Memorial Day Weekend

Howdy! I apologize for the broadcast being thrown to the buffer monsters.  I didn’t realize the plug had come off the phone earlier so the phone died and disconnected from YouTube.  We have started our time off and we will climb back in the truck sometime on Friday.  Stay tuned to the blog for any updates I might post.

26 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Steve have some real quality time off ..It seems like past few weeks been subject to delays and sudden changes in your trips and schedules both from your company those of shippers and delivery destinations as well as maintenance problems due to defects or others lack of concerns all causing your problems to throw wrench into your plans But threw it all you have preserveried..So get some good time off God Bless

  2. Steve! Have a good rest on your time off! You deserve it! Things happen! When your cord unplugged from your phone and YouTube. Take care.

  3. Steve, enjoy the time off and have a nice Memorial Day! This “trip seasson” was hard for you, so “recharge your batteries”, get rest and God bless! C´ya later after 5 days 😉

  4. A beautiful, inspiring video Steve! My dad, God rest his soul, served in the army in the south Pacific during WWII. I hope you are enjoying the holiday and time off and get plenty of dry time to work in your garden. God bless and safe travels upon your return.

  5. Blades of grass and pure white stones
    shelter those who’ve come and gone
    Just beneath the emerald sod
    our boys have reached the arms of God.
    Buried here in dignity, endless rows for all to see.
    Freedom’s seeds in sorrow sown,
    Blades of grass and pure white stones
    cover those who left their homes, to rest in fields, side by side
    lest we forget their sacrifice.

    1. Well said TK. Attended a Memorial Day parade today and was proud to be able to salute our real heroes. Thank you Steve and all who served.

  6. Steve , Walter Smith N1DQU passed away yesterday.He was one of our road crew members.

    1. Noooooo!😢😢😢😢😢😢 …. REST IN GOD’S PEACE WALT!!❤😖 my condolences to all his family and friends!!! Now u will be our spiritual road crew member/friend!!😖😖

        1. Tomas this is one of the most heart touching videos of this kind that I’ve ever seen…I’ve always loved it. [must have something to do with wolves, which I adore]

          It’s an excellent choice and a very fitting tribute to Walt. Thank you for posting it.

    2. Eddrck, thank you for sharing. I cannot believe this. I’d been worried about him the past few days because he was having trouble with his COPD. He had just gotten his two new puppies who he adored. And he ran Wally’s diner for the road crew. What a huge void this will leave in chat. RIP Walt, I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. 💔

    3. Very sad news of passing of Walt Smith N1DQU. Thanks to Nancy Kringle for informing of this sad news Will miss Wallys cafe menu reports and very informative trucking info of many things pertaining to BRT.He especially gave detailed info of rigs carrying unusual loads Steve would encounter on his trips.Amatuer radio also one of his interests.Good to have known you Walt RIP

  7. Steve I hope had lovely Memorial Day. Enjoy rest of time off my friend. I will keep Walter Smith N1DQU in my prayer for the family. Steve thing do happen. Stay safe Steve rest our time off OK. I will listen you come back vacation.
    Robin From Port Charlotte, Fl.

  8. hi steve road crew show and unboxing party with all the new toys going in the road crew story

    when do you think will be haveing thst road crew show

    all so have you had any severe weather or tornados in your area the past few days ?

  9. Eddrck thank you for letting us know. I went in search of Walt’s last post – and about 6 hrs in, chat stream on this particular: BigRigTravels LIVE! Elm Creek, Nebraska to Davenport, Iowa Interstate 80 East-May 25, 2019

    I believe this to be Walt’s his last post to Chat:

    Walt Smith – N1DQU “I want to THANK you All for Your Prayers. ( yes, they Work)! And Thanks also for your support too. But for now will be Just Lurking!! Ok!!”

    Walt as we say goodbye to your physical form – we cannot and will not say goodbye to your spirit because it will always be with us, traveling on the road with BigRig Steve. You will be missed, thank you for your contribution to BigRig Travels and all you shared with us, (recipes and wisdom, etc.) in the chat room.

  10. seems like steve got so busy he for got about us and the road crew show ! and the unboxing party with all the new road crew stuff has i think that was going too be the part of the road crew show this time around

    1. No, I didn’t forget. I mentioned a possibility of a road Crew Radio show but didn’t promise it. I am usually more busy on my days off than I am out driving. Just because I work hard at home doesn’t mean I forget about the Road Crew

  11. hi steve is every thing ok with the truck noted is going in the shop today is there any storm damge done to the truck there where storms in your area

  12. R.I.P. Walt, thank you everyone for expressing your sentiments. A lot of nice words and tributes. I haven’t been here long but in the short time that I have been with the road crew I have noticed that there are a lot of wonderful people here.

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