Grand Junction

Good morning America from Grand Junction, Colorado. We are still waiting for our next trip. Apparently freight out of here is pretty slow because this truckstop has quite a few trucks hanging around still. In the meantime, I uploaded three videos recorded yesterday morning in areas of Utah where we had no signal to broadcast live. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Steve can’t you get permission from the boss too may be bobtail too Denver or back too salt lake city too find better fright? If nothing happens today ?

    1. Say what? Bobtail? Just leave the trailer in the truckstop to be stolen? No, we can’t just go driving around looking for something to do. The planners will send me where they find freight.

    2. You do realize that Steve is responsible for his truck and everything attached to it. This includes everything including the trailer and Aunt Jemima’s Cheetos.

  2. It must be a full-time job keeping track of company trailers as you seem to do a lot of drop and hook, taking pre-loaded trailers and leaving empties.

    1. I don’t think Steve’s company actually owns the trailers. Keep in mind that some of the trailers are owned by different companies. His clients don’t care about trailers except for loading and unloading purposes.

      But kudos to Steve for keeping them in tip top shape or getting them into tip top shape when he is in possession of them.

  3. Hi Steve — thanks for the videos you uploaded! That Prime truck collision was amazing — hope the driver is okay. Also the footage of the Vail area was nailbiting – but beautiful. Hopefully they get you a load pretty soon – looking forward to the next trip.

  4. I just want to let you know you deserve alot of credit for taking care of smoking brake problem.Recently on I-65 close to Rennslear Indiana a trailers brakes not released by driver caused load on bagels to burn trailer load and all..Take a bow Steve!!!! and hopefully get a trip soon God bless

    1. Steve didn’t cause his smoking brakes. This other driver might not have caused his either, unless the investigation says so. Powerful motors and light loads might not make it noticeable soon enough. And it depends on how many axles locked up and how tightly it locked up.

      1. No matter the cause, a driver must be on the lookout using his mirrors, how the truck rides, strange smells, or anything else that might indicate a problem over the years we have had several times that wheels started smoking or locked up. All were caught early enough to avoid more serious problems. Things will go wrong with the equipment in the span of a Million miles… we have had axes snap, brakes drag, etc.

        1. Just goes to show ya what can happen when you least expect it. Got behind a rig two weeks ago and the inside brake of the trailer was on fire. Driver could not see it from his side mirror so I honked my horn and flashed my lights till he pulled over. Pulled in behind him and grabbed my fire extinguisher and put the fire out. Said he had no idea the rig was on fire. I told him don’t worry about it, things happen. We’re all here to help each other…

  5. My comment was just to compliment Steve on taking care of problem and not to blame him as i know was previous neglect before Steve got trailer Thanks i appreciate all that care

    1. My comment wasn’t blaming you for blaming Steve. It was for you blaming the other driver in Indiana.
      Apparently your article didn’t state the results of an investigation or you would have answered. You condemned the other driver when you said he didn’t release his brakes.
      I wanted proof. And I was taking it personally.

      1. Sorry for any misunderstanding and and good for your concerns and i thank you for that News article in South Bend Tribune reported driver had neglected to release trailer brakes so i went by that report, according to paper he forgot to release trailer brakes so stand by that Anyways just say Steve—Your The Best!!! Mash It—when new assignment is given

        1. Just reviewed news report about trailer fire Police stated driver forgot to release trailer breaks and Steve–get this–destroyed 38000 Lbs of FROZEN bagels.Again thanks to all that care!!

  6. Hi Steve have you ever been over US 6 between Green River and Provo? That looks like a shorter route to the Salt Lake Area from Grand Junction. Although I’m not sure if that’s all two lane road across there?

    1. Sure many times we have been on US 6 through Price, Utah. But…at the moment, I see no trips going through there or to SLC

  7. Steve,

    The Amazon jackknife was a sobering reminder about driving in snow and ice.

    The video you posted about 5 hours ago driving through Eagle Bridge and Ghost Neck was pretty cool as you drove through those geological formations. I wonder how long it took to blast and excavate the path through those rocks.

    I’ll pray for you to get some pleasant longer distance deliveries toward the Southeastern U.S. 🙂

  8. Sorry Steve I didn’t think that you had a trip over US 6 was just curious if you been that way. I have never driven thru there but have taken Amtrak thru that area. Quite a scenic route but not like I 70 is.

  9. Yes I see that Steve that’s unreal that your going to go that way. How’s the signal thru that area. Or is it the same as I 70 none.

  10. Steve I would like to thank you for doing what you do. You provide real life entertainment for people that like to travel but can’t. And also help them forget their problems they may have. I just lost my mother a few months ago. And your You Tube channel and website help me
    Forget about thinking about her for a little while and just enjoy your journey thru your travels. And I would like to thank you for that escape. I don’t usually get on the chat but I do follow and enjoy the road crew. Again thank you for what you do and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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