Howdy and welcome to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We picked up the preloaded trailer and found it was way overweight on the back end. I really didn’t expect us to fix it since it was a 7,000lbs difference! I fully expected to have to go back to the shipper to get the load reworked. Guess what? I managed to shift things properly and we are now legal. It did require me to do adjust the 5th wheel, and in all my years, I’ve had to do that only once before. Because of our early delivery this morning and the split hours and all, we will stay here for the night then start off our 2,000 mile trip in the morning! Bring coffee!

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  1. that a Great News Steve David was it have Lens dirty on your Note 5 because of Headlight was Burry other night get that thing clean up make it Nice and Clear and Im so happy you got Wide Open windshield no more canter window and see You Tomorrow steve

    1. Can somebody actually watch a stream and notice that it was cleaned this morning? Yes lens. Yes inside windshield. I tell you what, this constant super nitpicking and nonsense is getting old fast.

          1. Next step is deleting the nonsense. I’ve been patient but when I hate to read chat or comments at night, it’s time for a change.

      1. This is why I don’t hang out in chats much because people without a life are going to use this keyboard to annoy you and so what you do like what I do, block them and walk away. Trolls aren’t worth the time you put into giving us these great videos.

  2. Great Job in getting the load balanced. The only thing I would ask of you is to relax now and get something to eat. Have a nice night. 🙂

  3. You know its a long day,when were talking hamburgers this morning..hope you got something to eat,like a hamburger! Be safe, on to Utah.

  4. Does rebalancing when you’re that much over in the rear require moving the tandems back and the 5th wheel forward? And, if you move the 5th wheel forward, does that create any clearance issues between the reefer and the cab in turns?

    1. The other issue is sliding the 5th wheel forward, you can’t put more than 12,000 lbs on your steer axle.

  5. Whew is right Steve…kudos to you! Very happy you did not have to return to shipper. You’ve had a couple of crazy nights with shipper and receiver appointments, so hopefully you’ll have a more restful night tonight. Love the new truck and look forward to all the travels that lie ahead. See you in the morning and coffee will be on hand ☕️.

  6. Super cool Steve, with shifting the 5th wheel & trailer axels to be legal, I’m sure the customer appreciates that (Probably doesn’t even know). Drive safe.

  7. good fix. next time stop by the close scale. I saw this one when you didn’t make the turn to the pilot. Do they put product weight on the bills, and not add in packing material. I drove for over 30yrs. Home on disiability. Right leg Knee doesn”t bend. Over $200,000 2 surgeryies, and sept. will be 2 yrs relearning to walk. Keep it safe. I keep watching.

    1. Yes, they put product weights, pallets weight and dunnage. Just because they list an amount on the bills, it doesn’t guarantee accuracy. In this case, the bills say total weight in trailer is 37,500 but it actually weighed on the scale at around 43,000.

      1. And keep in mind their weight is without the trailer, reefer and all that good stuff including tires.

        BTW, glad you didn’t have to resolve this issue by heading back to the shipper. I was afraid that they left a forklift inside the trailer.

  8. Stupid question but if the 5th wheel slide worked this time with the overweight issue, couldn’t you do this trick every time to avoid going back to the shipper? Welcome back to Hershey 🙂

    1. I’ve had to adjust 5th wheel only once before. The best and easiest way is to adjust trailer tandems since that is what different states require and when moving tandems, no need to adjust 5th wheel.

  9. glad to see you were able to get legal. hopefully you’re not bumping the limit and can put fuel in the truck. safe ride

  10. Good work steve now rest up and look forward to your driving in the morning buddy be safe on your roads {I know you are always} love ya live feeds and a nice truck also

  11. Hi Steve,

    So how does the new truck favor on steep hills? I’m happy you were able to go to Pennsylvania to test out how the truck does on hills when loaded. I know your previous truck crawled up the steep hills and you really had a long pull in front of you. And PS: Good thing you got the heavy on the backend problem fixed yourself because Pennsylvania is not the place to go heavy at back and light up front unless you want to chase your truck up the runaway ramp.

    And one more thing,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement about laughing off situations you get yourself into because you didn’t listen to Chatty Cathy. I was having a really bad night last night and when you said in 1.6 million career miles, something is going to happen and just enjoy the bonus five cent tour of Gretna (This was the Topeka to Schuyler, NE video) it really helped me get a much needed laugh so I could at least close my eyes to get some sleep. So thanks again for all you do for us as your Road Crew to make the trip fun even if you have bumps along the way.

  12. Always learning something new here.
    Never knew the king pin plate could be push forward/back for weight adjustment. Always thought only adjustment available was height for leveling. Once one thinks about it, being able to do this makes perfect sense. One of those Duh! moments for me. 🙂

  13. Hey Steve it’s great to have you back on the road again and I’m in love with the new Cascadia 🙂 I don’t mean for this to be heard as nitpicking and I apologize if this seems rude in any way but I will admit that I was disappointed that rather than receive a trip through the NorthEast we are having to go all the way across I-80 again, but hey I really should have expected that, a new truck but same freight patterns same dispatchers. Point is thought is it’s a nice long trip that puts more money in you’re pocket. I do agree that it is pointless and ignorant for people to be so nagging and critical. You are the one with a job to do and even you have to go with the flow, be grateful that we even know who you are at all. In all honesty I do wish that I could be an additional YouTube moderater but in even further honesty I really do not have the time to do so as I do have a full time job, family responsibilities, and on the side I am trying hard to better my self and earn my first Girlfriend and after all that when I’m not watching you drive I am also self educating myself in a variety of subjects that I’ve been interested in for awhile now. But like I told you when I met you in St George Utah I do continue to watch every video you post, at this rate I will be moving from the white truck to the new gray one around Christmas of 2020. To that end I am grateful for the trips down the common mundane highways because I was an avid reader for most of my life but reading had really fallen by the wayside within the last few years, I recently made the decision to start reading again while watching the more boring videos just taking momentary glances upward between each sentence. So I wouldn’t read much if every trip took us down rare roads. I do work in the hospitality industry and my work does provide a service discount, and even though it’s intended for the Veterans/Military, I always give it away when I found out the client is a Truck Driver because they too are serving our country in a really valuable way, and I encourage all who work in the hospitality sector to do that same. THANK YOU SO MUCH MICH Steven for all that you do, it has been an amazing privilage to ride alongside these past 3-1/2 years and I look forward to being here for the next 3-1/2 years and beyond. Keep calm, Mash on, God Bless you Steven and I pray every day that America will face the Lord and turn down a more rightious path so that I may once again be comfortable in saying GOD BLESS AMERICA !! 😀 😀

      1. Hey Robert was very impressed with your blog comments.You sure are into BRT as a very wonderful source of enjoyment and pleasure of all BRT is about and the portrayal of a good honest law abiding productive man that Steve sure is.This is a educational and uplifting site Steve has provided.Those last comments i am in agreement with you.Yes Yes–God Bless America and make it great all for the good reasons Best wishes to all good crew!!!

  14. Steve, the screws for your new TV should be the same ones as for the feet/stand of the TV maybe screwed into the bottom back of the TV.

    1. Well, tv came with leg screws, m4-12 but not the wall support bracket. Those require m4-35 and are not included with the TV

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