Saturday in Kentucky

Good morning America! We have been relaxing this morning because our delivery is tonight and only 275 miles away and we have to start later so we don’t run past our 14 hours when they unload us and we still have time to get parking afterwards.  Make sense? We do have our next trip lined up but it is another relaxing trip with extra time on it at first.

Here is what’s in my freezer this time…

2 Turkey legs
14 hotdogs
Hamburger helper stroganoff
2 pounds of Sloppy joe
25 chicken tenderloins
7 baked potatoes
12 assorted steaks
9 1/3 pound onion hand pressed hamburgers
24 chicken drumsticks
12 one inch pork chops
6 bubba burgers
24 burritos
4 sweet corn ears
6 one pound potpies
2.5 pounds of Pecan brisket
4 supreme pizzas

17 thoughts on “Saturday in Kentucky

  1. Holy cannoli ~ you actually have more in the truck freezer than we have in our home one! I’m sure it saves lots of money too plus you know it’s healthier.
    Must be an art as far as fitting all things in there like a puzzle too 🙂

    1. Everything is grilled or precooked/prepared for servings, then vacuum sealed, so no bulky packaging just actual products and yup, you can pit just like a big puzzle

      1. Would you post what make and model vacuum sealer do you use? I been looking into buying one and would like to find one that is proven to be reliable and works. Thanks

          1. Nope, I mean the one you use to seal your food. My question was missing some critical details. 🙂 Sorry about that.

  2. When you get to Ohio we have chocolate “Buckeye” pie for ya.Thanks for keeping us posted.Stay safe as always.

  3. Hi Steve, that’s quite a list, lotsa good stuff there. You’ll have a tough time choosing what you want for lunch and or dinner every day, so much to pick from. Glad you were able to stock up…it’s a lot of prep work, but so worth it in the end. Enjoy 😊

  4. You sure do have a lot of good eatin’ stuff there! A well fed trucker is a happy trucker. If you’re ever in Denver long enough that we can get together, let’s have a cook out in the parking lot. Using your food…lol. Hot dogs are ok. 😉

  5. LOL… coffee and meat is all what i need:)) …and no fishes?… Steve, do u eat meat every day? I’m trying to eat less flesh. Beans, chickpeas, lentil, buckwheat, soya, spinach… but when i see the list of your opulent “truck menu”, i’m hungry:)) Safe travels;)

  6. What?? No ice cream? Sounds like you got everything else covered but not sure how you will last a month without ice cream!! lol Safe travels!

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