New York yet? **updated**

Happy Father’s Day! I arrived back at the shipper this morning and they are having some billing freight paperwork issues.  The powers that be are trying to solve it. Hopefully we get this straightened out quickly. Meanwhile,  Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!

Update…….1131pm mountain time…..
New York trip voided. New trip now posted.


Howdy ! Hopefully you are enjoying your Saturday!  We picked up our loaded trailer about 10pm lastnight and ran straight to the delivery in Ontario,  Oregon this morning about 430am. They unloaded us about five hours early. Because we ran all night,  we were short on time today so we took a split sleeper of just 8 hours. The plan was to get to the shipper then shutdown for two hours to make it a full ten hour break.  We arrived and they are so far behind , they won’t get to us until after midnight ! Best thing to do in this case is drop our empty trailer and they can load it tonight while we go back to the truckstop and get in a full and proper break.  Tomorrow morning we will wake up early,  go pick up the loaded trailer and hit the highway for some heavy miles!

Shade Tree

AAfternoon to ya from Farr West, Utah where we are currently parked on the shippers property under a big shade tree! This load is not scheduled to be ready until 9pm tonight and requires a hard, overnight run directly to the delivery in Ontario,  Oregon.  Yes, I understand this isn’t ideal since we have been sitting during the 34 hour restart then yesterday’s shop day. Look at the brightside of this though. We have a full set of hours, and all the truck maintenance has been completed.  No major issues found and they went over it with a finetooth comb! This short overnight run sets us up for our next load which will be 2200+ miles and we will definitely run it hard to make on-time delivery.

I have asked the shipper about the chances of being loaded early,  and while there may be a chance,  it won’t be before 7pm. Stay tuned and as soon as we get the word that the load is ready, we will hook to it and run like a wild rabbit !

Flag Day

Good early morning Road Crew. Today is Flag Day in the United States of America.

We will head on over to Salt Lake City , Utah and drop this trailer while we have multiple services done on our truck as it reaches 300,000 miles.  They pushed out the delivery date so I’m not sure if wee will end up going all the way to Idaho or not yet. I will keep Ya’ll updated. Enjoy the video below and you just might learn something new about our flag!

Trip changes

Evening to all. The original trip from Pennsylvania to Idaho has changed a few times since we left the shipper on Saturday.  Because of us being overdue for our California BIT inspection,  we had planned on dropping the trailer in Salt Lake City.  Then, because our 70 hours clock was rapidly disappearing , we had to stop in Evanston,  Wyoming for our 34 hour restart.  So close yet not quite close enough ! The bosses were going to send someone to pickup this load and complete the trip to Idaho . Now, it looks like no other drivers are available!  This means the current plan is to take our restart,  then Thursday morning head to the dropyard in Salt Lake. As it turns out, I was notified today that not only do we need the California inspection,  but we are also coming up on our 300,000 mile transmission filter and fluid change and our oil change! Plenty going on for sure. As usual , anything can change at a moments notice.  If it does , I will let Ya’ll know!

New York to Idaho

Good Saturday morning to ya. Hopefully you enjoyed the trip yesterday through the Southern Countryside of New York State!  I sure enjoyed the hills, turns, and beautiful farm buildings.  I did make a recording of our trip after delivery yesterday as we headed South on New York State Route 8 through New Berlin . Currently we are down in Pennsylvania getting loaded for our long trip back to the West. We will be very heavy so at times its going to be slow climbing but we will give it all we have ! The next few days will be long and 500+ mile days. There is a very good chance we will actually be going only as far as Salt Lake City,  Utah since we are now overdue on our California BIT inspection. Lots of miles either way!

Here is a nice photo of a big barn on a hill as seen from our delivery droplot yesterday.  Looks like the trailer on the right turned into a pumpkin!


Many years ago,  I was spending the night in a Nevada truckstop out in the boonies. I looked up and watched about ten wild horses just waltz through the middle of the truckstop!  For whatever reason , I have no video of it happening.  Only that one time have I ever seen horses in a truckstop – until tonight. I just happened to look up and saw two horses, this time with riders and not wild and free, roaming through a truckstop. This time I did snap a pic. But then, I also noticed a man just laying down in front of his truck.  True, he has been doing stretching exercises for the last few hours, but still a unique sight.  Earlier tonight, I got two chili cheese dogs and large sweet ice tea for free because I had to wait for them to refill the cheese container. Yup, something different about this truckstop tonight! Oh, and almost forgot about the Pit bull mix dog in the truck beside us. The dog is/was wearing a big blue diaper!  Yes, I’m serious.  I did take a few pics, but he moved around too fast.

Long day tomorrow as we roll right to the delivery in New York, drop and swap trailers,  then get to the next shipper asap. Let’s get some sleep.  More unique adventures await us Friday morning!

Ohio forever?

Morning!  We are currently unloading in Northwood , Ohio.  It seems we have been stuck around here lately and yesterday definitely seemed like the Ground Hog movie! I picked up our loaded trailer then noticed we were missing a mudflap,  so I dragged  the trailer to the shop. Quick in and out. Then noticed the right front running light was out. Got a new bulb. That didn’t fix it and ended up putting on a new pigtail socket. By the time I got everything situated,  it was better timeliness to shutdown and restart early in the morning and head to our delivery.  We arrived right on time.  Next trip is posted now, and while it does take us back to Columbus for the shipper,  we will just turn right around and head out towards New York!  We have another trip after this one as well.

New 70

Morning gang! We have completed our 34 hour restart and now have a fresh set of 70 hours to burn. We first need to get this reefer going since we picked it up with a dead battery and it was run out of fuel. Once done here we will head towards our next shipper.  Keep in mind we do not load until 6pm today but we will arrive early in hopes they will load us earlier .