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Howdy! We just got off the air from our third episode of Road Crew Radio. It took a few attempts, but we managed to get it going. One problem we encountered was extreme buffering. Come to find out, my data plan puts hot spots at 600kbs once the cap is hit each month. We solved that problem by buying a year’s worth of wifi at Flying J truckstops so we won’t have the limited issues with the show. The caller audio was fine on my end but for some reason it didn’t reach the YouTube audio stream… we will look at that later. The show was saved though because someone mentioned just trying the speaker phone….so we did and it worked as a temporary and emergency fix. We also did a full review of my freezer/fridge and did an interview with Ken Laws. Good show overall.

We have to make our current delivery tonight then we will start our next trip that has two deliveries:) Stay tuned for details!

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9 thoughts on “Radio 3

  1. Steve! That was a good radio show! Especially showing your fridge/freezer. Very nice indeed.Maybe your other radio shows will have a better signal without all the glitches. Probably all the airwaves out there causing the issues.Take care Steve.

  2. I was out and about so i missed the live show, looked at it this saturdaymorning.
    you perfectly solved the phone problem.. was quite entertaining all together..
    so you had som glitches and stuff, even the not so perfect makes good entertainment. 🙂
    Keep at it ..

  3. GREAT show Steve. I saw it today morning. Yes, there was some problems, but show can’t have rigid scenario! Show is about improvisation👍😀. I like the (little bit) puzzled introduction, i love the first Steve’s class on the thema “Where the buffermonsters comes from” (with nice slideshow, lol the chinese telephone pole and m a sooty’s “looks like back of my tv”:), perfect “teleshopping like” report about really nice cool fridge (in old fashioned TV:) and of course, for second try, interview with Ken Laws!!!👌 It was great to see him and hear him (lol p tubbs for blinds question)… i try to be funny, but it was really great show and u managed it perfect Steve. Thank You, it was fun and it was interesting👍 Great done!!! Take care!

  4. Talk about a tour of the country.. We’ll get to see the Kansas plains to bayous of Mississippi. Can’t wait to hear the episode so be safe on this trip!

  5. hey steve i was wanting too no did you haveing too record the small trip you did when you had the cams off line from south dallas too Garland, TX up too N dallas ? too where you where bobtailing too get a empty trailer this morning ?

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