So I get up at midnight in order to take care of “emergency ” business and drop this trailer only to be given a list of 7 trailers to use….that are not road worthy.  Back and forth conversations and we are at an impasse.  I can’t Bobtail to the shipper even though it is Preloaded and been ready since Thursday.  I have to sit around and wait until a good empty is brought in by another person.  I have no idea when this will happen.  Trip on hold at this point.

12 thoughts on “Mad!

  1. Hi Steve…ugh, I can’t say I blame you for being mad. Not exactly the start you were hoping for. If anything, these last few days have given us an insight into all of the ‘unexpecteds’ in the life of a trucker and how they are totally out of your control. You had touched on some of this in your podcast. Hang in there, road crew will be with you when you do get on the road. Keep an eye on weather too, looks like a mixed bag of a mess moving in.

  2. We are all here for you in spirit….Hang in there ….your the best at what u do We appreciate all you do for us an most important appreciate u letting us ride with u …look forward to the next ride

  3. Sorry to hear that Steve 🙁 I hope it works out better. Hope you can sleep and rest in the mean time.

  4. Hello Steve just another speed bump in life of trucker. Seems lately had too many of those unexpected bumps.Saw on news i-80 in Auroa Nebraska had major multi-vehicle pile-up due to snow storm.Local news mentioned a fatality of man from our area.Since you travel on this route many many times thought it relevant to mention good did not travel when storm hit Take care always


    1. Reviewed accident article and was due to ice not so much snow Most of vehicles involved were semi-trucks Fatality was from my area Take care

  5. These emergency moves and results are what pushes new people away from the driver lifestyle. Retired after 46 years otr and miss the driving but not having to put out all the fires that seem to popup.
    Safe travels Steve.

  6. Steve, I don’t blame you at all for being angry at what’s going on! Definitely the trailers need to be road worthy. What’s wrong with those people?! Don’t they realize that all equipment not just trailers have to be road worthy! Stay safe Steve and good luck. I have faith in you.

  7. And I thought I was having a crappy morning with allergies.. Well, the best thing you can do is laugh it off and don’t let it get to you because obviously they were playing Junkyard Wars and decided to put every bad order trailer on their lot.

  8. Just bad day. Or as u say “It is what it is!”. Believe the next days will be no prob. nice trucking. woohoo;)) Good night and God bless!

  9. hi steve how did you make out are they going too re power you or where you able too get it re schedule ???

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