Goals and Noses!

Way to go Road Crew!! We have met and surpassed our Red Nose Fundraiser goals. I was not sure how well it would be received since it was the first fundraiser we have done, so I set the goal at $500.00 the morning of May 1st. When we arrived at our New York delivery, we already reached the goal! I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do except to bump up the goal to $1,000. Well, we were in the dock door getting unloaded just about 45 minutes and I noticed we again met the goal! Feeling surprised we met two goals in the first two hours, I bumped it up to $1500.00. It sat there a day. So, thinking I was going to “out goal” everyone, I made the final goal of $2501.99. That goal was not reached until a few hours before I wrote this posting. Guess what? Yup, ya’ll did it again! The final goal was reached exactly, then BigRigTravels added the promised money for each image in the RedNose Road Crew Gallery adding $25.00 more. I do want to point out that an individual named “Johnny L” donated a total of $1,709.99 over several transactions and I am thankful for it, as I am ALL those that donated!

Even though our fundraiser is officially over for this year, the RedNosed Gallery will remain available under the PHOTOS tab in the menu. The official Red Nose Day is May 23, so if you do get your red nose before then and send in a photo, I will gladly add it.

9 thoughts on “Goals and Noses!

  1. Makes me proud to be a part of “the greatest Road Crew on either side of the Mississippi,” as I call it!

  2. Way to go Steve! Proud to watch you travel this great country and support feeding kids along the way. Thanks.

  3. Way to go Steve! Proud to watch you travel this great country and support feeding kids along the way. Thanks.

  4. Good morning Steve. I have reviewed latest trip info and says you have 590 miles to go before arrival at delivery.Bobby Bare in his song only had 500 miles to go in his destination so got him beat for 90 miles.Hewy i know this silly but way of expressing joy BRT gives me Mash–IT

    1. It’s now under 400 miles. Hopefully the company times it right so his next time off the truck period includes Memorial Day.

  5. Not sure about parking near Seattle, but, we’ve got room out on the street for your rig! Dinner tonight, at 4:30PM is Prime Rib Roast, asparagus, with Hollandaise, seasoned baked potatoes and dessert! Starbucks Coffee; (our son is a company guy) You can bunk here if you need to! About 20 minutes to Auburn! More than welcome!

    Always enjoy traveling with you via the web!

    Safe travels!

    Rick & Cindy

    1. Howdy. Already shutdown for the night. On stuff like this, it’s always better to send via email.

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