Good afternoon from Walton, Kentucky! Hope you enjoyed this trip and especially the early morning delivery down that skinny street in Chicago! It has been a very fast paced, multiple long days on this trip, but we actually made all the appointments on time even when the planners told me I couldn’t! HA! We are just down the street from the final delivery which is was scheduled for 530am Wednesday…..but we called them and asked if they could take us right now. As I explained in the live stream, there was a possibility they only take deliveries overnight , and this turns out to be the case. As a compromise, instead of waiting until the scheduled delivery time of 530am, they agreed to take our delivery at 1am instead. This means another super early wake up for us, but they promised us in and out in under an hour! This means we will be able to start our next trip right away and get through Cincinnati long before rush hour begins. Sounds like a nice setup for us – if I can manage to get out of bed so early once again…. See ya after delivery in the morning!

10 thoughts on “Compromise?

  1. Compromise is good Steve. Will mean another very short night for you, so try and take it easy the rest of today. I’ll have to tell Rusty to get me up early for start of new trip. Enjoy the rest of your day Steve and see you in the morning.

  2. Glad to hear you wont be held up as much, hope you can get some well deserved good sleep till then, safe travels!

  3. Hey Steve WOW you sure have to improvise almost every trip. Sure dont have any normal 9-5 hours in your job.I am just in awe of you Steve.You are the best of the BEST I mean early trip this morning get to delivery ahead of schedule have to dicker with them so can leave load 1 am then leave early again hope you are properly treated by your company.God bless

  4. That was great to see with the delivery to an area we don’t normally get to see.
    Just curious as to why this was not an issue as far as getting to see the customer property
    whereas most times snowman camera is blocked when arriving at customer?
    NOT complaining obviously, just wondering how we got this “treat”?!
    If you’d rather not say, for whatever reason, thanks for the opportunity nonetheless!

    1. Good question. Normally, we go through gates and guards to a customer plant or complex. The one you saw had none of that and we were basically parked halfway in the street while unloading and not really showing customer names, logos or equipment. So, yeah, very rare treat for ya.

      1. I was glad you kept the cam going. Some of those neighborhoods aren’t that safe at night to make deliveries. So, you had a lot of eyeballs looking to make sure you were safe. My son has made deliveries there at night and it can be an eerie place at night. Have a safe trip to Madison, Steve!

  5. Hey Steve, sent you a screenshot of the **CHICAGO SKYWAY TOLL BRIDGE** sign that you said you would like to have–hope you like it. I had sent you a preliminary version, and then this last IMPROVED version (email titled: **improved – CHICAGO SKYWAY TOLL BRIDGE sign screenshot pic** 1920 x 1080 @ 72dpi — might even make an OK desktop wallpaper???). Since the photo editing is based on a screenshot that was only 720dpi video in motion, it’s more of an artsy piece instead of a perfect photo like you take on the road (you’re a great photographer) 🙂

      1. Gave me something to do 🙂 Glad you like it. I did it in GIMP (free photo edit / paint program) on linux. It was great fun.

        God’s best to you & yours,
        (Acts 2:38-39 – a real life changer)

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