Tuesday night update

Well, we picked up our Preloaded trailer and checked the weight. We were over by 1,180 pounds on the rear and can’t move past the California 40 foot kingpin law. We went back to the shipper and sat in the door for two hours while they reworked their freight. We came back to the scales for weight check and now they are still 920 pounds over. We will have to go back again in the morning. We would go back now except we would run past our 14 hour clock. Long day and we didn’t seem to get anywhere. Now, there is no way we can make this delivery happen on time in California. Stay tuned. Will the third trip be the winning weight? Let’s see….

11 thoughts on “Tuesday night update

    1. Wow and no new hrs yet either that’s crazy they should know how much they’re loading before they load

  1. What is it with these loaders? I am seeing this happen too many times with YouTube drivers I watch. I know this is part of trucking but you should not have to go through this repeatedly.

  2. I hope that when this happens all those parties who are adversely affected receive recompense from the shipper. Unless there are consequences, things won’t improve.

    1. They are supposed to pay detention fees, but usually they get out of it by simply not paying or coming up with the silliest reason they shouldn’t pay. The driver always loses if they fight it. Over the years, I bet I have lost thousands and only gotten detention from about 25% of the customers.

  3. Been through that many times when I drove, Steve. Had a warehouse foreman tell me that one of our other drivers always took the load no questions asked after I refused it for being 15,000 lbs over. The sad thing is they couldn’t correct it the first time you brought it back. Good luck.

  4. So if sliding the fifth wheel affects the 40′ mark on your trailer, did you have to use a measure tape?

  5. Yep, you have to get them to do their job right so that you can do your job right. Looking forward to the ride over Donner Pass later today or (more likely) tomorrow. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  6. So sorry for the mess, Steve! It will no doubt work out, but with frustration!! Good luck and I’ll see you when you start rolling!

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