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Howdy to the Saturday afternoon Road Crew.  For those that take the time to visit and read the blog and/or notice the status bar, they get to know what is going on:)  Those that never visit the website and only ask questions during the live broadcasts,  well, they won’t have a clue since we are not broadcasting until tonight! Hahaha.  See? There are benefits to actually using the resources BigRigSteve has made available for the Road Crew!

Ok, so we made our delivery this morning right on time. Our next trip is now posted on the website and we don’t load until after 9pm Pacific time.  Since that will be way past our 14 hour clock,  our only option is to take a split sleeper break of 8 hours.  We can then get to the shipper and load up, then shortly afterwards shutdown again for two hours in order to complete the required ten hour break.  See ya tonight!

17 thoughts on “Blog readers…

  1. Just too much work for some to push a button. Sometimes you just got to bite your tongue and hold on. Just like people will not keep their computers updated, just take to much time, they say.
    I always keep two tab’s open, one for and the YouTube page.
    Question, does the truck have auto stop when you get too close to something in front of you and will stop before hitting something, and does it have alarm for getting to close on either side of the truck?

    1. Nothing on the sides, but I do have a “collision avoidance system” that does slam on the brakes if it thinks I’m about to crash and I’m not taking action sure as braking, etc.

  2. 9pm Pacific time is 5am UK..I will be with you in spirit…ha ha….Have a good rest and will look forward to the next trip..

  3. Thank you for Trip it was beautiful country Road and tour that awesome and at 6:30pm i am going to watch Kansas city chiefs before Over before you come on LIVE LOL

    1. A link to the website is available from the You Tube page. Plus when Steve ends the broadcast, he tells us to visit the website. Guess what, there is a link in the description below the video.

        1. You guys would be surprised how many emails I get daily and various messages asking why am I not driving, where am I now, when do we drive next, and all the other information that is already available lol.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all….lol Not sure how to make it any more clear than what it is now with the link on youtube, the “i”, your mentioning the website, and all.

  4. I’m with M A Sooty on this one. Am just catching up on some of your videos. Safe trip Steve.

  5. Perfect, I’ll have something to watch when I get in from work. Enjoy your downtime and get in a solid nap.

  6. I AM blog reader too!!😉 and i read all the comments under the blogs😎:) BRT site is perfect, for example now i see u loading in Sacramento:) lol and sorry for all the “spam” mails from brt greenhorns. Give them time😆 Take care Steve and Lord bless! Today i cant join all the live stream, i will be on the road home (i was in Spa town Luhacovice, Czech republic for 3 nights, small vaca).. I will be at home at 10am pacific time about. Well safe travels to you and safe travels to me too😁 P.S. thank you also for TK’s Sunday videos👍

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