It’s after Halloween

But it appears we found a ghost trip. We arrived yesterday but afterwards find out the trip has been canceled.  We are waiting for the next trip… no idea who or what happened,  just that it no longer exists.  As soon as I hear something,  I’ll let ya know.  In the meantime,  anyone care for a free screen wallpaper? Simply right click, save, and it’s yours! Nebraska wallpaper

Sunday Video and news

Ok ok, everybody thinks I have disappeared. Well,…
So we made our delivery yesterday and we waited and waited and finally it was determined that there is absolutely no trips available until Monday morning and it picks up less than a mile from here. I will update the trip information shortly. In the meantime, I have been very hard at work on the big migration of 50,000 photographs from the old photography website. I am working on reintroducing our photography website after a complete top to bottom rebuild. I pretty much ignored the photos section for quite some time and it definitely showed in the number of visitors that no longer visited. Actually having the time to work on the website uninterupted is a rare occurence and wonderful.

Indy to ohio

Good Sunday afternoon. Here is this week’s Sunday video. We have been delaying our start today since our delivery isn’t until 5pm Eastern time. Once we deliver we will have to run towards our next shipper and be ready for a Monday morning loading appointment.

Oh boy, fun fun

Good Morning from Indiana! We had a rough night last night with our 1030pm delivery! They took until about 2am or so and then it sure was fun finding parking that late at night. Because we were so delayed with delivery then the next trip loading so early, well that didn’t work out so well. We would have arrived to the shipper about 7 hours late! We have lost the trip we put up because of that but we will get a new one pronto! Hang in there, it’s always like this after time off. Yup, we are still doing paper logs just like the old days because all the Qualcomm devices nationwide are having serious issues….

Busy time off…

Got some heavy wet snow on Halloween,  temperatures dropped to 18F, and all the leaves fell. Been mulching up the leaves,  tearing down the garden,  and tons of other stuff before winter sets in and stays for months on end. Enough about me, ya came here for your Sunday Video!

Midnight Express

UPDATE: Well, in case you missed it, we are already standing by at the delivery in Mountville, Pennsylvania. The trailer we were waiting on came in early so we grabbed it and ran the backroads of PA72 and got parking at a truckstop right across the street from delivery. Also, I called them and they are willing to take me a few hours earlier than 1am, so now we are here just waiting. It sure was a great run with all two lane roads and close knit autumn trees!

Also, just learned a new way you can possibly help support the website. Go to the donation page and if you are looking for a new credit card, there are three referrals that can really benefit us if they are used. These are just links provided directly from the issuer, and I do not see any of oyur information, or even who applied. Just another way you can help if you choose to do so.

Good Sunday morning.  Our next trip is posted and is an overnight trip that delivers at 1am tonight.  Today is rest and relax so we can be wide awake tonight.  We do have our next trip which will take us towards the Bigrigtravels Warehouse so we can get your orders mailed out to ya!

New Store Items!

We have now updated the BigRigTravels Store with all the backorders ya’ll have placed as well as adding several new items.

Check out our fancy custom made diecast Hat (or lapel) pins! New Ball cap colors have arrived as well as the backorders, including the asked for PINK hats! Two 2020 Calendars have arrived! Your choice of Journey Across America and Montana’s Ghost Town!

Stop by the newly stocked store today and get your holiday orders in. When you order multiple items at once, it saves me in postage fees. FREE Shipping in the 48 States but we will ship worldwide as long as the customer pays the actual postage to your country.

You can pay by credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, personal check, etc.

And just like that …

things changed.  We arrived at the shipper in Brundidge,  Alabama only to find out they weren’t expecting us until Friday morning.  They put us in a door and was going to load us right away but then several other trucks showed up and had to get loaded first.  Because we started our day so early this morning making the delivery in Midland,  Georgia we are reaching close to our 14 hour clock.  We decided to drop the trailer in the door and will go pick it up in the morning.  See ya Friday morning! Bring coffee and donuts and cheetos!

High theft area

Howdy gang! We have finished our delivery in Orlando and even gave you guys a drive through tour of a Walmart lol. The next trip is now posted and we load Wednesday morning then head to Georgia’s Western border for the delivery. We also have another trip scheduled that will send us back up North… I will update the trip journal and other stuff tonight…

We are in a secure lot tonight since there are very few truck parking spaces or truckstops. The Orlando area is also known for the highest cargo and truck theft areas in the country. This place is $20 a night, but the minute we rolled in, we were met by the security guard and escorted to our parking. Free showers available here. Nice clean place.

Long long day

Afternoon Road Crew!

We delivered by dropping the loaded trailer and pulled out a brand new empty trailer to use at our next shipper Monday morning. We started at 230am this morning and drove the 530 miles to delivery. We will start broadcasting AFTER we get loaded about 9am. Here is this week’s Sunday video.