Afternoon delivery

Good Sunday afternoon to ya. We are just dragging our feet a bit since we have a later afternoon delivery scheduled and we can’t arrive too early. We already have the next trip lined up and it will be a longer trip than this one from California.

10 thoughts on “Afternoon delivery

  1. Amazing video Steve. Thanks for letting us hear that message this Sunday afternoon and those great voices.

    1. It was very good to meet you as well. I will put your photo in the road crew gallery in a few days.

  2. hi steve i hop the yahoos dont take 22hr to load you like they did that one time last time you where there they loaded you in 12hr i think i wounder how long they will take this time too load you

    by the way steve not sure if your a big foot ball fan or not but what you think about the super bowl tonight ? i was hoping we could have a super bowl fire chat tonight but oh well may be next year

    1. I didn’t watch the super bowl. Instead I spent several very productive hours trying to button up a project I’ve been working on

  3. Hello Steve
    Good evening to you. you stop in my neck of woods. I go by that Flying J every morning. I’ll drive by where your parked and wave at snowman cam early in morning on my to River (CGB) to unload Beans I make two trips a day from Walnut Ridge Ar. to West Memphis Ar.
    You are so right about those Truck Stops in West Memphis you keep safe if its OK with you I’ll drive through I will take a snap shot of my truck which Yellow and green International pulling a Grain Wagon
    I enjoy your site
    Thank you
    Aaron P

  4. Perfect sunday song about other song! 🙂 Great choice! I love it! Thank you Steve (or TK)👍. God bless!

  5. Hey Steve
    I drove by where u are but snowman cam is froze up have a safe trip nasty weather going your from rain to ice sleet and snow
    Keep on Trucking

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