Afternoon waitho

Howdy and welcome to Thursday afternoon in Hermiston,  Oregon where we are sitting in a door waiting to be loaded.  Because we started so early this morning with the Spokane,  Washington delivery,  our 14 hour clock is rapidly approaching.  Once done here we will just find the nearest place to park it for the night.  Tomorrow will be a full day with us running the backroads of Oregon on US Highway 97. It has been many years since we’ve been down that highway.  I still remember the first time I traveled that way, even before bigrigtravels was born! I’m not sure what kind of data towers will be available,  but if it is troublesome to broadcast,  we will hopefully hard record some areas.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon waitho

  1. The backroads of Oregon are spectacular! If I remember right, this trip is almost the reverse of a “ghost trip” from a few months ago. But it looks like you are loaded and ready to roll when the hours allow this time. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. Looking forward to the trip forfeited a couple months or so ago!
    It’ll be sure to be a gem (provided signal complies).
    Just wondering ~ what’s “waitho” mean?! 🙂

    1. GM, I’m thinking that “waitho” must be a typo, and it’s really saying “wait ho” (the “ho” meaning Hermiston, Oregon).

    2. It means the blogger who typed it is blind and careless and just mashes any ol button now and then:)

  3. Good evening/Morning Stephen, just wanted to say I just got back from a trip down to Vegas and must admit that I really have a TON of respect to you truckers for having to driving these really LONG distances almost every single day, I mean my m trip up and back equaled about 450 Miles each way and it took me about 7 hours to make it up and back and holy cow was I tired when I got back home, to me that is one heck of a long drive..LOL but you have to do this distance PLUS more like I said almost every single day and that is why I have so much respect for you truckers out there, even when I happen to come up behind one on a long straight stretch of road and when the right moment comes I MASH IT..LOL and do the best that I can to safely pass it, Hope all is well wqith you and very glad to see that you are really enjoying your New truck, it looks Fantastic, EVEN DIRTY….LOL Take care of yourself….

  4. Bend Oregon is a great place to visit if you like mountains, good beer, and seeing the Deschutes River. When me and Dad were there it snowed and this was in June! We had a blast while we were there and I wish I could go back there.

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