Current Trip Mileage: 2,039

Origination: Denver, Colorado

Preloaded Shipper: Dodge City, Kansas

First Live Delivery: Alma, Georgia

Second Live Delivery: Indian Trail, North Carolina

We are in our 15th Year of Broadcasting LIVE from the American Highway!

1,893,473+ Career Miles

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Welcome aboard the longest running Road Trip ever! Ride along with your "tour guide to the American Highway" and get a glimpse into the real working life of an American trucker!

Last Three Blog Entries

BRT Trip Blog for Thursday: September 22, 2022.

Pickup Date: 09/22/2022Loading Location: Belvidere, IllinoisTYPE: Pre-Loaded Trailer.On-Site Time: 30 Minutes. 60 Minute wait for check-in..Delivery Date: 09/23/2022Unloading Location: Commerce City, Colorado via Sidney, NebraskaTYPE: Drop Trailer.On-Site Time: 30 Minutes.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: -10 Degrees F. / -23.3 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 26,651 / 12,088 Kg.Cargo Hauled: Walmart Crossdock Seafoods, Meats.Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 75 / 120Loaded: 975 / 1,569Weather at Pick-up Location: Clear, Temperature 50 Degrees F, 10 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Passing Clouds, Temperature 70 Degrees F, 21.1 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers : 8.5...read more

Westbound and Down!

After several unexpected days at the house, we finally have a long trip that will get us out of the East and back towards the West. We pick up our preloaded trailer right here in Belvidere, Illinois Thursday morning and run for 1300 miles! If you were watching the last few minutes of today's broadcast, I took you down Irene Road and you saw the old cornfield turning and churning...read more

BRt Trip Blog for Tuesday: September 20, 2022.

Pickup Date: 09/20/2022Loading Location: Wauwatosa, WisconsinTYPE: Live Load.On-Site Time: 45 Minutes.Delivery Date: 09/21/2022Unloading Location: Bolingbrook, IllinoisTYPE: Live Unload.On-Site Time: 45 Minutes.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius:  34 Degrees F. / 1.1 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 40,755 Lbs. / 18,486 Kg.Cargo Hauled: Philadelphia Cream CheeseApproximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 89 / 143Loaded: 164 / 262Weather at Pick-up Location: Scattered Clouds, Temperature 70 Degrees F, 21.1 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Scattered Clouds, Temperature 81 Degrees F, 27.2 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers : 8.6 MPG. / 27.3505 L/100 KM.Additional Notes: Steve...read more