77 Thousand Homeless children…

…have been helped. 13.6 million children received free medical care. 40 million vaccines purchased for children. 36 million meals served to children.

In just four years,  RedNoseDay.org has raised $150 million to help poverty stricken children in America and surrounding areas. BigRigTravels is running a fundraising campaign and we have set a goal of just $500. I am confident our Road Crew can reach that goal. You can find more information on the BigRigTravels website just above the Current Trip Information section. Come join the Red Nosed Road Crew! For every photo emailed to me for the gallery, I will donate an additional dollar to RedNoseDay.org. You can track our goal progress in real time with the progress bar. We will run the fundraiser from May 1-15th. Explore the RedNoseDay.org website for all the information including the NBC Television Special on May 23rd.

I am also making a challenge to EVERY YouTube Trucker out there – If you run your own fundraiser for RedNoseDay.org and make it official, complete with your goal tracker bar, I will add your goal tracker and YouTube Channel information to a special page on BigRgTravels.com to advertise your acceptance of the challenge and links to your channel and/or website. Let’s see if we can bring multiple trucker broadcasters  together to help benefit the children that need it most as they struggle with poverty. Accept the Challenge. You can do it! Here is how YOU can add your stream to the RedNoseDay website: Click here to add your stream and get started today!

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