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Current Trip Map and Truck Location

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If we are actively broadcasting LIVE, the stream will automatically appear here. 

Related FAQs

Shippers call our company and book their freight that they need to go to their customers. Our planners then find the closest drivers to the shipper and send the pick up and delivery instructions to the driver to load and run the trip.

Obviously, a driver should pick the most direct truck route to save time and fuel. The only real requirements are to arrive at the shipper on time and the delivery ontime. I am free to determine the exact route based on road conditions, timing, etc. How many miles I drive in each day is left up to me to decide as long as I have the hours available.

The planners have an automatic fuel optimization program that looks at our entire route and the current fuel pricing all along the route. It then picks the cheapest fuel locations based on rebates and discounts at the major truckstop brands and tells us how many gallons to get at each place. There are times where that doesn’t the best so if needed, we can always ask for “emergency fuel” at anytime needed.

The shipper and receiver all decide if we are a live load or drop and hook at their location. Some customers are only drop and hook while others are only live loading/unloading. Sometimes the load is scheduled as a drop and hook at either location, but turns out to be live.