Recap yesterday

MMorning!  Yesterday we showed up to the shipper 3 hours early and they put us in a door right away! I expected to sit in the door awhile sinice they probably didn’t even have the product pulled off their shelves yet. Surprisingly,  the second I bumped the dock, they locked us in and the forklift started loading us. Eleven minutes later we were signing for 44,500 pounds and ready to seal the trailer!  They were the absolute fastest shipper ever! We went ahead and rolled to the delivery and they too let us deliver 4 hours early!  We then scooted on up to the shipper for this trip and dropped our empty trailer yesterday . I just called and it still isn’t ready since the loading appointment isn’t until 8am. As soon as I get word  our trailer is  ready,  we will go hook up to it then roll hard theft next 1400 miles towards the Chicago area for a few days off.

Hope you enjoyed the side trip and segway ride along the Snake River in Burley,  Idaho yesterday.  It’s always nice to get out and explore whenever possible!

Sunday in Utah

Good afternoon. We had a very beautiful run through the backroads of Utah following US Highway 6 through Green River,  Price, and Helper, Utah. Since we had no signal as we roamed through the canyons,  I hard recorded it for you and will have it uploaded shortly. We have our next two trips lined up – First a shorty trip then a nice 1500 maile one. We load up Monday about lunchtime.

Colorado dirt lot

Good evening Road Crew. We are sitting in a dirt lot of a diner in Flagler, Colorado and are watching lightning bolts and hearing rolls of thunder as the rain drops bounce off the windshield at a faster rate. We had a great day of running 660 miles today and pulling into this lot with just 7 minutes to spare! We only have 10 hours available to use tomorrow and 600 miles. Normally we could pull that off, but with us going through the Rocky Mountains tomorrow and being very heavy, we just won’t have the time required for a delivery tomorrow night. At this point,  we will make the delivery on Sunday before 11am. Jump on board for a good ride all day Saturday!

Hit the 70 hour wall!

Howdy ! Well we ran hard to the delivery today in Jonesboro,  Arkansas and dropped our loaded trailer.  Our next trip is now posted and it also is preloaded and ready for us out of the same place we delivered. We bobtailed to the local truckstop because we have zero time left on our 70 hour clock.  Tomorrow we only gain 6 hours, then 10 the next day and 11 after that . This means we will be hitting our 70 hour clock everyday for this next trip.  Since it will be a heavy load and many miles through the Rocky Mountains, we might not make on-time delivery . The load might get repowered in Denver or somewhere along the way unless we get a 12 hour extension that enables us to drive another day with more hours . That is a possibility since the delivery is a drop as well.  I figure we will run our hours out everyday and give it our best shot and see where things go. Should be a beautiful drive through the backroads and mountains this trip!

Chicago mist

Good morning gang.  We started out early this morning and made our way through the Chicago fog and are sitting waiting for the delivery folks to give us a door.  It wasn’t too bad of a mess to get here as long as you plan ahead and steer clear of all the low bridges! We had our next trip lined up but then they took it away. Guess we will find out the Grand Plan shortly.  How about this truck to hold all the Road Crew ?


Yesterday I got notice that our trailer was loaded and ready early. We stopped the truckstop broadcast and headed back to the shipper hoping to get a head start. I get there and yes, the trailer is loaded, but now it is waiting on Quality Assurance to sign off on it. The original last minute departure time was 9pm. We sat and waited the day because they kept telling me just 30 more minutes . Those 30 minutes added up to 1am!! So, now, I get attached to the trailer and try to get out the gates. No deal. The seal that their QA department put on doesn’t match their paperwork so it makes everything invalid. The funny thing is the folks that can make it all right don’t come in until 6am. So……the delays and wait continues.. ..

Happy Mother’s Day!


Nebraska clouds

Evening gang! We just got done eating at the Max Restaurant here at the Flying J truckstop in Big Spring,  Nebraska.  Poor quality buffet , but guess it was food. We ran a full day today finishing up today’s ride at 650 miles from Walcott , Iowa. As I write this post, the wind is picking up from the nearby storms we passed through earlier.  Here is a photo I snapped as I left the restaurant.  We will finish up this trip to Cheyenne , Wyoming tomorrow morning . We already have our next trip lined up!

Quick Day Off

Morning! We finally got to make our delivery lastnight. Luckily, we were in and out in an hour! Then we dragged our trailer down the street to be sold. This morning we will make our way to the Belvidere area for one day off. We return to driving tomorrow at noon orso.

Sunday Drive

Yesterday was such a great drive! Perfect weather. Today we will finish up the trip but delivery isn’t scheduled until Monday night. Tomorrow morning I will try and get them to unload us early …but we will see how that goes.


Gosh,  here we are unloading in Lewisville,  Texas so unhumanely early! After we get unloaded here we have to run to pick up the next load then run right to the delivery. We are so very tight and low on our 70 hours and we gain nothing today. We may or may not make the delivery today, it all depends on what happens first….we run out of hours or we reach delivery! I know I’m several truckstop reviews behind,  but sometimes I have to just lay back when we keep running hard enough to hit our 70 every single week!

As things progress through the day, I’ll try to keep Ya’ll informed.