About today’s drive…

Well, this weekend BigRigTravewas your alternative to the Super Bowl. Yesterday we covered the San Rafael Swell and today we conquered the highest point on any US Interstate at over 11,000 feet. It was absolutely picture perfect day with snow on the mountains and perfect dry roads. We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Guess what we did today as well? As we entered the Johnson Tunnel, we hit an all time official record of simultaneous viewers: 2,103!!! You guys are absolutely the best in sharing our streams and getting the word out! A billion thanks!

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What the heck happened?

Alright , this isn’t going according to plan at all. We had our Friday shop appointment canceled due to ice and blizzard conditions. No biggie, we had it rescheduled for Monday.

We showed up for our 2pm appointment and they brought the truck into the shop at 5pm and promised we would be good to go by the time they close shop for the night. Then they told me the CalBit inspection was completed but we had a small coolant leak and they would get that fixed Tuesday morning.

Ok, so we watched big forklifts pushing truck after truck into the shop. They all had gelled fuel, frozen brakes, etc. The shop also went into emergency mode and their focus was centered on saving loaded reefer trailers that wouldn’t start.

So, at 3pm today I asked if they were ever going to at least look at the small leak and possibly fix in a few minutes. We were then told the truck never did get it’s inspection completed and that they can’t even look at the truck until Wednesday or Thursday.

So, here we sit, outside the shop doors. I apologize for all this trouble, but the extreme cold and weather isn’t playing nice with anything! As soon as something happens, I’ll update ya. Until then, keep warm!!

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Monday Icy Mess

Hey!How are ya? So, just to catch you up today, we did make our delivery. We have multiple problems with this trailer that was preloaded. The plans were to head to Gary and drop this trailer off at the shop there and get a different one. Literally minutes before we were going to head that way, our safety team informed us the Gary terminal is closed due to the icy road conditions. No point in rolling there if the ice conditions 5bad enough to close our terminal there.

Because we did a double split sleeper to make ontime delivery our hours are messed up for today. I guess we will wait until Tuesday to head to Gary? We can’t use this trailer for another customer so, it’s useless until Gary opens back up, ice clears, and our hours straighten up.

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Sunday Song 1/14/24

A very bitter cold morning to ya! We were supposed to be in Gary, Indiana for our Friday afternoon shop appointment. Because of the blizzard, it has now been changed to Monday. Yesterday afternoon the Kishwaukee River was still flowing. This morning, it’s frozen over!

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February updates

Howdy! So, here are a few updates for you. We were given a trip this morning but it wasn’t going to work out, so we rejected it. The ONLY other trip available loads February 2nd in the evening and delivers early the next morning. That means the entire trip will have to run overnight. We haven’t posted the trip details yet because something better might come along later today. The driver’s mirror was hit yesterday and now we have both smashed side mirrors. It’s amazing that out of all the trucks we drove over the years, no mirrors or damages have happened to us. We get our official million mile truck, and in less than two years, we have had mirrors hit three times. Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and now Jurupa Valley.

As soon as we get a better trip, or something better happens to us, we will update ya. Sorry, that’s all we have for now.

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