WELOV 6L Cool Mist Humidifier Review by BigRigSteve

BoostMist technology: Powered by BoostMist Technology, the cool mist output up to 550ml/h, 30% Humidity Increase in Just 18 Mins, 2X faster than ordinary humidifiers.

High capacity humidifers: 1.58gal water tank, it can run for at least 90 hours if using the lowest mist output. Don’t need to refill it frequently. Perfect running overnight No more wet carpet: 40-inch mist height, never wet your carpet or furniture. Don’t have to worry about damaging furniture with water. 360° mist nozzle to direct mist anywhere you like

Safe and Whisper Quiet Humidifers: The noise level is lower than 22dB, no humming or dripping. It is quiet enough to keep you sleep well. Auto shut off function makes you no worry when water runs out Humidifers with Night Light & Timer: An optional night light offers a soothing glow, while selecting from 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours timer options to humidify when you want

Humidifier on AiDot: https://bit.ly/3ltPuVB (39% OFF)

Humidifier on Amazon:https://bit.ly/3Tsz8Jm

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The internet disappeared!

Hey gang, just a quick update since you are probably wondering what happened. The plan was to broadcast the trip to our short delivery in Stockton, and since it was a drop, we would just flip the camera. We totally lost signal about 2 miles from the drop point. We tried to bring it back but it just wouldn’t get going.

Something very nice happened though – We took the last empty trailer that delivery location had. While we were checking out, the office lady told me I was lucky to get the empty and that just a minute ago, another driver came in looking for an empty! I thought to myself, well dang, I don’t want an empty because our next trip is actually being dropped in Lathrop Sunday morning. As we left the gate, I saw a bobtail sitting just outside the gate. I pulled over and asked if he was the one looking for an empty. He was. I gave him the empty and while we were talking, he told me he just started driving in November, and that he had been looking for an empty for over two hours. We also had the exact same dispatcher! I gave it to him and he was very relieved. Glad to help out a ew driver:)

Our next trip is posted and starts tomorrow morning. BTW, we were going to do a watch party here but still very dismal internet. I am trying to edit and upload 3 review videos but it is incredibly s l o wwww… Who stole the internet from this area???

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So, we have completed our delivery, and even met a Road Crew yesterday in Portland and today right after the delivery. We are camping out at a secret location until tomorrow. As of right now, there is not a next trip and freight has already been dished out for the weekend. Hopefully,, we don’t sit here until Monday!

Not sure what happened to our broadcast this morning. First try, it stalled, second try everything looked good on my end. I didn’t learn until we got to the delivery that nobody watched anything! Not sure, maybe YouTube throwing a fit because every indication on our end was normal.

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Vtoman X1 2500 Amp Jump Starter, and Air Compressor – Review by BigRigSteve

The X1 jump starter is derived from the upgraded design of 2022 which will lead the market trend in the future. This battery jump starter integrates six functions such as car emergency start, tire inflator, lighting, SOS warning, charging for mobile devices, and starting 12V vehicle-mounted devices.

【POWERFUL START-UP PERFORMANCE】The X1 battery starter equipped with a 2500A Peak current and can instantly start 12V vehicles (8.5L Gas/6.0L Diesel engines). Even in extreme temperatures, this car battery jump starter can start the car up to 50 times and has a service life of more than 1000+ recharge cycles.

【DIGITAL CORDLESS AIR COMPRESSOR】The car starter has a built-in LCD digital meter. Most importantly, the X1 is equipped with a tire pressure detection function. You can preset the value you want and it will automatically shut off when the pressure is reached. The jump starter battery pack supports 3 optional units (PSI, BAR, KPA). The 100 PSI air compressor takes about 3 minutes to inflate an average car tire to 20 PSI and is suitable for bikes, cars, balls, and other Inflatables.

【UPGRADED THERMAL DESIGN】The unique honeycomb heat dissipation design enables the X1 jump starter to obtain more powerful heat dissipation performance, so the safety performance of the X1 car jump starter is Enhanced by 30%, and its service life is promoted by 50%.

【SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY】The unique design of the X1 car battery booster makes it easy and fast to start your car in extreme environments (-4°F to 140°F), with built-in 10 safety protection technologies (over-charge, over-current, short-circuit, reverse-polarity, low-temp, high-temp, over-voltage, over-load, spark-proof, reverse-charge). VTOMAN jump starter with air compressor provides you with safety Ultimate protection.

【EMERGENCY LIGHT & PORTABLE POWER BANK】The lithium battery booster’s LED lights include three modes (Normal, Strobe, SOS), which can be used in different emergencies. It is also a portable power bank. Through the USB port, you can charge your USB devices (such as the iPhone, Kindle, or iPad) and the jump box supports 36 hours of high-brightness lighting.

Buy yours here: https://amzn.to/3JNolpY

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Monday updates

Ok, so our updates for you: We have officially dropped the loaded trailer and another driver will make the delivery appointment next week. Yes, next week! I don’t care who or what; we have terminated our end of the trip.

Tuesday, we have 2 local trips to pick up and deliver. These are all less than 5 miles, so no broadcasting will happen. You can watch our status bar since we will be updating that and you can follow our progress.

We do have a regular longer trip that loads Wednesday morning and will get us out of the area. At this point, no word on any shop schedules. As we find out more details, we will pass them along to you.

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The PowerHub B600 Power Station from Litheli – BigRigSteve Reviews

Litheli Portable Power Station B600 – the perfect solution for all your power needs. Larger capacity, more charging options. Stay powered up on-the-go with the Litheli Portable Power Station B600 and never worry about running out of power again.

Recharges in only 6h with the USB-C PD fast charging Massive 594Wh capacity to meet your electricity demand Recharge to 80% within 6 hours Plug-and-play U-BATTERY works with all U4 products 3 Ways to Recharge (AC Outlet / Solar Charging / Vehicle Charging) 9 Output Options (2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, 1 Type-C port, 1 car charging port, 1 wireless charging pad, and 2 DC5521 ports) Long Battery Life Cycle (500 cycles to 80%) Real-time data on the LCD Display at one glance

Get yours at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BHZ2CKVM @litheli

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