Howdy and hope your weekend is going seems the website is still experiencing difficulties,  but I’ve already been talking to the hosting services and the problems are on their end.

Because of the extreme lack of truck parking near or around Seattle,  especially on a Sunday when truckers are arriving for early Monday deliveries,  we have stopped at the truckstop in Ellensburg which is about 100 miles from our first delivery.  Monday will be a very busy day for us since we have our first delivery in Washington State then our second delivery in Portland,  Oregon.  We are also creeping up on our 70 hour clock already and our next trip is 2200+ miles!

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  1. Thanks for update Steve. Sounds like a good idea to stay put and rest up for a busy Monday. Thank you for the stunning views today, we truly do live in a beautiful country. Rest well tonight, see you tomorrow.

  2. Although I’ve seen others comment on issues with the website I’ve had no problems with the website and i’m in and out of it all the time…maybe it’s a regional thing (shrugs shoulders)…Thanks for letting us know you’re stopping for the night..I can go to bed now…..take care and have a good rest..

    1. I have been getting 507 type errors from time to time. Recently, it was a small portion of the site, but I also have been denied access to the entire site. But in the case of the latter, a reload does the trick. Glad it is the business end of the site.

  3. Three things.

    1. Hopefully the delivery client on your next trip will allow you to take a 34 hour restart before the trip.

    2. Hope you get Memorial Day off, but I am looking forward to learning the status of your garden after that freak snowstorm that hit your area just after you left on your next series of trips.

    3. Hope you get the website working good again, and be sure to update the trip journal.

  4. hi steve i noted that on the website it says we still have 243 miles too go too where you said on your blog you said we have 100 miles too go

    buy the way did we not stop at that truck stop on the pass that one year i think you had too pay for parking

    all so steve how many miles did we do today ?

    1. We have 2 deliveries Monday. When i mentioned 107 miles left, that is to the first delivery only

  5. Have a good drive tomorrow to Auburn and the rose city! I’m fairly new to your website , I do local truck driving thruout Western Washington so when I saw you were gonna be in the area I had to chime in. Stay safe sir!

  6. Good morning Steve.I just want to dedicate the song by Hank Snow—–I’ve Been Everywhere—-to you as it certainly is describing you if ever there was a song that could do this.Will quote the BRT theme —Mash It!!!—then have that cup after traveling —-On The Road Again Willie Nelson hey theres another song that fits Mash It

    1. Also will do a theme–Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries—–and revise it to —-Life Is Just A Bowl Of BRT adventures.. Mash IT

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