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The Road Crew is our awesome family that watch our travels. Some chat online and others do not. You don’t have to do “anything” to be considered Road Crew – you Just Are!

With this new website, you now have the chance to learn more about the Road Crew. You can see photos of those we have met over the years and listen to audio greetings some have recorded. I also get to hear some fascinating stories and testimonies from the people we meet, read in emails, etc about how BigRigTravels has impacted the lives of others. You can now read their stories and leave your very own!

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Ways to Meet Us

Because our schedule is so erratic and it can change at any moment, it really can be tricky to meet us and it will take luck and patience on your part. One of the most successful ways to meet us is to meet while we are fueling near you, or when we are taking our 30 minute break, or shutdown for the night. Sometimes, you can email me when you see our next trip takes you through your area and see if we can line something up. No promises though, but we can always try. We eventually do get all over, so you just never know when we will be in your neck of the woods!

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