Drizzle in California?

Good afternoon Road Crew! We should have been rolling by now but the driver we are doing a repower for is running behind. As soon as he gets here we will swap trailers and start our trip back to Colorado. Nice cool, damp, drippy day here in California. Nice to have the windows open relaxing with truck made pilot coffee, Jimmy Dean sausage and egg croissant in my hand. Yesterday our annual inspection was done very fast and they found no problems. Hang tight, we will get rolling as soon as we can.

8 thoughts on “Drizzle in California?

    1. Hey david my understanding snowman will stay like that untill u drive so many miles away from private location.so he may be close too private location

  1. Mmm, Jimmy Dean. Just picked up the 8 count box of sausage, egg, and cheese croissants.

    Jimmy often said, “Sausage is a great deal like life. You get out of it what you put into it.”

    See you on the ride.

  2. cool damp drippy day Steve!! But wait a minute—It Never Rains In California. Song was not accurate then apparently.Okay just want you to know hoping you can still leave without long delay Steve–you the best!!! Mahit bother ohh Mash It

  3. Truck made pilot coffee!? I didn’t realize pilot sold their brand coffee for home/truck use. Assume it’s ground or bean?

  4. At least this weather puts the lid on the terrible brush fires this state gets in the winter. Yes they get great weather but between the earth quakes and the fires, gimme a North East snow storm every time. PS And is the NE getting a snow storm today. Its effecting the Army Navy game.

    Thank you for blogging the reason for the delay. I hope buddy”s truck shows up soon. Have a nice evening journey out to Nevada at least.

    Okay now for my stupid question of the day…. Does this on duty stand by wait count towards your seventy hours? Or favours the not working hours.

    1. Depends what is going on at any point of the day. Any services are done on duty or off duty depending if I am with the truck or not. Waiting for a truck arrive for a repower is not counted as on duty because I already know what the time frame is and I can leave and do anything I want until the truck and trailer arrives.

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