Bloomington is Normal?

Good evening everyone.  We made our delivery in Mount Sterling,  Illinois this afternoon.  It was supposed to be a quick drop in their yard then Bobtail to Belvidere for time off but it turned into a live unload.  There was virtually zero signal as we rode through the backroads and so we stopped just outside of Peoria,  Illinois hoping signal could be found to broadcast.  No such luck, so we drove on to Bloomington for the night.  We still have about 130 miles to go so we will finish it up Saturday morning.  We have a nice new jingle for ya so be listening for it as it debuts on Saturdays drive!

One thought on “Bloomington is Normal?

  1. Good Morning Steve–so you have a new jingle you are going to pop on your site??? How about this–jinglr bells jingle bells jingle bells oh what fun it is to drive my truck to Rochelle and Belvidere to take my time off!!! Well its an idea for a Jingle!!! Okay am excited to hear your –merrie melodies composition MASH IT

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