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The Blue Comet

Our 2022 Freightliner Cascadia The Blue Comet

This is our Million Mile truck that was given to us from my company. Instead of picking the color ourself, we decided to let our Road Crew choose the color! We had a poll on the website that started off with all the colors available to choose from. Then we had another poll with the top three colors – and this is the color that won – Viper Blue.  It was put into service on February 8, 2022 (the actual anniversary) with 81 miles on it.

It is an Automated Manual Tractor. Basically, this means it has both Automatic mode and Manual mode. I have full control over the gear selection if I choose and everything is controlled on the steering column along with the Jake Brake.

The Blue Comet

Under the hood, the new DD15 engine is the latest innovation of the most popular Class 8 engine in North America. The latest DD15 has been significantly redesigned to offer new ratings, a new aftertreatment system and cutting-edge technology that offers a fuel efficiency increase of up to three percent.

Inline 6 Cylinder
14.8 L
1150 – 1850
45.7 L

In 2023 we started broadcasting using High Performance In Motion Starlink

Since we began using Starlink to supplement our LIVE broadcasts, we can now stream from virtually every corner of America! We bond our amplified cell phone signal with Starlink for a seamless constant connection.

High Performance In Motion Starlink