First shop

Afternoon to ya. We have given our load to another driver to make the final delivery tomorrow night. This truck is now past the 50,000 mile mark and the shop wants to do the 50k checkup and oil change. We have a 6am shop appointment Tuesday morning. As soon as I know when and where we head next, I’ll update the trip information and blog.

12 thoughts on “First shop

  1. Howdy there, Steve! Thanks for the update – I’ll be looking forward to info on the next trip. Cheers!

  2. I’m sure you’d rather be driving, but at least its routine maintenance as opposed to emergency repairs. Hope your next trip is a good one! Safe travels and Lord bless.

  3. Was just scanning around the web site and “discovered” your trip journal, didn’t realize what it was, nice I’ll be checking it out when checking up on ya!!

  4. Hey, Steve! You didn’t update the odometer, after you parked the truck, from swapping trailers, with the other driver, before, you went to the shop. Why?

      1. Hey Steve i sure can understand maybe will have a hicc-up ocassionaly as your plate is full in alot of details on here.Join the Im Only Human Club.As example Janet had to void out credit card go thru hassle of getting new card instated only after all that old one laying on dresser all the time SENIOR Moment i guess Mash It Hi Ho Silver Away –well truck is silver

  5. Hey Steve, my right foots been twitching, let’s get back on the road and “mash it”….. 🙂 Thanks for letting the world ride along with you. Safe travels to you, sir.

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