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Media Release

BigRigSteve (Creator and Owner of hereby gives permission to any news, weather, or television media outlet to tap into and (re)broadcast the BigRigTravels LIVE video feed for the purposes of showing real-time visual newsworthy weather conditions, or currently happening newsworthy video. Credit must be given to “BigRigTravels”. If a media outlet does use parts of the BigRigTravels LIVE! feed, please email what outlet and date the feed was used as a courtesy.

What is NOT allowed – If a media outlet, publisher, production company, film, or other entity wants to use any original footage from the BigRigTravels LIVE! Youtube channel, other than listed above, you must email to discuss the details. offers the LIVE! Video Feed – as is – with no guarantee of maintaining a reliable connection, or any other circumstances beyond the simple data connection between the cameras and the website/youtube servers.