Get outta Dodge? Not so fast!

Well I woke up to a message this morning stating that we did what we were supposed to do over the weekend and we are not responsible for the service failure. We haven’t had our meeting yet but that will for sure happen later this afternoon, trust me. The same planner gave me a trip out of Dodge City but doesn’t load until Wednesday! I rejected it claiming retaliation for the weekend problems. The boss then gave us a trip that was ready several days AGO now! Well, we are attached to the loaded trailer and it has a tire completely off the rim. We are waiting for the tire shop to come fix it before we even roll off the shipper property. Stay tuned as the world of trucking continues…

26 thoughts on “Get outta Dodge? Not so fast!

  1. All to familiar scenario Steve. Most people don’t realize you must have nerves of steel and patience with planners. You have both! Outstanding!

  2. It’s always something…

    And I believe you are correct about the retaliation part. Sounds like somebody at HQ needs to get their act together.

    1. Personally, I think the Planner/dispatcher will get fired. For example, Steve’s current load shouldn’t even be hooked to his truck right now. It shouldn’t even be on the trailer, but in the warehouse in North Salt Lake waiting for distribution. Then there is the matter of Steve himself. He should have gotten a load in Denton, TX.

  3. Hmmmm if the load was ready days ago, could this cause problems with contents no longer being “fresh”
    by the time you’d get to Utah?! Don’t need any more problems.
    Glad you stood your ground nonetheless!
    Long time to wait til Wednesday.

    1. Every trailer full of product and on the shipper property is looked at and temperatures recorded every hour.

  4. Once again it’s worrying to think how long that trailer had been in that condition…and why nobody checked before filling it…is it a case of ‘we don’t care’ and ‘it’s not our problem’….I’m sure Steve will take it all on the chin but it seems to be a recurring theme of late…..

  5. Steve! This is like a soap opera! It should be called “As the Big Rig wheels turn” and people need to stay tuned to this soap opera! You never know what’s going to come up next! And now yet again a trailer tire problem. It should be mandatory that all trailers have to pass inspection before it goes to the next trucker! I’m on your side Steve 100%.

    1. Every driver is required to inspect every truck and trailer twice a day. Most do not and just pass it to the next driver

  6. Good grief, what a mess. These situations don’t occur in a vacuum, an established environment is often to blame. The sooner management of all parties understands this, the sooner they can use rational thought to correct the whole situation.
    Sadly, some managers prefer to follow the philosophy of expediency and never resolve the primary causes (usually themselves)

  7. Does waiting for the tire and rim to be fixed count against your 14 hour or 70 hour clocks? To me, it would be very frustrating if, in 6 or 7 days time, you ran out of your 70 hour clock on the way to a delivery because you had to wait 3 or 5 hours today for a repair that should not have been your responsibility.

    1. Anytime you do work for a company, or otherwise are held captive to the truck, it is on duty. While connecting to the trailer, calling breakdown people, arranging services, etc we are on duty. Since we are now only waiting on them to arrive, we are in the sleeper. Yes, the 14 hr clock started when we started our inspection of our empty trailer and rolled to the shipper.

  8. captive being the word
    you dont make money unless wheels are spinning
    I feel bad for you

  9. As a road crew member from the UK Steve that watch’s your travels across the US you give me great pleasure and enjoyment and to see you have problems of not your’e doing I really feel for you, what you do for the enjoyment of others is outstanding, thank you so much be safe and take care

  10. My question and probably not very intelligent……how does a shipper allow a trailer to be loaded with a tire off the rim? Seems like that is something you would check before you load? Maybe not? Maybe tire came off the rim after the trailer was loaded and the weight of the load caused this mishap? As you stated and as I am learning, delays are part of trucking.

    1. I think it is the latter. It is the fault of the shipper for not inspecting a trailer before loading. I think the shipper should inspect trailers before loading. It would make a good regulation put forth by the USDOT.

  11. Delays, mistakes, & shifting blame are all part of life. Blame is a survival tactic for the irresponsible.
    What’s the most difficult thing in the world to do? Climb a mountain in a blizzard? No. Its “own up”. A step to maturity many never take.

    Betya nobody even gets fired.

  12. Definitely hope you are compensated ($$$) for all this downtime. You’ve got truck payments to make and a family to support. No time for this b.s.

    Might be time to find another trucking company to haul for.

    1. Finding another truck company doesn’t guarantee no truck breakdowns or other problems. I’d have to start all over again with insurance, 401k, and a million other changes. Why do all that for matters that are common no matter what trucking company I work for?

      1. Agreed Steve. The likelihood of you being fired is about as good as the fake news media turning honest and admitting the charge against him was a hoax.

  13. hi steve i think the next time you take time off you turn in the truck and they give you a new one some in too think about

    all so steve after the strem ended last night with the t-storm did any thing crazy happen ? that we miss?

  14. Lol.. No they got you on a two day odyssey to the Pacific Northwest.. Better make sure you got some monkey butt powder handy..

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