Our Current Trip: 274 Miles

Origination: Saint Louis,  Missouri

Shipper: Edwardsville,  Illinois

Delivery:  Bolingbrook, Illinois

We are in our 15th Year of Broadcasting LIVE from the American Highway!

1,890,035+ Career Miles



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Last Three Blog Entries

BRT Trip Blog for Tuesday: August 09, 2022.

Pickup Date: 08/09/2022Loading Location: Edwardsville, IllinoisTYPE: Pre-Loaded Trailer.On-Site Time: (Two Days Late).Delivery Date: 08/12/2022Unloading Location: Bolingbrook, IllinoisTYPE: Live Unload.On-Site Time: Two Hours.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: 55 Degrees F. / 12.7 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 25,431 Lbs. / 11,535 Kg.Cargo Hauled: Hershey's Chocolate.Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 25 / 39Loaded: 250 / 400Weather at Pick-up Location: Passing Clouds, Temperature 80 Degrees F, 26.6 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Mostly Cloudy, Temperature 77 Degrees F, 25 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers : 8.5 MPG. / L/100 KM.Additional Notes: Steve got...read more

BRT Trip Blog for Monday: August 08, 2022.

Pickup Date: 08/08/2022Loading Location: Anderson, IndianaTYPE: Pre-Loaded Trailer.On-Site Time: 30 Minutes.Delivery Date: 08/09/2022Unloading Location: Saint Louis, MissouriTYPE: Live Unload.On-Site Time: 3.5 Hours.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: 33 Degrees F. / 0.5 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 30,891 Lbs. / 14,012 Kg.Cargo Hauled: NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Chocolate Chip Cookies / Coffee Creamer.Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 34 / 54Loaded: 291 / 465Weather at Pick-up Location: Clear, Temperature 76 Degrees F, 24.4 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Low Clouds, Temperature 73 Degrees F, 22.7 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers : 8.2 MPG. / 26.6847...read more

BRT Trip Blog for Sunday: August 07, 2022.

Pickup Date: 08/07/2022Loading Location: North Aurora, IllinoisTYPE: Pre-Loaded TrailerOn-Site Time: 30 Minutes.Delivery Date: 08/08/2022Unloading Location: Marion, IndianaTYPE: Live Unload.On-Site Time: Two Hours.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: 65 Degrees F. / 18.3 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 40,090 Lbs. / 18,184 Kg.Cargo Hauled: NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Cookies.Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 80 / 128Loaded: 226 / 360Weather at Pick-up Location: Moderate Rain, Temperature 74 Degrees F, 23 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Scattered Clouds, Temperature 87 Degrees F, 30.5 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers : 7.8 MPG. / 30.1557 L/100 KM.Additional...read more