Six hour lies

Good evening.  We have finally departed the loading dock 6 hours later. I will never understand why it takes so long to unload a trailer.  We brought in 23 pallets but they resorted them into 135 different pallets for their own store location use. All the grocery warehouses do this, but why must I sit idle while they do all their sorting out on their time? Other than counting and product item accounting,  there is no reason for a trucker to ruin his hours, time, and other trip appointments while they make a bigger mess things? And here is the truly sad part that happens quite often – putting an incorrect timestamp on the “driver completed and departed” line. In this case, we were given the bills and cleared to leave the door at 7:19pm, but the time THEY put was 4:15pm. This shorts me $15/an hour they have to pay me for detention time for taking too long. Everytime this happens I cross out their time and correct it to the real time. This happens so often that I actually had a rubber stamp made so I could stamp the bills with the correct times. Does this solve anything and I get paid what’s actually due? Not hardly.  The delivery customers complain,  throw a fit, say the driver is wrong and so in the end, it is the driver who loses not only money but driving hours and many times it affects other loading appointments. This isn’t unique to me but is very common in trucking,  especially refrigerated trucks. Oh well,  we just completed our 14th year in trucking so I guess it’s too late to complain about it. Oh, and what is the unloading fee that the trucking has to pay the unloaders? Today,  the charge was $444.00. Nope, not kidding and no exaggeration.

We are sitting on customer property until Saturday morning when we will go get our Preloaded trailer from Ogden.  We are very short on our 70 hour clock for the next few days…

Long day in California

Howdy and good afternoon to ya from the Inland Empire!

This morning we started our day at 3am departing from Hesperia and ran down through the San Bernardino mountains towards our 6am delivery in Carson.  Traffic was rather enjoyable since we ran into no traffic jams and actually arrived about 45 minutes early! We have reached the next shipper and already attached ourselves to the preloaded trailer and just waiting for 2pm to roll out to the local delivery.  Once unloaded,  we have to go directly to the nearest truckstop since it will be nearing our 14 hour limit for the day.  We do have our next trip after this but cannot get it until Thursday morning.


Rush ‘n Sit

Oh boy, long day of backroads today as we raced to Schuyler, Nebraska arriving just 22 minutes late for our loading appointment. No biggie since I rolled up to the lot and there is a big number of trucks waiting to load. Our booking appointment is for a preloaded trailer and when asked if I had time for dinner, they laughed and said breakfast too! As of now, they have not even pulled the empty trailer they are going to load from the lot yet. Guess we wait until they call us!

Numbers for today:
Miles – 370.8
70 hrs left – 15hr19min
Gain tomorrow – 7hr8min.
Today’s mpg 9.4

Good Wednesday

Good morning America. We made our delivery last night here in Findlay, Ohio and was tied unloading until after midnight. This morning we are waiting for instructions on what to do with the 9 damaged cases the customer refused. Shouldn’t be long then we will start the next trip by first getting reefer fuel and a washout.

Update – Attempt to deliver

Good Sunday morning Road Crew.  In case you missed the details,  we had a 730pm delivery appointment on Saturday night.  We showed up but was informed that the customer doesn’t even have any personnel to unload our products on Saturday and that the delivery appointment they show for us is Sunday at 1130am. No idea who messed up,  but we will make another delivery attempt at that time.  Here is your Sunday morning video for this week:

My load information originally showed us with a delivery appointment of 730pm yesterday. Then they said 1130am today. Then they told us the original appointment was set for 9/2 1930. Customer service bosses have arranged for us to be a work in delivery at 430pm today, so we will try delivery for the third time shortly… We are in the process of getting approval for the trailer tire to be replaced since the tread has begun to separate….

See ya about 330pm as we head back to the delivery uugghhh

Saturday in Kentucky

Good morning America! We have been relaxing this morning because our delivery is tonight and only 275 miles away and we have to start later so we don’t run past our 14 hours when they unload us and we still have time to get parking afterwards.  Make sense? We do have our next trip lined up but it is another relaxing trip with extra time on it at first.

Here is what’s in my freezer this time…

2 Turkey legs
14 hotdogs
Hamburger helper stroganoff
2 pounds of Sloppy joe
25 chicken tenderloins
7 baked potatoes
12 assorted steaks
9 1/3 pound onion hand pressed hamburgers
24 chicken drumsticks
12 one inch pork chops
6 bubba burgers
24 burritos
4 sweet corn ears
6 one pound potpies
2.5 pounds of Pecan brisket
4 supreme pizzas

Kentucky and Massachusetts disappeared!

Good evening everyone from Des Moines,  Iowa as we are shutdown for the night.  Our load going to Kentucky was passed onto a set of team drivers in order to make on time delivery.  The trip going to Massachusetts is only going as far as Rochelle,  Illinois then we will drop it and let another driver take it on. After we reach Rochelle,  we have a minor local run to do then we will be taking four days off.

Slightly delayed

Afternoon from Springville,  Utah.  We are waiting for our pre loaded trailer to be released.  The shipper apparently is several hours behind schedule at this time.  As soon as we get the load, we will roll towards delivery.  Right now the shipper is saying check back again about 230pm.