Sunday Brakes a smokin’

A good Sunday morning to ya Road Crew. This morning we departed Baker, California and as we headed up the mountain we noticed the trailer brakes started to smoke. We pulled over and cycled the brakes and then rolled slowly and pulling over alot to double check that the problem wasn’t continuing. As we felt more comfortable in the brakes, we nursed the truck to the nearest truck shop here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are waiting to pull into the repair bays where they will check and advise on the repairs needed. Be sure to watch the status bar to see what stage we are at in this. We will roll on as soon as the brakes have been checked out and the danger of a trailer brake fire has been eliminated.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Brakes a smokin’

  1. Loved this version of the song. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a very Merry Christmas and a quiet safe New Year.

  2. Can you let us know what the issue was with the brakes when you can? Thanks Steve. Good thing you saw it then instead of going down somewhere like Cabbage Patch!

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