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HUDWAY Drive – Heads Up Display – Review 3/1/21

Check out this new HUDWAY Drive from HUDWAY.co It's one of several products they offer that vehicle drivers can use to stay informed yet keep their eyes on the road in front of them! It is a very handy and well thought out product complete with an app that enables you to customize the display exactly the way that suits you best and keeps your eyes off your phone. Check...read more

Growing Roots!!

Howdy! I know alot of you folks are tired of me sitting here and you want me to get driving. Trust me, I too would rather be driving around and broadcasting! But, alas, here we are. We do have the delivery appointment for both deliveries but we will have to wait awhile longer. This is where learning to have patience pays off. There is no other drivers around that we...read more

Oh, I forgot, it’s the weekend!

Howdy! I have been delaying putting up the Sunday post in hopes I'd have delivery information for you. We are supposed to have weekend coverage, but you know from our past weekend problems, nothing gets addressed for some reason. We will just keep trying and bugging people until we get more news about new delivery appointments. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and here is this week's song.