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**NOTE** There seems to be a glitch that prevents our LIVE Broadcasts from displaying on the website during certain afternoon timeframes. IF You see the YouTube Broadcast directly above this note then it is good. IF the YouTube Broadcast graphics are not displayed, then please visit the BigRigTravels YouTube Channel directly to view any Live Broadcasts.

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ATTENTION: Since Google has decided to start charging us for every single view of our dynamic trip map, I have MOVED it to THIS LOCATION (or click on map on left) in hopes of controlling the costs of providing the map. With the map on the home page, it called for location and map data everytime the website page was opened for any reason. Now, this should help keep costs down and Google will only charge me for actual views of the map itself.

BigRigSteve’s Blog

Happy Easter

Today starts my time off the truck. We return on Friday April 26th. Happy Easter to all ...
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Wait then run fast!

Good morning. Just a reminder we are sitting waiting to make our first delivery today at noon or so. Sure, it would have been great to deliver early yesterday but they had no earlier appointments. We won't broadcast again until ...
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Utah on Tuesday

Howdy from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I figured I would stop here today after 400+ miles since we only have about 400+ left and cannot deliver until Tuesday morning anyway. Nice sunny day around here but still a bit chilly and of ...
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Strange week!

Good Friday morning! Well it sure has been a frustrating week indeed. I will get the Trip Journal updated today at some point. After we brought our load and made the Denver, Colorado delivery we had three trips lined up ...
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Behind the scenes

Oh boy. Nonstop, all day. Been on the phone to payroll, dispatch and planning. Lots of confusion and wrong information. We currently have three trips booked on us. Two of them have delivery times listed BEFORE the loading appointment. Our ...
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