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Welcome aboard the longest running Road Trip ever! Ride along with your "tour guide to the American Highway" and get a glimpse into the real working life of an American trucker!

Last Three Blog Entries

Sunday Song and Tour

Good morning from frosty chilly Walcott, Iowa! 1 degree when we woke up this morning! We still plan on going LIVE for our trucking museum tour at noon central time, but I am worried about the signal. Last night the signal was so weak I couldn't do anything online, not even play a game or read emails. In case of buffering or no signal we will hard record it and...read more

The World’s Biggest Truckstop

Howdy! It was an adventure filled drive through Lincoln, Nebraska and Iowa on Interstate 80 as we battled icy conditions and counted more than 70 wrecks, vehicles in ditches, and rollovers. Sunday at noon central time we plan on giving you a Live Tour of the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum- assuming signal holds up. In case it doesn't, we will hard record it and upload as a premier. The numbers...read more

BRT Trip Blog for Thursday: January 13, 2022.

Pickup Date: 01/13/2022Loading Location: Denver, ColoradoTYPE: Pre-loaded TrailerOn Site Time: 30 Minutes.Delivery Date: 01/13/2022Unloading Location: Denver, ColoradoTYPE: Live UnloadOn-Site Time: 30 Minutes.Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: 60 Degrees F. / 15.5 Degrees C.Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 43,236 Lbs. / 19,611 Kg.Cargo Hauled: AlcoholApproximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers:Empty: 0 / 0Loaded: 0 / 0Weather at Pick-up Location: Scattered Clouds, Temperature 41 Degrees F, 5 Degrees C.Weather at Drop-off Location: Scattered Clouds, Temperature 55 Degrees F, 12.7 Degrees C.Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers: 7.7 MPG. / 30.5473 L/100 KM.Additional Notes: Steve picked up a trailer...read more