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Well, sadly, it looks like the data towers got too crowded too fast and we went from 25MB/s upload speed down to less than 1! Looks like everybody got home from work then started playing on the internet. We will have to try again at 9am central time. The mornings, we have been able to maintain the full 25MB/s because everybody is at work. If we fail again tomorrow, we will just postpone it until we get back on the road with a full signal.

Good afternoon to ya Road Crew! So, here is the new feature we are adding to BigRigTravels.com….

We will have our very first Road Crew Radio Show scheduled for 7pm Central time Tuesday night. This Radio Show will be where I discuss a main topic each show then have a few other segments including a chance for callers to call in and talk LIVE on the air with me about the topic first, then near the end of the show we will have Open Mic segment where callers can talk about anything they like. There is a catch about tonight’s show however…. I have been testing many times the last week all across the country but for some reason, the signal is very poor here in Belvidere, Illinois in the evenings. During last night’s testing, the signal was so poor we dropped 76% of the frames and we cannot broadcast under those circumstances! So, we will try to do the show at 7pm as mentioned, but if the signal is n good, we will try again at 9am Wednesday. For some reason, the signal is fantastically fast in the mornings! We will broadcast the show live, and if there are problems, we will edit those out in the final show.

The LIVE call in number for our show is (806)4BigRig or (806) 424-4744. The call in number is only active during the live broadcast. I have allocated 5 lines available, any callers calling in once those 5 lines are full will get a busy signal. When you call, you will follow the prompts and I will get to you when I can. It is important that when you get connected to the show, you turn down the volume on YouTube and talk normally on your phone as to prevent feedback… and of course the slight delay between us actually talking on the phone and when it gets broadcast over the air, the built in delay might confuse you lol.

The email directly for the Radio Show is RoadCrewRadio@BigRigTravels.com to send your topic ideas, suggestions, and show comments.

Let’s hope we can go LIVE at 7pm, with chatroom opening up at 630pm. If not, we will try again at 9am Wednesday. See ya there!!

18 thoughts on “UPDATE – Road Crew Radio

  1. Lets Hope eveything Will run Okay for this opening road crew show on radio, i Will be there If i can to listen some bits … Extreme good luck Stevo!!!

  2. Is there a link to the new radio feature? I assume it would have been broadcast on your YouTube channel but nothing shows up there tonight even with the initial chat session. Sorry … Just don’t want to miss out!

    1. Tonight had too many signal problems. We will try again at 9 am. The YouTube channel will automatically broadcast the show

  3. Hey Steve don’t worry you will get it corrected good idea you have just work it out …………But you Just enjoy your time off.

  4. Hey Steve. Great effort today (Wednesday) despite the struggles with bandwidth. If anyone was watching you were able to give people a great description of the realities of truck driving. I am not a driver however I have been around many people who have done what you do and I have driven long distances across the country a bunch of times. I am also one who would rather drive than fly. Just an FYI – it seemed like the bandwidth went down when you tried to take the phone calls. Great start. Love the graphics. It will improve as time goes on.

  5. When I was a kid back in the 1980’s, I would stay up well past my bedtime to listen to The Truckin’ Bozo (Dale Sommers) on the radio. Looking forward to getting the technical bugs worked out so I can start enjoying regular episodes of Big Rig Talk with Big Rig Steve. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  6. Hope the show was able to broadcast at full strength this morning. Was at work at 9 AM. Was the show archived somewhere, so that those of us who missed it can listen?

  7. Hi Steve even though it was a short stream u have given me a insight to what you have to be to be a truck driver I like your concept you do make sense in what you are saying I honestly think your call in will be a hit once you work out your glitches . Once again thank you Steve and very good education value for schools and up and coming Truck drivers.

  8. I had to go to a meeting in the middle of Wednesday’s broadcast, any plans to archive the radio shows on your youtube channel?

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