because I’m not driving and the camera isn’t on doesn’t mean I’m not solving problems. :>

UpDaTe – Finally Friday!

Updated…. Instead of getting to Effingham later and looking for parking that is free, we will go ahead and stay at the Red Rooster truckstop for free and head out first thing in the morning about 5:30am!

Howdy and welcome to the Friday! It has been a very busy day today since we made our delivery drop this morning outside St Louis then went to a drop yard to pickup a repower trailer for someone else, then drive the short 150 miles to make this delivery in Olney, Illinois. Not sure yet exactly when we will roll towards the next shipper since it all depends on how long this place takes to unload us. Either we will roll some tonight, or we will have to roll in the morning. The trip map, information, and trip journal are all updated to include this delivery. Looks like we finally get to break out to the West (or that way anyway)!

Radio Show Wednesday

Howdy and welcome to the London, Kentucky smile face truckstop! Since we do not actually deliver until tomorrow late afternoon, we will go ahead and do a Road Crew Radio Show Wednesday, April 3rd at 1pm Eastern time with the chatroom opening about noon or so. You can always send your show ideas to me at Roadcrewradio@bigrigtravels.com. It sure is nice to see the greenery and blue shies after such a gray and white winter! The red bud trees and others are out in bloom along the countryside! Ok, see everyone tomorrow after lunch!


Good morning! Well if you were watching yesterday, you know the truck wouldn’t start. We had just filled up the tractor with fuel when the truck decided it wasn’t interested in going anywhere. Multiple calls were made to different towing companies, but the closest one that was available was coming from DeKalb, Illinois. Total of 3.5 hours, almost 4 by the time we actually left, just sitting in the fuel island. I got every imaginable dirty look from other drivers, especially when they saw me eating hotdogs while blocking the fuel island! I believe the truck will be ready today