SetPower 16 in Battery operated floor fan review 7/5/22

This 16 inch Battery operated floor fan is fantastic for providing high power air movement wherever it’s needed without any cords! Runtime is 30 hours at low speed and 3 hours at its highest setting. Comes with an AC charger and USB on the back of the fan motor. Stepless speed control. 4.24Kg weight, 45db noise level.

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200 Ducks!

Hey! It’s absolutely great this vacation! But, I do miss the road crew and driving! I was just told there are 200 ducks left before they are sold out. Let’s rally together and help the Belvidere Lions Club for the second year in a row! Check out the homepage on how to buy your ducks and the six items up for bid!

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void void void missing gone!

ok, so, guess I better update things. We already discussed the load problems in the last blog post about quality control delays with this trip. This morning everything was sorted out and we were to pick up that same loaded trailer and deliver to the same scheduled location. We have been searching for our loaded trailer now for hours, and it isn’t here. The trailer tracking device, dispatch, and the shipper says it is here. The yard dog can’t find it, I can’t find it, it simply isn’t here! Finally, the latest word is that folks think the trailer was taken by another driver, or the load was duplicated. In either case, this trip has been voided. AGAIN!

Now, we are trying to talk with dispatch about what we are going to do, another trip, or anything to get us moving. As soon as I hear something, we will get back with ya’ll

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First time ever!

For years we have been coming to this shipper in Virginia and you could always count on them to have the trailer preloaded on time or earlier. Today, we arrived and they are still loading the preloaded trailer in the door. The good news is it was already started this morning on a different trailer; we just happened to get here before they got it fully loaded. We will get out of here quickly I’m hoping.

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July 5th! Vacation is over!

Hey everybody , hope you managed to survive any BRT withdrawals. We had a great time at Belvidere Heritage Days and the Duck Derby last weekend.

BigRigTravels and SetpowerUSA are teaming up to give one of our viewers a free 12 inch battery operated floor fan! Check out this video for full details!

We are also running a five day auction for your next grill and cooking enjoyment. Visit the BRT Store to place your bid!

We will have our first trip posted shortly, so hang tight! It will be so good to see everyone again!

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Quality Control

Hey gang! Well, we had a successful delivery early this morning at 2am. Then, once we got our break over, we headed to the next shipper to pick up our preloaded trailer. Yes, I know lately preloaded trailers were never actually ready. This time I was excited though because we had the loaded trailer number already which we’d never get unless it was loaded and ready.

So, because of the long line to get into the shipper, it took us 45 minutes to reach the gate. We go in, drop our empty trailer, and hook up to our loaded trailer. There is only one outbound lane (but 3 inbound) and we were behind 29 other trucks trying to escape! We get up to security and find out that our load has been placed on “quality hold” and we had to turn around and put it right back where we got it. We were told to bobtail out and talk to our dispatch about getting another trip.

Yeah, about that… we only started the day with 8 hours or so, and used half of those messing with the shipper this morning. Wednesday morning we only gain back 2.5 hours. And, we don’t even have a trailer anymore! Not sure what the next course of action is, but it’d be a good bet to take a 34hr restart so we don’t have to fight that 70hr clock!

Any updates or news, stay tuned to the blog or Twitter!

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Belvidere Heritage Update

The City of Belvidere has officially canceled everything for today but moved ALL events to tomorrow. This graphic shows the new times for Sunday. Full day of activities tomorrow, so see ya Sunday!

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Lost Stream! OH no

Hey! The phone kept cool and we were still broadcasting when we got back to the truck and turned the air on. Apparently we were 1 minute too late because the phone did overheat.

Anyway , I was on the fence about if we should stop or keep going today. Really not enough time to reach Atlanta, and even if we did, the horrible Friday traffic and no truck parking would not make any advancement worthwhile. We will continue on in the morning, drop this trailer and get loaded at the next shipper and see how far we get for trip number two!

The numbers for today are: 53:53 left on 70, 2:49 left on 14, 2:58 left on 11. 402 miles covered today plus the live load this morning. See everyone tomorrow morning and we will truck all weekend!

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