Kentucky and Massachusetts disappeared!

Good evening everyone from Des Moines,  Iowa as we are shutdown for the night.  Our load going to Kentucky was passed onto a set of team drivers in order to make on time delivery.  The trip going to Massachusetts is only going as far as Rochelle,  Illinois then we will drop it and let another driver take it on. After we reach Rochelle,  we have a minor local run to do then we will be taking four days off.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation as I was going nuts trying to figure out where first of all the trip to Kentucky went, then all the extra hundreds of miles to Massachusetts! Then I happened to glance at the trip map earlier today and saw that changed to only going as far as Illinois but yet the trip banner still had you going to Massachusetts! As I don’t always get to follow live with YT I guess I miss out and have to guess sometimes as to what may have changed. So much for New England this time 🙁

  2. Understandably so. I’m just glad for what you even get to do when you can! Thanks for everything including the Instagram section. Love all the pics and descriptions such as the latest huge engine or the Gravely Ford marker. All so educational while entertaining. 🙂

    1. Safe travels. I was trying to understand why I didn’t see ya for a day. Well deserved 4 days rest. I was wondering when you got your own time off. Great!!! Enjoy watching the Live Streams of the country! I tell people about you show and I even told the Comcast representative yesterday. I hope he found an interest! Haha. Take it easy. See ya next trip. Great chatteters too!

  3. Steve,
    Enjoy your time off and We will see you when get back on truck.
    Robin ( Road Crew from Port Charlotte, FL)

  4. Hey Steve have some good time-off.After you started back after month long vacation last month it seems since start back have just went one wild goose chase after another.kinda reminds me when one gets stuck in rut and winds up spinning wheels and going no where.Very hard to mash-it in muddy rut and spread mud over your vehicle .—okay take care and cant wait for you to get back on road again–per Willie Nelson God Bless with love and peace for all crew

    1. For starters, it costs a ton of money for Steve to operate under his phone plan. I believe he said about $600 per month. Also, the website costs money to operate. Be thankful he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t have to broadcast his trips and operate this site. This means he does the trips all by himself with no broadcasting and all his money is pocketed for himself and family. Come back Friday and you might learn something about trucking.

  5. Enjoy your time off Steve, though I personally would like the time off to be around Labor Day weekend. But then there is this saying from Larry King, “on Labor Day, we labor.”

    Also, here is an idea. Why don’t you do a cooking show for the Road Crew this week?

    1. Number of hours he has on his seventy hour clock plus depending on where he is at that very moment determines where he can take his loads. Then you add in the 34 hour restarts and unforeseen delays and it adds up quick because it’s unpredictable when he’ll get a stable time. That’s why when he’s coming to an area, you really don’t know when he’ll be in it because of what’s been said. I think it’s easier just to run into Steve then try to figure out his schedule 😉

    2. I have a Qualcomm unit in my truck that handles all messages from the company plus trip information, logs, navigation, hours, customer information, basically everything.

        1. Then logs must be done by hand on paper like the old days and for messages then you use the telephone

          1. Thanks for the reply, though truckers in the South Park Universe would rather panic than go back to the old days. I am sure that would also be young truckers in this age as well.

    1. Hey Andrew B sorry that you have a cold Yes Steve site does help when feeling bad One tip i have to help you get over cold—take some buffering aspirin. Well works for me when signal buffers .Mash It Andrew B

      1. I don’t have a cold, I was just mentioning the load of cough drops Steve was hauling was going to make alot of people under the weather feel a little better.

  6. hi steve there some in i would like too see added too the store that i think every one would used how about a road crew mouse pad ?

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