Test drive

Well, we were hoping that the truck would be ready to roll Monday morning. I called the repair center and they had it put back together and was on a test drive with it. I called back later and was told it still wasn’t behaving properly and they were still working on it. I called a third time and was told again it was on another test run and they would call me back. That of course never happened.

I will go there myself Tuesday morning and see the truck status for myself. Either we will have good news or we won’t, but at least I can see for myself and actually talk to the mechanic working on it. Hopefully I will have more news to share with you then.

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Truck is in the ER

The Freightliner shop has been tearing apart the tractor troubleshooting our clutch problems. They have verified the problem exists and have ordered several parts which should come in on Thursday afternoon. They have stated to drop the transmission and several sensors have corrosion visible. We are going back home to Belvidere for the night since nothing we can do until the truck is fixed. The shop did plug in our freezer so no worries about our food going bad. As soon as more details are available, I’ll make a new post, but nothing more to report today. Don’t forget to stop by our bigrigtravels store and bid on the donated bobblehead- and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warriors Project

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Reviews and Notes

Good Evening to ya’ll! Our load will be ready early Tuesday morning. We will pick it up then roll South to California!

I listed the 2022 BRT Calendars differently this time and I forgot to put the review box for your comments (and stars). I have now fixed this, so if you have received your new calendars, please take the time to review them for me. Simply go to the product and scroll down to the bottom and you will see the box to put your review.

Also, we have made some progress with our website and the ability to see the latest information right away. We are still fighting with the GPS website location and weather and the snowman images. Have patience, we will conquer those as well.

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Sunday 10/3/21

Good morning! Yup, this is October, the time I said our new truck would be ready. Remember, it was originally supposed to be ready in July, then October, now completely unknown when our truck will be ready. I promise, I will let you know when any new information comes available. We are just taking a few days off.

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Auction Match and parts

Howdy! I just got notified that an anonymous donor has guaranteed to match dollar for dollar (up to $500.00) of the winning bid amount! This automatically will double the donation to the Wounded Warriors Project! Let’s get with it and maximize what we can do for a worthwhile cause! BTW, just wanted to clarify that the bobblehead wasn’t sitting on a shelf then given back to us unwanted lol. The original purchaser actually bought four of them and thought a year later would be nice to give to someone a chance that missed out the first time. This bobblehead has never been opened and the certificate is blank, ready for your name!

Parts…our truck is torn apart and waiting on a dry clutch disc from Freightliner. Let’s hope the needed parts arrives soon!

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Delays, repairs, and knowledge

Howdy! This morning there was lots of confusion with the planners switching trips and changing their mind several times. In the end, we are staying with our original trip to California. At the same time, we noticed some issues that needed immediate repairs with the loaded trailer. The trailer shop is currently working on this and as soon as we are road worthy again we will start the remainder of our trip. In the meantime, watch this video which is a very good explanation of how freight has changed lately and how things domino into creating a shortage at your local grocery store.

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