Slightly delayed

Afternoon from Springville,  Utah.  We are waiting for our pre loaded trailer to be released.  The shipper apparently is several hours behind schedule at this time.  As soon as we get the load, we will roll towards delivery.  Right now the shipper is saying check back again about 230pm.

4 thoughts on “Slightly delayed

  1. Thanks for the update, Steve! Hopefully, this load will go smoothly after this! Have a great day!

  2. Oh no….thanks for the info…i expect pick up time will be past my bedtime, so safe journey and i will catch up with you tomorrow….:)

  3. Hi Steve, well dangnabbit. Was watching snowman and saw status bar update. Fingers crossed shipment will be ready when you check back later and hopefully doesn’t affect scheduled delivery time. Take care and let’s hope we’re on the road later this afternoon.

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