Good evening from Brush, Colorado. If you haven’t noticed yetht, our trip has changed. We are now going to drop this in Denver so another driver can use it to get to his home in Utah. We also have some business stuff to do since we just hit our 14th year of driving!! Wednesday morning we will finish up the last 95 miles or so and that will be it for tomorrow. There are several things in progress but we will let you know when things get finalized.

The numbers for today are… 579.8 miles driven, 4hr10min left on 70hr clock. Gain back 8hr44min tomorrow.

Picky picky!

Howdy and what picky some places can be! Industry standards for arrival at refrigerator trailers is 3/4. That will provide about 3 days of fuel to run the reefer unit. We arrived with 7/8 tank and were refused entry to the delivery until we got fuel and returned with a full topped off tank. Guess what? That was 15 miles each way added on for fuel then we ran into heavy traffic due to construction. We aren’t even dropping this trailer since we are a live unload. Total waste of time.

Howdy midnight crew!

We are currently unloading at our midnight delivery in Lima, Ohio right now. Hope you enjoyed the unplanned round about tour of downtown Lima today as we got ourselves all turned around and lost! It was a pleasure to show ya the downtown areas of Chicago the last two days as well. Ready for someplace else we haven’t been in awhile?? Check out the next trip which loads Wednesday afternoon!

Wild day so far!

We are taking a 2 hour nap right now since we did a split sleeper break last night which allowed us to get an earlier start. We will continue on at 4pm central time and get a few more miles in before shutting down for the day. In Tennessee we were literally a few vehicles behind the shutdown on Interstate 24 which was closed due to a shooter and car jacking. Tons of police activity and several vehicles were shot at. They closed the highway way behind us but let us roll out of the area so we wouldn’t be targeted. You can Google for the latest information. Then of course all the rain as we rolled through Nashville which caused instant flooding and lane closures.

Overnight change

Morning! Got a call from the big boss this morning at 130am local time and asked if we were willing to help another driver get to his home in California. He has a family emergency so we will give him our trailer and he will take it to California so he can take care of his business. We will swap trailers here in Saint George, Utah and take his load and make the delivery in Phoenix, Arizona. The trip information has been updated to reflect this change. As soon as he arrives we will do the swap and head out. Currently he is still a few hours out