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**NOTE** There seems to be a glitch that prevents our LIVE Broadcasts from displaying on the website during certain afternoon timeframes. IF You see the YouTube Broadcast directly above this note then it is good. IF the YouTube Broadcast graphics are not displayed, then please visit the BigRigTravels YouTube Channel directly to view any Live Broadcasts.

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Command Decision

Good evening everyone. We dropped our delivery this afternoon and bobtailed to the Flying J truckstop for the night. Our next trip is now posted for all to see. The reason we dropped and bobtailed out was because the next ...
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Half day

Howdy. After last night's all night delivery and the wierd hours it took to get it accomplished legally, we are now done for the day. We arrived at our shipper and dropped off our empty trailer and since our loaded ...
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Long drive today

Good evening to the road crew. Long drive today and we managed to keep a single broadcast the entire day, even along Interstate 68. Tonight we will have to spend the night on customer property. The original delivery was scheduled ...
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Monday Monday

Good morning America. We had an early start this morning which allowed us to make our 530 am delivery appointment right on time. The next trip is now posted but it is a preload scheduled for later tonight. We will ...
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Complete waste

Howdy and welcome back to the highway - well sort of anyway. We have tried multiple locations across the Chicago area for an empty trailer to take to the shipper to get loaded but none were to be found. We ...
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BigRigTravels LIVE! Edwardsville, Illinois to Oak Grove, Missouri I-270, I-70 West-Jan. 19, 2019: via @YouTube

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