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Well, yesterday we were late due to circumstances beyond our control but we showed up as fast as we legally could. Yesterday we were told to come back at 0930am today to unload. So, we showed back up at 0915 but then get told that all the 0930 slots were full and that nobody actually penciled us in for a 0930 slot. So….now we have had to depart the property and they “say” they have put us in for a 1330 unloading slot later today. Great, more delays all due to communication failures from everyone else. Just hang tight and we will get back to the road when we can. At this point, we still have our next trip attached to us but all of those three deliveries need to be rescheduled as well. Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “More local news

  1. if the next drop off load fails you could see if you can turn this in too a drop and hock so that way you can this drop it and you can start your next trip

    just a idea

    1. Um, yes. 1330pm today (mountain time Cheyenne )is in fact in the future from 0930 this morning. Wake up and smell the coffee will ya?

      1. Um, steve. Did you in fact notice that your blog time is not set to mountain time? That is what I am saying. I’ve has my caffeine.
        Time check is 1:20 mountain time.
        What does the blog say >>>>>>>

        1. Since I truck across 4 timezones, there is no way I’m going to reset my computers every time I drive into a different time zone. Why not just read the posts like anyone else and not panic about silly stuff? Everything I have is set to Central time.

  2. Best wishes Steve and safe travel!
    San Diego is rare destination:) i’m looking forward for this trip. Hope the weather will be ok in Rockies
    God bless ya!

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