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**NOTE** There seems to be a glitch that prevents our LIVE Broadcasts from displaying on the website during certain afternoon timeframes. IF You see the YouTube Broadcast directly above this note then it is good. IF the YouTube Broadcast graphics are not displayed, then please visit the BigRigTravels YouTube Channel directly to view any Live Broadcasts.

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Good afternoon from Walton, Kentucky! Hope you enjoyed this trip and especially the early morning delivery down that skinny street in Chicago! It has been a very fast paced, multiple long days on this trip, but we actually made all ...
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Sunday Morning Bobtail

Good morning America! We made our drop and hook delivery then searched several places for an empty trailer. No luck. Planners finally gave up and gave me permission to play Bobtail Bob to the next shipper. The sun is waking ...
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Oh boy. Mixed feelings

Good evening to the Road Crew.  I just now had a chance to sit down and make a blog post.  Tonight I cooked 12 pork chops , 6 big steaks, 4 pounds of ground beef,  and other great grocery items, ...
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UPDATE – Road Crew Radio

Well, sadly, it looks like the data towers got too crowded too fast and we went from 25MB/s upload speed down to less than 1! Looks like everybody got home from work then started playing on the internet. We will ...
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Sunday video

We are almost to our delivery in Rochelle, Illinois. Right after we drop this trailer we will begin our time off. Be sure to watch the blog Tuesday for a special announcement! ...
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