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BigRigTravels is now celebrating 2 Million Miles of Broadcasting America!

Now Broadcasting via Starlink High Performance InMotion Satellites, we can stream coast to coast, border to border, and everywhere in between!

Who is BigRigSteve?

So exactly who is this guy that streams all of his driving across America?

That would be me, BigRigSteve! I started driving a commercial truck in late 2006. I’ve always loved driving and running the highway since I knew how to ride my motorcycles and vehicles. There is so much to see in America and now I get to explore it all – for free! I served in the Air Force in Minot, North Dakota,  worked avionics on private and corporate jets, been involved with television studios, and love photography. All of this experience comes together into what would eventually become BigRigTravels…


About BigRigTravels

BigRigTravels was born on February 8, 2008 with just a 320×320 box that updated a LIVE image from my truck windshield every 5 minutes, a simple map, and I had to pull over every hour or so to manually update everything. This was the early way that we showed the world what we were looking at on the road. At the time, we were the only one to try sending images to the world this way. As I learned how to do things, we actually started sending LIVE video to that same 320×320 window – but could only have 10 viewers watching at once! Read more about us by following the link below.

BigRigTravels is Family Friendly, Kid Safe! We are the ONLY trucking channel and website to be mentioned by the Smithsonian Magazine and allowed to be used as a teaching tool in the public classrooms. You can learn about geography, history, local towns, big cities, and lots more. Click the link below to learn even more about BigRigTravels!

Our Current Trip

Origin: Erie, Pennsylania

Shipper: Lititz, Pennsylvania

Load: Pre-loaded July 12th

Delivery: Palmetto, Georgia

Delivery: Drop July 13th

Total Trip Miles: 1,110

You can drag the map around and zoom in/out

Due to API limitations, it can only automatically update every 2 hours

We Are in Our 17th Year of Broadcasting Live From the American Highway!


as of July 3, 2023

Latest Blog

New Here?

Welcome aboard the longest running Road Trip ever! If this is your first time visiting, here are some quick links to get you started. Please fully explore the whole website as it contains tons of information to help you learn all about us!

Check Out Some of our Road Crew That Have Met BigRigSteve in Person!

We have folks all around the world that watch our LIVE Broadcasts. As we travel around America, we come across some Road Crew. Some wave at us from bridges, some stand in ditches, some follow us on the highways, and some catch up with us at the truckstops. Some want their photo taken with us – and some don’t. Those that do end up in our Road Crew Gallery. Take a look using the link below.

Got a Question? Here are the TopTen FAQ Below

There are also various other FAQ sections throughout the website.

Are you a Company Driver or Owner/Operator?
As an experienced company driver, I have dedicated my career to the transportation industry, utilizing my skills to excel in my role. While I appreciate the flexibility and financial benefits that come with being an Owner, I have found that it is not the right fit for me personally. My priority has always been providing excellent service to my customers, and whether the trucks are owned by the company or by individuals, it ultimately does not affect the quality of work provided. As such, I remain committed to my current role as a company driver, where I can focus on delivering results and honing my abilities without the added responsibilities and challenges of being an Owner.
How many and what models of trucks have you driven?
I have had multiple Volvos in the beginning. I have also driven a Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, and several Freightliner Cascadias. I personally like the Cascadia best because they seem to be more comfortable and breakdown less.
What type of trailer do you pull? What products do you haul?

I pull a refrigerated trailer about 95% of the time, but have also pulled dry vans as needed. I cannot mention what I am hauling while we have the freight in our control, but we do have a blog dedicated to all sorts of trip details including what we actually hauled, mpg, temperatures, etc. Check it out at Trip Summary Blog

Do you use chains on the mountain passes when needed?
In some states, it's the law to have chains on our trucks. At my company, drivers get to decide whether or not to use them. If the weather is too bad to drive without them, then I would rather wait until it gets better, than risk getting into an accident. It isn't my driving I am concerned about, but rather all the other traffic sliding around.
How many hours can you drive each day?

Simplified driving hours rules:

Max 11 hours a day driving (wheels actually rolling)

Max 14 hours a day on duty (time starts at the first minute of morning pretrip inspection)

Max 8 hours driving before 30 min break. This break can be taken at any point of the day as long as it is within 8 hours of the start of the day and can be any combination of on duty,  off duty or sleeper.

Max 70 hours on duty per 8 days on a rolling basis.

For the Official Full Details about the Hours Of Service please visit: FMCSA WEBSITE 

What Navigation/GPS do you use?

The navigation system I use is actually part of our Zonar System installed on our truck. It is a tablet that keeps our Electronic Logging Data, two way messaging with our dispatch, planners, etc, and uses the Zonar Advanced Navigation for truck routing. This system shows us local speed limits, bridge heights, truck routing based on weights, and tons of other truck data. You can get an idea of the system by visiting their website Zonar Systems

What camera do you broadcast the LIVE stream from?

As the advancements in technology continue to revolutionize the way we capture and share information, the cameras that we use have undergone significant changes. Gone are the days of heavy, bulky cameras with complicated settings and limited capabilities. Instead, we have embraced the latest technology and currently use the cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which boasts unparalleled picture quality and video features.

Additionally, we have also developed our custom broadcasting app, which has been specifically designed to cater to our unique and constantly evolving information needs. With this app, we can provide our audience with dynamic, real-time information that is both reliable and visually engaging. This ensures that we can remain innovative and ahead of the curve in our field, while maintaining standards of excellence that we are well-known for.

Samsung S22 Ultra and our custom broadcast app
How can I become a Road Crew Member?

You're already a part of our Road Crew if you watch us often. You don't have to do anything else. Feel free to look at pictures of people we've met, listen to greetings, or leave your own greetings by the Road Crew. Check Out Our Road Crew Section

Where is the bridge located that is featured on your YouTube Channel?

We actually use two different bridges on our websites. The YouTube Channel banner bridge is found spanning the Columbia River in Biggs Junction, Oregon is the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge, also known as the Biggs Rapids Bridge,

When did you start BigRigTravels? What made you think about doing this?

The concept of BigRigTravels dates back to 2008. The original purpose behind the creation of this remarkable platform was to provide my family and friends with an opportunity to experience the breathtaking sights that I encountered during my travels. At that time, my goal was to capture and share the beautiful and diverse sceneries across the United States with my loved ones. It was a simple yet powerful idea that would eventually evolve into what it is today. My decision to create a webpage for this project was driven by the desire to make these images accessible to anyone who might be interested. In all honesty, I had no idea that BigRigTravels would eventually gain such an overwhelming following of individuals. The realization that so many individuals would enjoy viewing our daily travels is truly humbling.