It’s a zoo

Morning. Tuesday. Zoo Status. Crazy trucks all trying to park and maneuver around as everyone gets ready to load for the morning. We will get this trip to the delivery as soon as we can. The last few trips have been overnight deliveries and I absolutely dislike it when my schedule gets all twisted and gnarly. This delivery too is an overnight! Yes, I will update the trip journal when possible. Yes, I have been slacking.

Texas Run!

Howdy everyone I hope this finds all safe and secure. This morning as I was about to head out the door for the dentist appointment, I was called and informed the doctor had an unexpected death in the family and he had to cancel all appointments. He did get us a prescription to get rid of any infection that may be present until he can see us next Wednesday.

We do have our next trip now posted and we will pick it up Thursday late afternoon and run like wild children down to Texas to deliver. Then they will get us an express trip back up to the Illinois area for our appointment. We did manage to get yet another 70 hours in because of our 34 hour restart:) We will see ya late tomorrow for the Texas Beeline Express!


Get the math? Probably not since I come up with some strange things lol. Anyway, it means we did 599 miles today and three states and extremely close to making it four states! We started off early this morning near Albany, New York and shut it down almost at the Indiana line. Lots of very high winds as we started out so we ran at 55mph or so. Once we got past Buffalo, NY the winds became manageable. We are looking good for on time delivery Monday afternoon.

Pennsylvania Nights

Evening everyone, we have completed our delivery without any real problems. Not a bad day overall, dry roads, no snow or rain or heavy traffic to deal with – just a deer that decided to go under our trailer tires!

We do have our next trip lined up but there are a few issues we have to address before rolling into New York. As soon as we get those details looked into we will draw out the map and post the trip. As of right now, there is a 50/50 shot we won’t keep the same trip. Let’s see what the morning brings CV us!

Hurry up and wait. Again.

Well, we first had the tire problems on the previous trailer which then caused us to be late and miss our delivery appointment. Then we ended up sitting a day before anybody could get us a new appointment. Then….get this…. yesterday we got a message at 3pm to hurry up and make the new delivery appointment of 230pm. Huh? You tell me 30 minutes AFTER the appointment? YUP. We managed to talk our way into the gate yesterday then they told me to do an “emergency” repower for another driver. We put our trailer in the door for unloading then when the other driver came, he got to babysit the trailer in the door and we ran off with his trailer to make our delivery last night.

We arrive last night about 30 minutes before our appointment only to be told by the gate guard, and verified by the transportation office there, that the delivery appointment was really TONIGHT at 11pm. Yup, yet another snafu with dates and times. So, now we get to sit all day today and return to the delivery tonight to get rid of this load. All that big rush for absolutely nothing. Well, another day of layover pay is in order. Three trips for the new year and all three have had problems. Here’s hoping the fourth trip will actually work as it’s supposed to? Stay tuned to BigRigTravels to find out!

Wait! What? Wait.


We have been given a trip to repower and make sure the load gets to it’s destination on time. We will swap trailers with the other driver about 1800 tonight and run the load directly to delivery at midnight. New trip posted.

Good Monday morning. We are still trying to get a new delivery appointment set up. Yes, all the big bosses know the details and so far no word. In the meantime, I have made a new FAQ page and an About page that you can find in the top menu bar. I have also designed a new layout for the 2020 Trip Journal- have a look and see if you like it. These new pages should help new visitors gain some insight into Also, the new Road Crew Gallery is in the works. As soon as I hear of any delivery updates I will let you know. So happy the sun is out today!!

Reschedule ?

Good Sunday to all of ya! Well, we attempted to make our delivery last night but just as expected, we were turned away at the gate and told to reschedule the delivery. This now puts our next trip into jeopardy since we are already late to for our next loading appointment. The thing is, its the weekend and of course nothing gets solved on the weekends. You ever notice that most of our problems happen on the weekend and nothing seems to be able to get solved until the regular crew shows back up on Monday?  We are just sitting by waiting for some word on our new delivery times…. Guess it is time to pull out the brand new laptop and start doing some website work! As soon as I hear any news, I’ll let ya know.

BTW, The 2019 Trip Journal has now been closed out. In the year 2019, we completed 118 trips, visited 38 States, 963 different counties, and hauled over 4.1 million pounds of freight.

Saturday morning tires

Good morning. It seems like nothing changes, not even in a new year. The other driver that left us with an overweight trailer yesterday? I just noticed during today’s inspection that we also have two bad trailer tires. I can’t believe I missed the bad tires yesterday, but guess the bad spot was facing down. Either way, we are waiting for the authorizations to get the tires replaced. Now, just hoping this doesn’t cause us to be late for our delivery!

Friday 2020

Morning! We are already at our delivery for the first trip of the New Year! Boy, it sure was difficult to wake up at 230 am this morning! This first delivery sure is taking awhile. They better hurry because we have a live loading appointment at noon for our next trip today…

Christmas Eve

Howdy and good Christmas Eve to everyone. It has been a wild week and figured I had better get a post up tonight. Updating the trip journal will happen soon, I promise.

We will run head first into the 70 hour clock Christmas Day, so we will run it out and see how far we can get. Any distance left to the first delivery will result in a super early departure the morning of delivery. We have completed the trailer swap and we are all ready to roll in the morning. Depending on the situation after we stop tomorrow, we may do a Christmas Day broadcast and chat with you. See ya in the morning and bring your presents!

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