Restart Again

Good evening to all. We just did a 34 hour restart last Friday and here it is Thursday night and we will need to do another restart. We arrived in Barstow, California with just half an hour on our 11 hour clock and 5.5 hours on our 70 with only 56 minutes being gained over the next TWO days! We have really been doing very tight trips that required us to drive every hour possible. The downside to that is we burn up our clocks fast but the upside is we are turning the wheels making a good living and showing off the beauty of America! I though about it and ran several scenarios through my head and decided that we will do better if we take time to do a restart then as soon as our restart is completed we will take off and head North through California, Oregon, and Washington State. In order to still make ontime delivery first thing Monday morning, we will have to run every mile we can on Saturday and Sunday then finish up Monday morning any miles we are short on. Doing it this way will still allow us ontime for this trip and yet have a full slate of 70 hours to run the rest of next week with. This is normally the slow freight time of year but hey, let’s run everything we possibly can while we can! The load we brought here to Barstow will be taken to the final delivery in Oakland by another driver. The Trip Journal has been updated.

Broadcast Silence

Good Thursday morning and welcome to the last day of February! Hopefully spring is around the corner! Below is a data tower map of Interstate 70 between Green River, Utah and Interstate 15. As you can see, virtually nothing available for us to broadcast this morning. The snowman camera will still be available to send an image or two out now and then in the meantime. If you want to see the areas of no signal just visit the Video Vault in the menu then scroll down to the section called No Signal Tapes to find many recorded videos I made in areas where we had no signal. We will gain our signal back around Salina, Utah.

Special Routing

Good evening to ya! Boy, what a long day that ended with a twist!

First off, we had to leave Denver right away and fight traffic before our clocks ran out and we didn’t have time to set the new trips or update the Trip Journal right away. I just now got everything up to date. You will notice we are going to take the Southern route through Las Vegas, Nevada and Barstow, California since Interstate 80 through Donner Pass and that whole area is still closed due to the massive mountains of snow they have received during the last three snow storms. As of this posting, quite a few miles is still shutdown. The customer has approved the extra miles required and possibly an extra day to ensure a safe delivery.

As we approached the truckstop tonight in Johnstown, Colorado, we hit a pothole and we temporarily lost all electrical power. When it came back a second later, we were stuck in Manual mode in 12th gear! Nothing I did was able to go back to automatic or to a lower gear. We took the very next possible exit and tried to reset things at the stop light. We did manage to sit a few cycles of the light and traffic went around us, but we finally got things back to normal. We will keep an extra eye on things and since we will need to do our California Inspection at he end of this trip, we will get it looked at then.

Long day today with a total of 608 miles driven. Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, we will need to get fuel and a trailer washout before we reach the shipper. Our load will be ready and preloaded so it will be a quick in and out then run towards Oakland, California as fast as we safely can. See ya then!

Sunday night in Joplin

Howdy and welcome to Joplin, Missouri about two miles from the State of Oklahoma!It has been a long drive from where we started this morning in Bloomington, Illinois. This morning we had to fight some pretty strong side winds all the way to St Louis and beyond a bit, but we made it. The scariest part is we only have 25,500 pounds in the box so we were pretty light and we adjusted our speed accordingly.

We will miss our delivery appointment tonight, but they will hopefully reschedule for tomorrow about noon which is when I told them we could get there. The delays happened because of the six hour wait to finally get ahold of an empty trailer that was legal for highway use! We do have our next trip lined up and we will see how that one goes. Enjoy your night and we will see all back on the truck Monday morning!


So I get up at midnight in order to take care of “emergency ” business and drop this trailer only to be given a list of 7 trailers to use….that are not road worthy.  Back and forth conversations and we are at an impasse.  I can’t Bobtail to the shipper even though it is Preloaded and been ready since Thursday.  I have to sit around and wait until a good empty is brought in by another person.  I have no idea when this will happen.  Trip on hold at this point.

34 hour restart

Howdy.  Here is the latest information for you.  Because of the weather delays and shipper overloading us, we missed our delivery appointment in Madison,  Wisconsin.  The additional time spent driving in winter weather caused us to use up more of our 70 hours for the week.  We literally ran out of hours in Belvidere, Illinois.  The plan was to take our restart,  and because the delivery is closed on weekends, we would have gotten a free weekend off making the delivery at midnight Monday morning.

Plans changed  now. We will still need to take the 34 hour restart but then at 3am Saturday we will take the trailer to a local yard and drop it so another driver can deliver it. We instead will take on another trip and run it immediately.  So much for a free weekend.  That’s ok since we still got to get a day off and will be starting with a clean slate of another 70 hours to burn up the highways with! See ya very early Saturday morning!


Good afternoon from Walton, Kentucky! Hope you enjoyed this trip and especially the early morning delivery down that skinny street in Chicago! It has been a very fast paced, multiple long days on this trip, but we actually made all the appointments on time even when the planners told me I couldn’t! HA! We are just down the street from the final delivery which is was scheduled for 530am Wednesday…..but we called them and asked if they could take us right now. As I explained in the live stream, there was a possibility they only take deliveries overnight , and this turns out to be the case. As a compromise, instead of waiting until the scheduled delivery time of 530am, they agreed to take our delivery at 1am instead. This means another super early wake up for us, but they promised us in and out in under an hour! This means we will be able to start our next trip right away and get through Cincinnati long before rush hour begins. Sounds like a nice setup for us – if I can manage to get out of bed so early once again…. See ya after delivery in the morning!

Sunday Morning Bobtail

Good morning America! We made our drop and hook delivery then searched several places for an empty trailer. No luck. Planners finally gave up and gave me permission to play Bobtail Bob to the next shipper. The sun is waking up in Denver, Colorado so let’s go enjoy being in a short truck awhile!

Oh boy. Mixed feelings

Good evening to the Road Crew.  I just now had a chance to sit down and make a blog post.  Tonight I cooked 12 pork chops , 6 big steaks, 4 pounds of ground beef,  and other great grocery items, all vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer.

I tried twice to make the debut of the bigrigtravels road crew Radio show but both times it was less than stellar lol. I will get back to work on it next week.  I figured I tried two different days and if I kept trying I would not have any free time for my days off. Since so many people wanted to see the results anyway,  I have embedded it here. Something for you guys to try is I did manage to get the road crew Radio show to automatically caption.  You can adjust your settings and you will see the ability to turn caption on or off.  I’m not giving up, just I do need to solve an issue or two. Sometimes things can’t be tested in a real world setting until actually doing it live!

We have our next trip lined up and will post it shortly…

UPDATE – Road Crew Radio

Well, sadly, it looks like the data towers got too crowded too fast and we went from 25MB/s upload speed down to less than 1! Looks like everybody got home from work then started playing on the internet. We will have to try again at 9am central time. The mornings, we have been able to maintain the full 25MB/s because everybody is at work. If we fail again tomorrow, we will just postpone it until we get back on the road with a full signal.

Good afternoon to ya Road Crew! So, here is the new feature we are adding to….

We will have our very first Road Crew Radio Show scheduled for 7pm Central time Tuesday night. This Radio Show will be where I discuss a main topic each show then have a few other segments including a chance for callers to call in and talk LIVE on the air with me about the topic first, then near the end of the show we will have Open Mic segment where callers can talk about anything they like. There is a catch about tonight’s show however…. I have been testing many times the last week all across the country but for some reason, the signal is very poor here in Belvidere, Illinois in the evenings. During last night’s testing, the signal was so poor we dropped 76% of the frames and we cannot broadcast under those circumstances! So, we will try to do the show at 7pm as mentioned, but if the signal is n good, we will try again at 9am Wednesday. For some reason, the signal is fantastically fast in the mornings! We will broadcast the show live, and if there are problems, we will edit those out in the final show.

The LIVE call in number for our show is (806)4BigRig or (806) 424-4744. The call in number is only active during the live broadcast. I have allocated 5 lines available, any callers calling in once those 5 lines are full will get a busy signal. When you call, you will follow the prompts and I will get to you when I can. It is important that when you get connected to the show, you turn down the volume on YouTube and talk normally on your phone as to prevent feedback… and of course the slight delay between us actually talking on the phone and when it gets broadcast over the air, the built in delay might confuse you lol.

The email directly for the Radio Show is to send your topic ideas, suggestions, and show comments.

Let’s hope we can go LIVE at 7pm, with chatroom opening up at 630pm. If not, we will try again at 9am Wednesday. See ya there!!