Sunday video

We are almost to our delivery in Rochelle, Illinois. Right after we drop this trailer we will begin our time off. Be sure to watch the blog Tuesday for a special announcement!

11 thoughts on “Sunday video

  1. A wonderful video Steve! Congratulations again on reaching 11 years of broadcasting this week and thanks for the many things you do on this web site which make it extra special as so enjoyable to watch! Enjoy your days off!

  2. Howdy Steve ,enjoy your 4 days of rest and thanks for the last 1year and a bit of viewing pleasure you have given me since i found you channel ,i love it, and Congratulations on 11 year of broadcasting to the world ,anyways Steve Thanks for all you do for us the road crew ,best regards Dave aka (cyberflyer).

  3. Time to reset all the clocks I don’t understand yet. 70 hour clock. 24 hour clock. So many clocks. I will research that during your vacation so I understand what your talking about at the end of each day. Thanks for the great trips the last couple weeks. I especially enjoyed southwest Utah, the California desert, the pink cafe and the LA. Congrats again on 11 years of broadcasting and happy I found this site. Always wanted to drive truck but my life took a different direction. Now I get to live that life in my retirement years and am loving it even though I would probably get in trouble for not understanding the clocks. Great video. I am new but find these so inspiring each Sunday. Have a great time off. -25 windchill up here outside Missoula near the Bonner truck stop so my cat is mad he has to stay in. See you Friday and thanks for everything you do.

  4. With the foul weather up north, I am glad you are getting time off and staying off the bad roads. Enjoy your rest and see you next Friday!!

  5. cant wait for the special announcement! wounder what it is

    whats seee

    A it has to do some in with the web site

    B steve is going too surprise us with a new 2019 truck

    C steve is going to surprise us with brand new smart phones for live broadcasting on the road

    that 3 things i can think of

  6. hi steve when you are on vacation where do you park the truck do you park it at a truck stop or do too you part it in your dirveway or turn the truck in so they can work on it why you are off ?

  7. I have enjoyed the trip across the country. In case you might not have picked up on the information or in case nobody told you, the old building you were speaking about as you were leaving the truck stop at Angola, Indiana is an old church. In some parts of the country, a structure built that way was used for a church and a school. There are a few abandoned buildings similar that one throughout Illinois that was built mainly for a place to worship, but was used for a school, too.

  8. Hi Steve enjoy your break you have worked hard during the xmas and New year hope the time off gives you time to recharge ya body catch up with family and friends .Thank you for what you do for us road crew me being from Australia I love your country and the way you go about your driving .I am looking forward to seeing How you plan your trips and your pre start you do for your truck each morning.Anyways mate enjoy see you when you start out on ya next trip .

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