Afternoon to everyone! I’m hoping your Christmas was a great one. We have arrived a few hours early for our delivery appointment, but we went ahead and checked in. They will try to unload us earlier, but no promises. Our next shippers is also from this location so possibly we can get both done at the same time. As soon as anything happens, we will let ya know. In the meantime, can we reach 25,000 YouTube Bigrigtravels channel subscribers by New Year’s Eve???

Booked Up!

Good Friday Afternoon! We are officially booked up until 2019 with our next three trips lined up totaling more than 4,000 miles! WooHoo! We will bounce around like a pingpong ball but they will all be nice trips since there is plenty of time to get the job done without killing ourselves.

We have a live load appointment Saturday morning then will make our way across the Northern United States as the map is currently drawn. We won’t broadcast from here to the shipper since it is only about 6 miles. That really isn’t worth setting up for that short of a distance. As soon as we get done loading, we will turn the cameras on and roll towards the delivery and enjoy the ride.

Our moderator, Ken Laws from Nebraska has been hard at work editing a video compilation of us entering each state (except Maine and Vermont). I hope you enjoy it. Pretty nice to see this video from the years we have been broadcasting! Great job Ken, I appreciate you and your continued efforts to keep the Road Crew informed about all the statistics!

Long delays

Afternoon. What a great Tuesday. Well yesterday we attempted the final delivery but was turned away because they had way too many trucks to unload. they asked us to come back at 6am this morning to unload. We arrived at 545am, but they didn’t get us in the door until after 830am. We then started heading to our next shipper which was supposed to load at 3am today. Well, we roll down the street only to find massive backups of trucks. Ifind a place to park , check in, then find out they are so far behind that they probably will not get us in a door until very late evening. Yup, this means the delivery will have to be rescheduled as well.

I am cleaning up the truck, making homemade pilot coffee, and relaxing until we get to load. Not much we can do in this case except just be patient.

Sunday Delays

Ggood Sunday morning ya’ll. This morning we are on standby mode since our trailer still isn’t ready. It should have been ready no later than 2am. This now ruins any chance of on time delivery.  As soon as we get rolling and out of the shopper’s gates, we start broadcasting!

On Standby

Afternoon gang! We have arrived at the shipper but our load is not due out until midnight or so. Right now it isn’t even scheduled to be in the dock yet. All we can do at this point is wait and go ahead and take our break now so we can roll very early Sunday morning. This trip has two deliveries Monday morning so it will be a very tight schedule and we will have to run it hard tomorrow then finish up whatever we can’t get done by the end of the day tomorrow. Beautiful weather out here in Nebraska today except for the breeze and cooler temperatures – but it is winter across the Great Plains! See everyone Sunday morning!

Iowa Delivery

Afternoon everyone! We have arrived at our delivery but are in the bullpen waiting on a door. This place seems to be rotating trucks in and out of the dock fairly quickly so hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait. I am pretty confident we will spend the night here though since we are only 5 hours away from our 14 hour clock for today. We already have our next trip lined up so we just keep rolling along! I will update the next trip here shortly.

New record

Well we sure hit a new and probably not to be broken record on Tuesday! We ran it hard and managed to officially cover 679.5 miles in a single day! That averages out to 61.998 mph for all 11 hours, and we can only go 65mph! Not bad I’d say.

Tonight we are sitting in Hudson, Colorado at the Love’s truckstop and will roll in to our delivery early Thursday morning. We already have our next two trips lined up so we will keep running and use up all of our available drivetime. This is our busiest time of the year so let’s keep at it:)

Busy day yesterday

Good morning!  Yesterday was a very productive day indeed. We managed to do two live unloads and also a live loading.  It was nice that all three docks did not take long at all.  We managed to still get in 391 miles of driving in. Yesterday was also a record for meeting with the Road Crew  since we met four of them!

The next two days are going to be long driving days as we rush towards Denver,  Colorado.   Our target for the next two days is 550+ miles! Saddle up and let’s hit the highways!