Update 11/15/22

Hey Road Crew! We are taking a 34hr restart and will load our trip Wednesday morning. Today I will update the trip and finally add more Road Crew to the Gallery. Now, if I could just remember the names…

Also, will have a 4K wide-screen recorded video we made heading westbound through the Eisenhower Tunnel as soon as it processes.

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ok, so just a quick note here. Yes, it took the delivery folks 7hrs and 45min to release us. No sleep last night at all. We pick up our next load tonight probably about 11 or so then do an Overnight Express run to delivery at 730am. Not a happy camper at all. I know several road crew want to meet, let me get a nap in because I really need it. Then we will see where things stand. Don’t be upset with me for needing to catch up on sleep i missed as well as needing to be alert for the dark drive overnight tonight.

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NO 2am travel!

So, all day I’ve been asking my dispatch about holiday hours and to verify if our Preloaded trailer will be ready for us to roll with. Remember,  we were told 430am delivery/shipper would close but if we left at 2am, we’d barely make it.

Well, I decided to call customer myself to find out the trailer loading status. It is in fact ready. But…they close the gates tonight at 10pm and nobody would be there, not even guards, until Friday morning. So, no point in me rushing to get there since we have no hours tonight.

So, just called our bosses to tell them the message from dispatch was bogus and that they really close tonight so our next trip can’t even be picked up until Friday therefore the next delivery at 6am Friday is impossible.

This means we will not be rolling out at 2am to save the next trip. Because of us only having 13 minutes left and the misinformation about actual customer hours, we will just mosey closer sometime Thursday so we can be in position to deliver and reload Friday. Good. I really wasn’t looking forward to a 2am drive – in this case – for absolutely nothing!

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Sunday Song 11/13/22

We are headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming for our empty trailer! Can you believe it? Long way to go, apparently there are no empties available in Denver! Don’t forget to visit our BigRigTravels Store for some holiday gifts and your free BRT Christmas card

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Reach for the stars!

Since our start in 2008 with our very first live broadcast, we have made many technological advances through the years. Ready for our next big jump? How about jumping for the stars? Actually, we have just ordered equipment and signed up for in-motion Starlink Satellite Broadcasts! The time has finally arrived and our new Satellite equipment should arrive mid December. We will then begin testing and broadcasting full-time through Starlink. We will also have our regular fallback internet via 5G and 4G. Our equipment costs were $2,750 so if you would like to specifically support our new Starlink Satellite equipment, use the link below. You can of course still buy me a coffee on the same page. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BigRigTravels/e/97839

In other news, we are ready to test and showcase several new features and updates to our very own custom broadcast app. Stay tuned for more details…

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Sunday Notes 11/6/22

We got a surprise time off at the house while we get a 34hr restart built in. We will load the next trip Monday morning, deliver in the afternoon, then load the next trip Monday evening. Busy day tomorrow, but fresh full set of hours to work with!

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