11 Years of Broadcasting!

Friday February 8th 2019 is our 11th anniversary! Starting right now, we are adding another feature page to the BigRigTravels website. If you look at the menu, click on the Trip Journal. AFTER each load is completed, we will add it to the journal so you can get a better idea of the places we have been, temperature settings, mileage, etc. You can sort any column as well as use the search bar for anything you like! The table unfortunately is not mobile friendly at this time, so it is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

Also, we made our delivery today here in Johnstown, New York a full 24+ hours early. We are currently waiting for our next trip to be assigned. Speaking of this truckstop…… this is the place we started testing out switching from the old original, laptop driven, snowman images to the newer, easier automatic snowman images directly from the phones! The below images are from the last of the old snowman way of doing things to the newer phone cameras:) Click each image for the full version, then click back in your browser.

28 thoughts on “11 Years of Broadcasting!

  1. Hi Steve and RC, Was watching today and I remember watching you drive that loooong detour because of the flooding years ago when you first started broadcasting Congratulations on 12 years and counting. Looking to lots more. Safe travels

  2. Very nice addition with the trip journal. When you said you were putting the bow on a project a few nights ago, I figured something like this was coming. I love seeing the fruits of your projects. Just as a suggestion, you might consider making the default sort on the table to be the “trip” variable descending instead of the “trip” variable ascending, the way it seems to be now. That way your most recent trip will appear first until the user sorts it to suit (i.e. the same order in which posts would appear in a blog). Just a thought. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Many Thanks, yes, I wanted to do it last trip displaying first, but then the free version makes it difficult to add addition trips without monkeying it all up lol. I will continue to look into that though. And nope, this wasn’t the feature I was adding the “bow” to the other day. There is still one more feature I plan to unveil on my time off coming up…….

  3. Congratulation Steve you are awesome. I love the new journal. i will be using this after every trip. You did a Great Job Travel down the road it Fun walking round Tour also too

  4. Thanks Steve, it’s great to know that Road Crew ideas and suggestions are important to you…The trip journal looks brilliant ….

  5. Congratulations Steve on 11 yrs I really enjoy watching your live streams and other vids. Keep up the awsome job.

  6. Congratulations Steve!!! 11 years is amazing! Best wishes to BRT for next 11 years:)) Today im very proud for my 10 years anniversary brt t-shirt👍 Be safe and healthy! When i found your channel was one of my great days😉. God bless you Steve! Sincerely 🍅head😀

  7. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for doing the trip journal, it really sparks my interest because I like planning trips and I have to say the twizzlers made me smile as did knowing your export beef was meeting a ship bound for international ports probably in Asia somewhere. Great stuff!

  8. Hi Steve. Congrats on your 11 years. Bet u never thought 11 years ago u would be our famous truck driver and doing all the internet stuff that u do. I know we all appreciate you and I know I sure enjoy seeing our country while sitting in my comfy chair. Take care and hopefully see u tomorrow. I am still learning the bigrig site so it takes me a while to find your trip. Have a great night.

  9. Congratulations Steve you no steve depending on when they give you your next trip you can start the next trip sat and get a 34hr restart in and have a nic clean set of hrs for the next trip

    1. We gain 9 hours Friday. Plus 8+ each of the next few days. Since I’ll be taking several days off soon, why sit until Saturday if I don’t have to?

  10. Congratulations Steve 😊 That’s a milestone and you do an excellent job👍

    Plus you are keeping Pilot in business 😁☕

  11. Woo hoo with a capital “W”! Loving the new trip journal!! I think you must have gotten tired of me asking what it is you’ve hauled here and there and everywhere 🙂 The temp of the reefer is also a nice addition to the column as I see sometimes it’s not even on. Good stuff. Congrats on the 11 years and btw I still have a number of the older snowman shots too like you have shown here with the Peterbilt. Also just so you know i can see the journal and scroll thru it with my little iPhone even tho you said we may not be able to use mobile devices.

      1. Nope just 1/2 the table width. No problem scrolling back n forth tho to see the other half. I just assumed you meant none of the table would work but glad to find out it does as that’s how I seem to access bigrigtravels most of the time. (Except when at work lol).

  12. Top of the Morning Steve
    Congratulations for 11 Years of hard work. Keep it up. Keep safe on these roads. your website looks great & the New Trip Journal is Great. Your Road Crew is growing everyday.
    Thank you Steve
    Aaron P

  13. Congratulations Steve on your 11th anniversary of broadcasting! We couldn’t ask for a better tour guide across this great country of ours, and I for one truly appreciate everything you do. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for BRT. With your faithful road crew and you in the driver’s seat, we’ve got a great team. Love the addition of the trip journal as well. I found with my mobile devices, if I click on a trip, I can scroll over to see all of the columns. Again, thank you for all you do, and safe travels always.

  14. Congratulations Steve on 11 years of bringing America to so many who otherwise wouldn’t see all the great beauty our nation has from coast to coast and north to south and thanks for caring so much for others to do all this for us.

  15. Another good year for you and the website. Have only been following 8 years and have seen many good improvements. Hope a few more to go. Safe journeys for you.

  16. Congratulations on your Eleven Years, Steve! We have only been ‘riding along’ with you for about a year, but loved every minute. Retired truckers ourselves, so it’s great to be able to say, “Been there, Done that!” from the comfort of our computers. Here’s to your next eleven years and counting. Stay safe out there!
    With all kind regards,
    Tom and Jan in Florida 🙂

  17. So for today’s trip to Harrisburg from Binghamton, why get off at Clarks Summit exit and take turnpike, therefore having to pay a toll, instead of just staying on I81 for those 5-10 miles?

  18. Wow I think an anniversary coffee or dinner is in order. If you have time would love to meet you in Toledo . Have a safe trip

  19. Was really hoping to see you today. Congratulations on 11 years of broadcasting. I am so happy to have been apart of all 11 years. Be safe and hopefully we get to see you soon. Huggggggggggggggs to you

  20. Hi….I,m a little slow…but congratulations on your milestone. I have enjoyed the ride for many years..Hope to see you in Bellingham,WA again….Judy

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