Tightly spun

Howdy! We made our morning drop at the delivery and our next trip is Preloaded out of the same building. The release time of our next trailer isn’t until 4pm today. We checked hoping it was ready early, but no such luck. We will roll back to the shipper about 330pm but no broadcast until after we pickup because it is literally around the corner…

Just yesterday I posted in my Instagram a pic of a truck in the car section of the truckstop and the trucker was drunk. My point is this… don’t be afraid to look at your rear view mirrors when you are stopped at traffic lights and especially traffic jams. Watch the traffic behind you to make sure they too are stopping. If not, you just might save your own life by getting out of the way if it looks like they aren’t stopping! In this article you can also watch the truckers dashcam. Warning, not pretty. Don’t rely on others to always be paying attention!
Trucker slams into stopped traffic.

10 thoughts on “Tightly spun

  1. The question is why and how was he still driving with no license.The company he worked for should have fired him when he lost the license.Surely they knew.

    1. My biggest gasp was the trucker they caught earlier this year, after he crashed, that they found out his CDL license was revoked 21 YEARS ago. No way that should have gone unnoticed for that long.

      1. Government officials and executives are idiots. As long as things and people are making a profit, it is just fine. Once something goes wrong, the driver is spit out with very little charge to the company, and somebody else takes his or her place.

      2. You have to remember we live in a country where they are stiff to rule followers and negligent to the rule breakers.

  2. Guy didn’t even slow down.. He plowed through those cars like a wrecking ball to a brick wall.. Yeah, he deserved to spend the rest of his life behind bars for driving a vehicle which takes a football field to slow down and shouldn’t be handled by a drunk who forgot he was in charge of 100,000 total pounds of weight if you count the tractor.

  3. Good advice, that is if you can get out of the way.
    It was about a year and 1/2 ago that I was sitting in traffic on the expressway here in northeast Pennsylvania
    when I realized an ambulance was not slowing down as he/she approached from behind at a pretty good clip.
    Sure enough I was rear ended as were two other cars (domino effect) from yes … of all things an ambulance.
    There was no emergency and no flashing lights or siren, just not paying attention.
    Being that I was basically stuck in the middle of 2 other cars on either side, there was really no where to go.
    My Subaru was totaled and luckily after being checked out no injuries but I swear my neck still aches on occasion from the
    whiplash 🙁
    It just wasn’t my day that day in November. On that same day (earlier) I was also involved in a rear end collision where the person that
    hit me was not paying attention and slammed into me at a red light. On that occasion I could have gotten out of the way as there was an exit to the
    right of the red light that I really should have went but was hoping I guess that the person coming at me would slow down but never did. I literally watched
    as the couple were gazing out either side of their window as the car kept approaching. I felt like a sitting duck in both occasions.
    Ironicalllly I was coming home from getting an estimate from the first more minor accident that the second one happpend with the ambulance.

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