Sunday night in Joplin

Howdy and welcome to Joplin, Missouri about two miles from the State of Oklahoma!It has been a long drive from where we started this morning in Bloomington, Illinois. This morning we had to fight some pretty strong side winds all the way to St Louis and beyond a bit, but we made it. The scariest part is we only have 25,500 pounds in the box so we were pretty light and we adjusted our speed accordingly.

We will miss our delivery appointment tonight, but they will hopefully reschedule for tomorrow about noon which is when I told them we could get there. The delays happened because of the six hour wait to finally get ahold of an empty trailer that was legal for highway use! We do have our next trip lined up and we will see how that one goes. Enjoy your night and we will see all back on the truck Monday morning!

7 thoughts on “Sunday night in Joplin

  1. Meow & thanks, old friends. GM & TP.
    No more time for chat, even to read it!
    Of course my wit & beauty & hissy fits are missed, duh, cats are necessary to a happy life, fur sure. (Gigglols)
    I’m still in charge of Texas, tho. grin

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