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I know that sometimes we get the short end of the stick with being turned away from delivery for being an hour late, or shippers that take 36+ hours to load us. But, let’s put things into perspective shall we? Right now there are thousands of Celadon truckers that have been stranded across the country and their fuel cards have been shut off and the trucking company has ceased operations. With no job, no way to get home, and their pay for miles already traveled in jeopardy, this is a very difficult Christmas season for them. Years ago, Arrow Trucking did the exact same thing – stranded their drivers – during the holiday season as well. So, while we may be inconvenienced by delays, there are alot of other truckers with much bigger problems on the horizon than just a delay. Perspective. It’s all about being thankful for whatever you do have and not letting the minor stuff cloud the bigger picture.

Well, our three attempts to make the final delivery this morning in Cheyenne, Wyoming really didn’t affect our next trip. The shipper had a DDT of 4am Saturday morning but as we arrived here in Greeley, Colorado, the load was 16 hours behind and no ready time in sight. They are so far behind schedule that they closed the yard to dropping any empty trailers because they had absolutely no room for us! We will check again in the morning. All bets are off and all delivery appointments are null and void!

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        1. I drive a big rig through Compton everyday, never have a problem. I worry more about National City then I do Compton. Steve, if you get a chance can you please take a few pictures of the mountain peaks along Estes Park. My old Stomping grounds…

        2. I lived in Los Angeles for 7 years and my route to work took me through Compton on a daily basis. Nothing to worry about! There are high crime areas in every city.

    1. Holidays are among us. My dispatcher stated too much fright and not enough warehouse workers to fill the loads. My companies been trying to get me to haul doubles as longshoreman have been work 16 hour shifts to get the ships unloaded and reloaded back on to the trucks. Lots of fright coming out of Denver, but not enough manpower to load the trucks. It’s all about supply and demand right now.

  1. I did a double-take on National City & Compton, too
    But I know you won’t go into high crime areas in the small hours before dawn.
    And prayer has kept you safe thus far & will lead you home.TK

  2. Hi Steve. Why is it that ever time you get a trip to San Diego, CA it all ways seem to back fire on you and then it end up not happening at all

  3. I thought you did the last week very well. I’ve retired but I miss the driving. I hope you do get that load to So. California. I was slightly ticked at the receiver. Even with today’s technology the fact that it turned out that after 900 miles you were only 90 minutes late then they seemed to punish you for being late. I worked in air freight a lot. Material would come in from afar, like Rotterdam. Go through Customs. Get sorted. Loaded onto vans, head downtown in a busy city to line up at receiving docks or empty illegal parking spots. So after 12,000 miles, ten changes of hands, rush hour traffic twice. Some receiving secretaries or junior executives would express consternation at being 15 minutes late.
    …. I know you’re sitting at or near Greely. reset the seventy clock please. Maybe you could work it for several trips out of here. If they are running late…..???
    … Just know this. If I was first executive officer of a company or company owner, I would try to hire you and ten others like you. You’re that good an operator. The Gordie Howe of trucking.

    1. Well thank you for the nice comments. It does surprise me that, as you mentioned, lots can happen and just to get turned away is dumb. Yet, if a shipper is late loading us, in this case 36 hours late and counting, it is ok in their book and the driver is expected to make up the time.

  4. Wow, 30+ hours behind? Well, I guess it’s just kick back and relax until they’re ready or the The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to give you a different trip.

  5. on the bight side you have a nic clean 70hrs to work with for what ever trip they give you if they cancel this trip for some reason

    on the other hand with the down time today might be a good day too have your lips check out buy the doctors this too make sure your lips are going too be ok and suff you dont want too have any long term effects so its all ways good too get your lips check out now be for it turn in too a biger issue down the road this some in too think about steve

    1. We do not have a 34hr restart yet. We stopped lastnight about 7pm or so. Just because the shipper is behind since 4am Saturday morning, doesn’t mean we stopped working.

  6. Gosh Steve, my heart and prayers go out to those stranded truckers! That’s just awful! It’s a fact — even though we think we have it bad, there’s always, always people that have it much worse. I hope the rest of this trip goes smoothly — and thank you for all you do!!

  7. hi steve how can you be unloadeing at receiver if snowman still shows your still parked ?

    Current Status: [ Unloading at receiver ] Set at: 18:38:14 ~ Dec 0

  8. (sigh) Looks like 30+ hours behind has become 40+ hours behind. And even though it doesn’t affect you or me personally I’m sorry to hear about Celadon. In my line of work there are a lot of private colleges/universities going bankrupt these days. I had a near-miss with that at another college a few years ago: I probably would have taken a job at Clearwater Christian College in FL had they not gone under before they could hire me. Being a student or faculty at a university that dies is a horrible experience. Fortunately it seems other trucking companies are stepping up to help out when they can, so hopefully the pain for Celadon’s drivers will only be short-term. Hang in there, count your blessings, and name them one by one. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. And in my line of work, the newspaper business, it seems another paper makes layoffs, reduces days of publication, is sold or goes out of business every week. I read a story about Celadon today that said that HUNDREDS of trucking companies have gone under this year! Hoping that you company is on solid ground, Steve. Sometimes when I see all those Amazon and Walmart trucks on the roads you travel, I get to thinking that the only trucks I’ll see 10 years from now will be Amazon, Walmart, FedEx and UPS.

  9. Hi Steve. I’m hearing rumours that Stephen Colbert and James Corden might be fighting over the rights to change the names of their shows to “The Greeley Colorado Loading Show”. 🙂

  10. I appreciate your worries for other truckers. You definitely are not selfish!!! Worst time for bad news is the time before Christmas 🙁 I remember Celadon’s trailers from many truck stops.
    Take care Steve, safe travels.

  11. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or just a sign of things to come, but there’s been alot of sudden ceasing of trucking companies this year. I’m talking about NEMF. Falcon.. ECT. I don’t understand why or how these companies don’t think about their driver first. It really bugs me to see people out of work and not paid for the miles they put in. I think it is callous of any company to do that to their employees. Maybe I’m looking at this from a small business perspective because I own my own business and know how hard we get hit just trying to reach a bottom line we can feed ourselves and make our business better.

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