Saturday in Kentucky

Good morning America! We have been relaxing this morning because our delivery is tonight and only 275 miles away and we have to start later so we don’t run past our 14 hours when they unload us and we still have time to get parking afterwards.  Make sense? We do have our next trip lined up but it is another relaxing trip with extra time on it at first.

Here is what’s in my freezer this time…

2 Turkey legs
14 hotdogs
Hamburger helper stroganoff
2 pounds of Sloppy joe
25 chicken tenderloins
7 baked potatoes
12 assorted steaks
9 1/3 pound onion hand pressed hamburgers
24 chicken drumsticks
12 one inch pork chops
6 bubba burgers
24 burritos
4 sweet corn ears
6 one pound potpies
2.5 pounds of Pecan brisket
4 supreme pizzas

Kentucky and Massachusetts disappeared!

Good evening everyone from Des Moines,  Iowa as we are shutdown for the night.  Our load going to Kentucky was passed onto a set of team drivers in order to make on time delivery.  The trip going to Massachusetts is only going as far as Rochelle,  Illinois then we will drop it and let another driver take it on. After we reach Rochelle,  we have a minor local run to do then we will be taking four days off.

Slightly delayed

Afternoon from Springville,  Utah.  We are waiting for our pre loaded trailer to be released.  The shipper apparently is several hours behind schedule at this time.  As soon as we get the load, we will roll towards delivery.  Right now the shipper is saying check back again about 230pm.

First shop

Afternoon to ya. We have given our load to another driver to make the final delivery tomorrow night. This truck is now past the 50,000 mile mark and the shop wants to do the 50k checkup and oil change. We have a 6am shop appointment Tuesday morning. As soon as I know when and where we head next, I’ll update the trip information and blog.

Blog readers…

Howdy to the Saturday afternoon Road Crew.  For those that take the time to visit and read the blog and/or notice the status bar, they get to know what is going on:)  Those that never visit the website and only ask questions during the live broadcasts,  well, they won’t have a clue since we are not broadcasting until tonight! Hahaha.  See? There are benefits to actually using the resources BigRigSteve has made available for the Road Crew!

Ok, so we made our delivery this morning right on time. Our next trip is now posted on the website and we don’t load until after 9pm Pacific time.  Since that will be way past our 14 hour clock,  our only option is to take a split sleeper break of 8 hours.  We can then get to the shipper and load up, then shortly afterwards shutdown again for two hours in order to complete the required ten hour break.  See ya tonight!

Afternoon waitho

Howdy and welcome to Thursday afternoon in Hermiston,  Oregon where we are sitting in a door waiting to be loaded.  Because we started so early this morning with the Spokane,  Washington delivery,  our 14 hour clock is rapidly approaching.  Once done here we will just find the nearest place to park it for the night.  Tomorrow will be a full day with us running the backroads of Oregon on US Highway 97. It has been many years since we’ve been down that highway.  I still remember the first time I traveled that way, even before bigrigtravels was born! I’m not sure what kind of data towers will be available,  but if it is troublesome to broadcast,  we will hopefully hard record some areas.

Tuesday night update

Well, we picked up our Preloaded trailer and checked the weight. We were over by 1,180 pounds on the rear and can’t move past the California 40 foot kingpin law. We went back to the shipper and sat in the door for two hours while they reworked their freight. We came back to the scales for weight check and now they are still 920 pounds over. We will have to go back again in the morning. We would go back now except we would run past our 14 hour clock. Long day and we didn’t seem to get anywhere. Now, there is no way we can make this delivery happen on time in California. Stay tuned. Will the third trip be the winning weight? Let’s see….

Tightly spun

Howdy! We made our morning drop at the delivery and our next trip is Preloaded out of the same building. The release time of our next trailer isn’t until 4pm today. We checked hoping it was ready early, but no such luck. We will roll back to the shipper about 330pm but no broadcast until after we pickup because it is literally around the corner…

Just yesterday I posted in my Instagram a pic of a truck in the car section of the truckstop and the trucker was drunk. My point is this… don’t be afraid to look at your rear view mirrors when you are stopped at traffic lights and especially traffic jams. Watch the traffic behind you to make sure they too are stopping. If not, you just might save your own life by getting out of the way if it looks like they aren’t stopping! In this article you can also watch the truckers dashcam. Warning, not pretty. Don’t rely on others to always be paying attention!
Trucker slams into stopped traffic.