New record

Well we sure hit a new and probably not to be broken record on Tuesday! We ran it hard and managed to officially cover 679.5 miles in a single day! That averages out to 61.998 mph for all 11 hours, and we can only go 65mph! Not bad I’d say.

Tonight we are sitting in Hudson, Colorado at the Love’s truckstop and will roll in to our delivery early Thursday morning. We already have our next two trips lined up so we will keep running and use up all of our available drivetime. This is our busiest time of the year so let’s keep at it:)

Busy day yesterday

Good morning!  Yesterday was a very productive day indeed. We managed to do two live unloads and also a live loading.  It was nice that all three docks did not take long at all.  We managed to still get in 391 miles of driving in. Yesterday was also a record for meeting with the Road Crew  since we met four of them!

The next two days are going to be long driving days as we rush towards Denver,  Colorado.   Our target for the next two days is 550+ miles! Saddle up and let’s hit the highways!  

Next Trip!

Good morning! We are currently being unloaded at our final delivery for today. We already made our first delivery early this morning. It sure is nice when I come across places that allow drivers to park on their property until the appointment time. It sure makes it alot easier.  Right after they free us from the docks here in Canton, Michigan, we will head towards Ohio to drop our empty trailer and wait for them to get done with our next preloaded trailer. Since the loading time isn’t until tonight and we will hit ur 14 hours by then, we will pick it up first thing tomorrow morning then run hard to Denver, Colorado. I am hoping the ice storms stay to the south and nothing slows us down. 

First day back problems…

Welcome back to the road.  Well we have our first trip back.  We filled the trailer with fuel and washed it out. We arrived at the shipper to pick up our preloaded trailer – and they have rejected our empty one! This trailer we brought in empty has the old style roll up doors instead of the swing open doors and they will not accept it. I’m not sure what the problem is with what style the doors are, but hey, it is what it is.  We will have to go find a better trailer and swap empties then come back.  This certainly will put us behind on our two deliveries.  Welcome back to the world of trucking! 

Sit and wait

Afternoon Gang! We are about 25 miles from the shipper. The load isnt scheduled to be ready until very early Monday morning but I called and they will actually start loading it Sunday afternoon. At this point, all we can do is sit and wait and watch the fog roll in until the load is ready. Once I get confirmation, we will go pick it up, attach to the trailer, then roll towards the first of two deliveries which take place on Monday.

Twin Deliveries

Morning! This morning’s drive started out pretty decent – at least until we tried to get fuel at the Love’s truckstop.  That was supposed to be our fuel location but it kept telling me I wasn’t authorized to fuel there. I called the fuel folks and they reset everything and still it wouldn’t let us get fuel.  After we left there, we took an extended unplanned trip through the backroads of Pennsylvania to reach our first delivery.  Our second delivery will be immediately following the first at a location just five miles down the road so we will just scoot over there without broadcasting. You can still watch the status updates though….

Beat the Winter Storm!

Evening to all. The last two days we have managed to stay just ahead of Winter Storm Bruce. We have also been hitting our 70 hours every day making for some shortened travel days. Looking back at the storm in areas we were yesterday , it is one big mess indeed! Add to the mixture all the holiday travelers and it’s a recipe for disaster.  Let’s hope we can continue to stay just ahead of all the problems.

We are running about a day and a half late with this delivery but there is no repower scheduled at this time.  I’m sure once all the big planners come in Monday morning they will figure out a plan.  My guess is they will simply reschedule all three deliveries.  Stay tuned.

34 Hour Rest

Good Morning and hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving dinner. We finished up our trip yesterday and made our delivery a few hours earlier than anticipated.  The next trip is now posted but it is not scheduled to be picked up until Saturday morning. This will allow us to go ahead and take a full 34 hour restart and get back 70 hours – which will be badly needed in order to make the next trip even possible. Yup, that means at a minimum, two 600+ mile days this weekend. Now, with the ice and snow forecasted in the Rocky Mountains and the heavy traffic as everybody comes back from visiting their family for the holidays, the schedule might have to be adjusted of course. Safety is always the first and most important so if Colorado activates the chain laws, we will park it. This trip will take us to San Diego, California which is a place we have delivered to only once before and I think that was before I even started broadcasting. The second delivery will take us within five miles of where I grew up as a kid! I know I won’t recognize anything though since 45 years or so is a longtime for the landscape to change and build up. I actually get to take a day off while Friday traffic will be horrible with every shopper out racing to the malls and stores and thinking more about the next gift purchase rather than driving safely! Go ahead, ya’ll have fun out there, I’ll just sit tight LOL.

Good ride yesterday, rest up and I will see ya’ll bright and early Saturday morning as we first head to the shipper then hopefully drop and hook to our preloaded trailer then get as many miles in each day as our tine clocks allow in order to make both deliveries in San Diego on time! The holiday freight rush is on! Come join me as we tackle the impossible!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all of the road crew . Today will be one of the busiest travel days out on the roads all across America.  Please please take your time and arrive to your destination safely and in one piece.  Getting there a few minutes,  or even hours later than planned is definitely better than not getting there at all. Breathe,  take it easy,  relax and enjoy the journey to wherever it is your day takes you.

What are you truly thankful for? (Don’t say BigRigTravels since it’s just a website!) For me, I am thankful every day of the year for family and friends that I can count on,  my safety every mile and every day. I really have the best life I could ever ask or hope for.  Life and happiness isn’t about money – It’s more about the things that bring you joy every day through a kind word said or heard, friends,  health , employment,  walks in the park, a good cup of coffee,  or anything else that normally gets taken for granted. (I really had some good thoughts but now that I’m typing it out, it isn’t coming across right).

Today will be a normal driving day for us and we are looking to make the remaining 530 miles and drop at our delivery. We will then look for a place to park then take a 34 hour restart. A restart will be required in order for us to handle our next trip which will be two 600+ mile days!! Bad weather is forecast for the Denver areas so everything planned is subject to change! Be safe, enjoy your Thanksgiving and eat up!!