Very long day today as we ran the full 11 hours of our drive clock. Tonight we are very thankful that we get to park on the property of our first delivery. Thursday morning we will make our first delivery at 6am, then scoot on over to the second delivery appointment in San Diego, then the final delivery in Compton. A full busy day ahead of us for sure. Since we are already at our first delivery, we will not broadcast until we leave here for the short 30 minute drive to the second delivery. Exactly what time ya ask? No idea, it all depends on how long this first delivery takes!

Lots of heavy traffic after we departed Hesperia, California because of a major accident as we descended through the San Bernardino mountains towards the Inland Empire. Then we hit the afternoon rush hour just about the whole way to National City! Glad we are safely parked for the night. Hope you enjoyed today’s broadcast! See ya after delivery!

5 thoughts on “Traffic!

  1. Steve, so glad you made it safely to National City and that you didnt have to find a place to park. Thank you for the tour it was beautiful with all those lights. It really makes my day to be able to see all these places through your eyes, places I will never see in person. I really appreciate it. See you in the morning..

  2. Okay, I witnessed the superb determination to get those LA area deliveries off. After the day ended 12/12/19 I was left with a couple of questions which the Road Crew chatters consumed by cooking advice got the whole place sidetracked.

    You said the truck has to go to inspection. And everybody in the Road Crew appeared sort of confused, while part of it is an opportunity for maintenance its inspection of brakes, emissions, air systems. lights, horn and in some jurisdictions a perusal of all pertinent records. But the fact that you are getting your truck inspected in California, when I observed you lived in Belvidere. means you reside in Illinois but drive a California plated and registered rig.
    … The other implication is that your company/Load broker/Freight Broker/ is headquartered in California. Whether you lease/own your truck is none of my business. My background was moving material like you. Oh by the way… After following your rig around a bit, I appreciate why you reside in Belvidere, it seems an island of calm in a sea of cars and highways. And watching your experience makes me appreciate even more the difference between team driving and sole driver truckers. Not that either way is different. I can see why you don’t get to Canada runs from California, you need team drivers to do that since most of the cargo to destination mostly to the Ontario Food Terminals. That’s the downside. The Ontario Food Terminals is like going to the Casbah of Casablanca. Cross dock cash market for most of the Food for this large Canadian province. Millions of dollars exchanged each hour. Its not a reason to go team driving. Unless you’re between trucks and want the Road Crew to see the agony of round the clock truck operations.
    … You were right… The trip to California despite the total long list of obstructions was a worthwhile exercise.. Thank you for sharing.

    1. The service is set up so the tractor gets a full look at every 25,000 miles then of course the other inspections that come along such as Calbit and the annuals

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