So we rushed to make up time to get to delivery at the most earliest legal time allowed…and they would not allow us in the gate today because we were 1hr 15min late! They have rescheduled us for 930am Saturday, but then this probably means we will lose our next trip! Let’s hope for the best and see what happens next.

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  1. Simply unbelievable of these people. They should be grateful you did get there, late or not. And they should have still let you deliver today rather then tommorow. You were doing the best you can to get there on time.

  2. Nothing that happens in your business surprises me…..gotta be discouraging to you when you ran over 500 miles yesterday to get in today as close to the appointment. They must be very busy in Cheyenne or everyone wanted to get home early on Friday. You did all you could and to get shut out like that is wrong. Wonder what the owner of whatever you are transporting would think if he/she knew that their merchandise had to sit in a parking lot down the street overnight.

    1. Yeah, funny how I wasn’t given the pick up appointment until it was too late. Funny how you think that after driving max legal hours and resting minimum legal breaks that the load still could have been delivered on time. Even if no coffee or bathroom breaks occurred, it still would have been impossible to make the original delivery appointment. If a load is scheduled so tightly that a driver is not allowed a few ten minute breaks, then the planners have failed. In fact, only one time in my career was a service failure my fault. It is pretty obvious you have no understanding of the trucking industry and scheduling.

      1. With no pick up time and delivery looming, what did they think you could do, your not superman, Steve. Not your fault, you did the best you could do. The road crew was with you all the way and we appreciate everything you do..

        1. Of course it isn’t my fault. And nope I’m not worried about it. I notified bosses what time I would reach Cheyenne. Other than that, I don’t fret

        1. That’s because Al’s probably never driven a truck for a living. This is one reason I decided to go with dedicating driving delivering containers from port to warehouse. Always have a load. Too many variables in weather, traffic, and mother nature calling can make drivers like me and Steve late. We don’t live in a perfect world, sadly, others don’t realize that.

    2. Al, shame on you. I can’t believe you even think that. If you have been watching Steve for any length of time, you know that he always goes above and beyond to make sure deliveries are made on time. Steve said right from the start of this trip that the original delivery appointment would be impossible to make. Perhaps you would like to give trucking a try to see what Steve deals with on a daily basis. Somehow I don’t think you’d make it.

    3. Seriously dude? Steve is one of the hardest working drivers I have seen. Go watch some other truckers on YouTube. This happens to all of them. Some of the planners and DM’s have no clue and just expect their drivers to be robots.

      1. Another keyboard warrior..
        As a famous Scotsman once said “(Steve) cannae change laws of physics “….

    4. Al, would you like to meet a fatigued driver while you are driving your own car? It’s important for all drivers, especially drivers of big rigs, to stop and take a short break while driving to avoid fatigue. A five minute stop and a walk outside the vehicle works wonders to revive a person who is feeling tired.

    5. Al! Who do you think you are? You have no idea what trucking is all about. Truckers like Steve work very hard in order to get deliveries on time. Some things happen unexpectedly that a delivery is late. Put yourself in the other persons shoes before you judge them. Judge not least ye be judged Al!

  3. The good news is at least you are there so they can’t turn you away for delivery. The bad news for them is you try to make what you are hauling work and you are honest with yourself. It’s not worth pushing yourself to exhaustion and hating what you do because of unforeseen things on the opposite end of the shipper you got the load from. Why can’t they unload you this morning? Weekends aren’t as busy as weekdays but then I guess someone on their end didn’t want to get up or miss their coffee break.

  4. Seriously dude? Steve is one of the hardest working drivers I have seen. Go watch some other truckers on YouTube. This happens to all of them. Some of the planners and DM’s have no clue and just expect their drivers to be robots.

  5. Well there could be an investigation with a committee like some other entity whom will go un-namable does every time some conflict comes up Steve is the best of the best!!! Mash It blessings for Steve and BRT

  6. Funny how interesting it would be to see if Al could drive for 10+ hours straight with not taking at least one potty break … let alone a coffee break

  7. Most people have no concept of dispatchers.Its only this far on the map. 30 years ago I almost got killed trying to get a hurry up load to Michigan out of N.j. Fell asleep wrecked the truck and guess what load never made it .Live and learn thanks to grace of God I’m still here. But it won’t happen again !!

    1. You are correct. When I was new to trucking, I left in the middle of eating steak at mom’s house in San Antonio to go pick up an emergency load in Dallas because dispatch said I absolutely had to get there right now. I put my steak in tinfoil and ate it on the way. Guess what? We arrived and they were closed. From then on, do the best I can but will never skip a 5 min coffee or stop eating dinner. In 14 years, I learned not a single emergency is worth rushing past food, bathroom. Or sleep.

      1. I work in the car parts business, Every part wanted is always urgent until it arrives, then it can sit around for days.

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