Hail. Snow, Rain!

We are waiting for our loaded trailer to be released.  My boss said it was ready. All the information matches,  but somehow no bills available.  Not sure what we can do until the shipper figures out a solution.  Meanwhile,  we had heavy rain, hard hitting hail, then rain. We are getting extremely low on our clocks since we started so early this morning.  The plan was to come in here then turn right back around and get as far as we could before we ran out of time. Now I’m not sure when we will roll because everything depends on when the trailer is ready – for real.

**Updated** Repower

Ok, it looks like this trip is now terminated for us since it will be repowered by another driver.  We just completely used up our 70 hour clock.  We will get a  new trip Saturday morning and we’ll update you as soon as I know more.


We are now booked with three trips and 7 different customers which will keep us running both days and nights nonstop through next Friday the 28th of June! Let’s get some rest because we will head to the shipper the minute our repower arrives with an empty trailer and they take this load onward to Idaho and Washington.

Cabbage Hill Special Buy

Sunday morning we will be driving up Cabbage Hill (or I always called it Cabbage Patch) in Pendleton,  Oregon.  This truckstop has  t shirts with this graphic on them for sale! They come in Black, Orange,  and Safety Yellow.  There is a good size selection available.  If you are interested in me getting you one, here is your chance.


This offer is only good while I am here at the truckstop.

They sell for $35.00 postage paid in the lower 48 United States

The design pictured is on the BACK of the shirt.

You must email me your size choice and color choice and if available, I will reserve your shirt and hold onto it until the end of the month when I take time off and can mail it to you.
Bigrigsteve@bigrigtravels.com Cabbage in subject line….

If I do pick up your shirt, you will be notified on how to pay for it.

There is no promise your choices will be available, I am only extending this offer as a way to make it easy to remember our ride up and down Cabbage Hill in Oregon!

Sunday video

Busy Saturday

Afternoon gang! We are currently being unloaded at our delivery today and are just waiting for the signed bills. The next trip is posted and we will head towards the shipper as soon as we can so we can get on the road towards the Colorado Springs delivery!


oh wow, so I have spent the whole afternoon troubleshooting the audio problems we had on our last Road Crew Radio Show. What a mess! Everytime I treid something new the audio got worse, didn’t work, or just went psycho on me. Just when I thought I has things lined up, I got feedback, or echos, or static, or everything else under the sun. Even when I didn’t change any settings, it did something different each time I started a fake stream for testing. I got it to work three times properly so now I am shutting the whole thing down to rest a bit before testing again. I know, not your deal, just thought I’d mention I do work on things even if I am not driving 🙂

Ok, so as you probably know by now, we are not doing the trip to Washington. We arrived all ready to get loaded up at the shipper and found out that the load was actually picked up by another company two days prior. Yup, somebody messed up. Oh well, it happens. We have our next trip that still takes us North through California. We load tomorrow ate afternoon.

Beautiful scenery…

… if you are patient.  Our next trip is now posted and it is only the second time we have gone this route on US highway 97 through some of the most beautiful places in Oregon! As far as I can remember,  we have passed through there just twice in 12 years! When I first started trucking and we rolled through here, we were not even Broadcasting to the website yet. I was just in awe of the mountains and valleys,  the wide open prairies and flowers I’d never seen before.  Lakes, streams,  waterfalls.  It felt like I was a Million Miles from anywhere.  As we do this trip this time, we are equipped with more cameras than last time we visited these areas. I will try to stop and visit where I can, but be forewarned,  the most scenic and far away places have nothing but dialup. Life is slower in these areas and they don’t need all the hype of fast internet.  Obviously,  we will broadcast what we can, hard record what we can, and when possible,  be sure to peek in to the snowman camera since he can push out a new image even on slow dial up. Here are a few galleries from the first trip…

Shoe Tree Shaniko, Oregon

Grass Valley, Oregon

US Highway 97

Busy night ahead

Good Sunday afternoon to all of the Road Crew. We are resting today since we will have one very busy night ahead of us. We are waiting to make a local delivery tonight at 10pm, then pick up and swap trailers for another loaded one, and make a second local delivery at 2am Monday morning, then swap trailers yet again for another customer and that will be our third trip that takes us back to the State of California. Not sure how all this will work out since it is alot of customers involved and any one of them that decides to drag their feet could really cause a domino effect on the whole plan.

I decided to add my Instagram feed to the photography section of the website menu. That is where I can just share a picture or two without making a whole new post about it. Check it out.

Phoenix Running around

Howdy and good Saturday afternoon from Phoenix, Arizona. The last few days has been a little strange with changed trips, changed appointments, delays, etc. We have made our delivery in Phoenix from California, and have two local deliveries in the Phoenix Metroplex this weekend. The crummy thing is they both are late at night! (Think 11pm and 2am!) We have our third trip as well that picks up in the middle of the night Sunday. We will then get to head back Northwest from our current location for that delivery.

It sure is hot, our first 100F degree day this year! The snowman camera fails when it gets so hot and the sun is boiling the electronics….so as soon as the sun drops behind us I can turn it back on. Not sure about the next Radio Show just yet. Sure, I want to do one, but we will see how it goes. Even though there will be no broadcasting during these two local metro trips, I will still update the status bar under the trip sign.

Delays and ah hecks

Good evening everyone. We arrived at our shipper about an hour late from our loading appointment. We did everything we could but the previous delivery combined with afternoon rush hour in the Los Angeles area made it impossible to arrive on time. We have let the bosses know and see what they want to do with this situation. This delay now pushes everything else out so we might end up losing this trip and/or the next one. I’ll update the blog as soon as I find out what we are doing. Goodnight from San Bernardino, California!

Up and down and up and down…

Boy, today was a long day for sure as we left Denver this morning and hauled up and over the Rockies and then the numerous steep grades in Utah. I know we are behind on updating the Trip Journal but most likely I can do it tomorrow after our delivery. If I got the laptop out now, it’d be another “up until midnight” thing and we can’t do that. No fantastic steak creations fonight; just chicken breast cut up on hamburger buns and a pickle.
I decided to walk across the street here from the truckstop in Richfield, Utah and snapped this among others…