Load Swap Meet!

Afternoon. Man, what crummy weather today through Utah! High winds, snow, and a few blown over big rigs.  We have virtually exhausted our 70 hour week worth of hours and will gain back 12+ in the morning. We sure had a rough time today with signal both on the phones and tablets. I’m guessing everybody is busy checking weather radars and traffic conditions along the way. Just a rough day all around.

We are shutdown in Little America, Wyoming today and will be swapping loads with another driver sometime tomorrow morning. They will take this load we have on to Southern Illinois while we take their load which goes to the Chicago area so we can take some time f\off. The trip journal has been updated to reflect the trip changes and we will update the next trip information as soon as the trailer swap is completed….

Thanks to all that have donated to the RedNose Organization. Don’t forget to watch the Red Nose Special tonight on NBC TV. Check your local guide for times.

12 thoughts on “Load Swap Meet!

  1. Thanks for the update Steve…Hope the weather improves over the next few days for your time off, I expect you’ll be looking forward to it after a crummy few weeks…

  2. As always Steve, thanks for keeping us updated. Definitely a crummy weather and signal day for you, and can’t believe we were seeing snow fall. I know it’s common in those elevations, but where the heck is spring. Woohoo for some very well deserved time off coming up too. Safe travels for the remainder of your trip.

  3. This goes back a little ways, but as I was fortunate enough to see the unload in Portland I had to wonder how you got outta there like in record time! Kudos to the maneuverability too btw 🙂 Guessing there was only a pallet or two maybe?

  4. Hope you get a good deal at the swap meet. 😉 I just got back from a hiking trip to northern Illinois, and the weather was fantastic where you’re headed! Will you get to your time off by Memorial Day? I’m guessing you will. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  5. That sign is a liar. You are 1,238 miles or so away from home. But it is home for 98 residents.

  6. Steve i have another dedication of a song that fits your travel plans.Rochelle seems Arto be your some what home.At least this where you take time off at,San Antonia being where original home is. Six Days On The Road And Gonna Make It Home Tonight.-Hey have a good period of relaxation and lets all remember those this holiday is memorizing .God Bless

  7. Hi Steve – Just checking in to let you know I am still here. Maybe the weather in the Rochelle area will be good for the Memorial Day holiday. The satellite maps have been stormy looking with lots of twisty winds the last week.

    1. Wish I had some different news but Rochelle is in massively bad weather for the next couple of days. Steve is better off taking some time off with family in Texas.

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