Happy Mother’s Day

Howdy.  Our trip was unexpectedly removed from us. There seems to be a blame game of sorts going on. I have documented evidence to support my reasoning.  Because it is the weekend,  nothing can be properly addressed until all the big wigs come in Monday morning.  We are basically being accused of sitting in one location for 24+ hours for no reason while we were under a very tight trip. Obviously,  the planners have a few issues going on and have attached me with a service failure.  In the long run,  a service failure affects my bonuses to the tune of several thousand dollars worth of money! Not happy at all obviously.

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  1. It’s a good job you have video evidence and 500+ witnesses to prove you haven’t been sat around… ironically, now you are sat around waiting…

  2. Wow Steve, sorry to hear that. Guess they had an unhappy worker for the weekend. But like you said, you have the evidence. You will be okay, good luck Monday. Be praying for you

  3. Steve! What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they realize that you are meticulous in everything you do! They are the ones not doing their job! And it seems like they like playing this blame game! All you are doing is following orders from your boss! That’s all! You have plenty of witnesses on your channel to back you up in to what issues are going on! I would love to give them a piece of my mind, in a decent manner. Your a good man, Steve! Take care!

  4. Well, fitting for Mother’s Day, “mama said there’d by days like this.” I hope your argument wins in the end. Hang in there. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  5. Steve,
    So sorry to read about this mess. You are one of the hardest working trucker I’ve seen. We’ll get this ironed out tomorrow to be sure. On a lighter topic the spaceman on the trailer that passed you on I44 was Buck Atom. He was on his way to Tulsa too! He’s the new greeting fixture at the new Route 66 Travel Store. God Bless and Thanks for taking me back to Tulsa again.

  6. Darn right you have the evidence. You were moving pretty much the entire weekend except for the period where you needed to wait until your delivery appointment in Fort Worth. If anything, the dispatcher that assigned the trip to you is at fault because he/she assigned the trip to the wrong person. The only error you could have made a trip to the south Dallas area for a trailer. But at least you were moving.

  7. Well, what better place for a showdown than Dodge City?
    Steve has an excellent record! and you, WV, have your own tarnished record.
    We’ll see what’s what on Monday.
    *walks away whistling*

  8. I dont know what to say! Steve, if it is possible, have a quiet night and sleep well. God bless you! … and best wishes for TK and all moms!!:) I hope/i believe it ends up well for Steve!! there is a lot of evidences for Steve! Take care, dont worry today…

  9. Wow Steve, I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this mess. Like TK said, you have an excellent record, and your documented evidence and meticulous record keeping, etc will prove that these are totally unfounded accusations. Hang in there, we’ll be thinking of you.

  10. Mother Qualcomm can be your best friend sometimes.
    I always hated breaking in a new dispatcher. imho

  11. Hang in there Steve! You have plenty of witnesses! You are one of the hardest working truckers out there!

  12. I lost my wife seven years ago next week. So hard the first three years or so. Now is a little easier but still hurts so much. I took care of her for 25 years through a long illness and when you fight together for so long and then lose the battle the words can not express the loss I felt. Many came later and said, well you knew what was going to happen, so why is it so hard for you after all this time. I think of the day we rolled up I-5 on the truck with Steve and we passed my wife’s hometown, the cemetery where her parents are buried and where her two sons live now. And you go to God for the thousandth time and say oh it hurts. And He says I know……..she is in the Light. I always love these videos. Always seem to have some meaning for the week to come and where we are this day….

    1. John i thank you for your comment.I want to extend my heart of sympathy to you and i want you to know i draw comfort from your message. Yes for sure can draw sense of peace and comfort thru your message. Thanks John Gob bless

  13. Wasting Time? … (as it says for new trip banner). I don’t’ think that will ever be something you’d be accused of!
    I know you are taking advantage of this downtime as you usually do. Not sure who TK is talking about (WV) but he or
    she doesn’t sound very nice 🙁

    1. Actually the company is wasting time by having Steve sit when he has driveable hours. Not sure why they didn’t give him another trip. I think I heard Steve said there was a 6am Mon delivery. If so, the planner, IMO, messed up and doesn’t want to accept the blame.

      1. well how ironic this bad experience for Steve will give excuse for just a little quip—Gotta Get Out Of Dodge. I worked with man that after end of our 12 hour shift would say—Now to get out of Dodge..—Mash It !!!!

  14. hi steve how did thing turn out ? i no you cant give out too much info but at lest tells us how it went

  15. it seems everything is all right👍😀 lol Steve, i love your boss too:)
    MASH IT!😉

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