34 hour restart

Howdy.  Here is the latest information for you.  Because of the weather delays and shipper overloading us, we missed our delivery appointment in Madison,  Wisconsin.  The additional time spent driving in winter weather caused us to use up more of our 70 hours for the week.  We literally ran out of hours in Belvidere, Illinois.  The plan was to take our restart,  and because the delivery is closed on weekends, we would have gotten a free weekend off making the delivery at midnight Monday morning.

Plans changed  now. We will still need to take the 34 hour restart but then at 3am Saturday we will take the trailer to a local yard and drop it so another driver can deliver it. We instead will take on another trip and run it immediately.  So much for a free weekend.  That’s ok since we still got to get a day off and will be starting with a clean slate of another 70 hours to burn up the highways with! See ya very early Saturday morning!

7 thoughts on “34 hour restart

  1. Just curious, will you get to spend any time around “home base” before having to take off again, or will you be there at the truck stop the whole time?

  2. so being a new, uneducated member of the road crew, I did some research on driving hours and now have a fairly good understanding of how all that works. Even a 34 hour restart. Glad you had a chance to visit your buddy and have a good dinner. I am ready to roll on the next trip.

  3. In the four years I’ve been watching BRT I’ve never seen you take nearly as much time off as in the past few months. Are you just winding down or are you getting ready to to retire?

    1. Really? Where have you been? This past holiday season was one of our busiest. And we are required by law to take a 34 hour restart when we work 70 hours in less than 8 days. Perhaps you should tune in more often than just on the 4 or 5 days a month I do take off?

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