Quick Shop

When we last left you, we were waiting for the driver to come pick up our loaded trailer and head to it’s delivery in Utah. While waiting we kept trying to get the truck to reset it’s computers and clear the derate codes. Guess what? Just two minutes before they arrived we got things cleared and was able to drive our truck to the shop in Denver. Our service appointment is scheduled for 6am Wednesday but they were able to start working on it this afternoon! We will see what they say later tonight. Will we be rolling in the morning? Stay tuned!

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27 thoughts on “Quick Shop

  1. Hey, Steve! Did you take your trailer, with you? Will you be able to take it to delivery?

    1. Did you read the post? Another driver picked up the trailer and headed to Utah. We Bobtailed to the shop

  2. That’s good! That you were able to drive to Denver to get your truck to the shop to get fixed. I hope they check everything and fix what’s wrong and get you back on the road. Has the other driver picked up your trailer? .

    1. If he’s lucky, he’ll sleep in his truck tonight. Guessing it is a problem with the fuel filter or maybe a problem with a piston. Either one of those will cause reduced power on anything.

          1. You do realize I get code readouts, def symbols, etc right? Plus, the codes and sensor indicators are a common problem reported with the freightliner.

        1. Steve sure am sorry for latest round of delays and problems. Hang in there good guy. Its obvious there are some that are DEF to whats going on as ask what you had explained Well all is good Mash-IT

  3. Well, time is money. Let’s hope for a quick resolution here and then onward and upward.

  4. Crazy few days for ya Steve, just gotta go with the flow and make the best of the situations. You can only do so much. Glad the issues are gonna be getting fixed

  5. The last week or so I have been unable to watch your stream live on Big Rig Travels website. My only option was to go to you tube. Not sure if it’s your end or mine. Hope the repairs are quick and you get promptly on your way Wednesday.

    1. Unless he is on shop property, I think he will fall just short of the 34 hour restart requirements.

  6. Woohoo! Just saw the new trip posted and that service and repairs are complete. Will be great to have you back on the road Steve! See you tomorrow.

  7. Due to all the delays and problems that Steve has experienced recently causing a hiatus in his trips and now back to normal again—- On The Road Again—is dedicated song for resuming BRT—-MASH IT

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