Christmas Eve

Howdy and good Christmas Eve to everyone. It has been a wild week and figured I had better get a post up tonight. Updating the trip journal will happen soon, I promise.

We will run head first into the 70 hour clock Christmas Day, so we will run it out and see how far we can get. Any distance left to the first delivery will result in a super early departure the morning of delivery. We have completed the trailer swap and we are all ready to roll in the morning. Depending on the situation after we stop tomorrow, we may do a Christmas Day broadcast and chat with you. See ya in the morning and bring your presents!

Oh, btw, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only, you can get yourself a Free Mash It hat pin! Simply order your hat and put it in your cart then add the hat pin. On the check out page, use code FREEPIN to claim the free hat pin. Limited to stock on hand, no rain checks.

31 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas Steve! 🎄👋Again the Holidays on the roads:( Good night, sleep well on the Holy Night😉. Thank you for all!🍅

  2. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Steve. Safe travels to you and God Bless. Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Road Crew. Take care everybody.

  3. You’ve had a very rough couple of months and you have handled it like the wonderful person you are. May the Season and the New Year bring you much joy, lots of belly laughs, relief from sinus problems and singing lessons. God loves you Steve and so do we. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to Steve and all the road crew enjoy your day and Steve be safe on ya roads and thank you for what you are doing for us with ya live feeds I really enjoy watching your beautiful country

  5. Steve, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Best wishes for you in the coming year. From the bottom of my heart. Take care of yourself. Keep warm and stay safe. Thank you for for just being you.

  6. Steve, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Best wishes for you in the coming year. From the bottom of my heart. Take care of yourself. Keep warm and stay safe. Thank you for for just being you. And Merry Christmas Road Crew

  7. Steve I love that Xmas greeting with the fire burning, the tree lit and the warmth of the log cabin. Very beautiful and peaceful. I’ve been following you since you initiated your site and met you once up on route 1 just north of Boston back in 2010. I look forward to checking your travels and appreciate all the work you do on the site and your driving. Merry Xmas and all the best for the New Year.

  8. Merry Christmas Steve,,, Santa only works 1 day a year so he relies on Truckers like you to bring us the magic of Christmas. Although you are working today you will be in good company with the Road Crew sharing their Christmas with you…..

  9. Steve Merry Christmas From Oxford England. Thank you for everything you have done for us this year, without the work you do, there would be no food on the american tables.
    take care and safe travels

  10. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, Steve! Thank you for all you do! And a Merry Christmas to the Road Crew! BRT is the best site with the best host and the best people chatting on the internet, and it is humbling to be part of it. Everybody take care and may all y’all’s day be bright and merry, full of love and warmth, and of course goodies.

  11. I did a little work myself this Christmas morning by getting to be Santa for my client and her pet cat 😀 So Merry Christmas Steve to you and your family and safe travels up to Minnesota!

  12. Steve hope had a good Christmas–at least as good as could be with you on the road!! Hey Steve –Santa said he has copied your technique by yelling out to reindeer —Mash It..He said helped to keep on schedule..Okay my silliness on here is just due for love of BRT!! Best holiday wishes for all!!!

    1. PS —Santa said with that roaring fire in the home on site photo had to leave presents out side due to inability to take trip down chimney So check out side for package–okay am repenting of this silliness!!Jim Janet Martin

  13. Its Boxing Day. For Christmas went on the road too. Habits die hard in retiring from work. Went on the Grand River in Southern Ontario. Home of the Six Nations. Well one of them. Suffice to say that you had a good set of three days. If the storms aren’t too bad you might make it, the life of a Gypsy trucker, back home by New Years.

  14. Hi Steve I hop you had a ch too see the dentist if so what did the dentist say about the tooth issue you where having?

    Happy new year Steve when do we have plans on returning to the roads ?

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