Long delays

Afternoon. What a great Tuesday. Well yesterday we attempted the final delivery but was turned away because they had way too many trucks to unload. they asked us to come back at 6am this morning to unload. We arrived at 545am, but they didn’t get us in the door until after 830am. We then started heading to our next shipper which was supposed to load at 3am today. Well, we roll down the street only to find massive backups of trucks. Ifind a place to park , check in, then find out they are so far behind that they probably will not get us in a door until very late evening. Yup, this means the delivery will have to be rescheduled as well.

I am cleaning up the truck, making homemade pilot coffee, and relaxing until we get to load. Not much we can do in this case except just be patient.

14 thoughts on “Long delays

  1. Steve as the old saying goes—-often the best laid plans of men and mice and that includes truck driver—often go astray So just make the best of situation.I cant find that biography page of you telling us about your priority in life and also your photography skills in addition to trucker Must have been removed Previous i cooled and got you and others with same name and fond it by trial and error but no longer is there i guess Relax and will be with you next trip PS meant to say googled not cooled. bad fingers i guess

  2. You know Steve, you keep jinxing yourself. Every time you say it will be a quick unload or load, you get hit with these long delays. You need to start saying “Well this is going to be at least an 8 hour wait” and then maybe when you pull in they will unload you right away. lolol Oh well, this should reset your clock shouldn’t it? I’m running into a lot of delays getting the notifications from You Tube when you go live. Enjoy the idle time. Safe travels when you finally get loaded.

    1. This is a major reason truckers don’t stay in trucking…the insane waiting and the driver is expected to make up lost time due the shippers and receivers not loading in a timely manner. Get this – some companies charge the driver $500.00 if more than an hour late. But, if the customer delays us, they refuse to pay anything.

      1. Yeah right.. The shipper is arrogant toward you and when you speak up against them, you have to get advocates on your side when it is the shipper, not you. I see this same business in real estate and it really ticks me off when we’re all mistreated and put into this rat race. I mean in pet sitting, which is what I do, it’s the same thing, a rat race where everyone tells you my brother, friend or neighbor can do it for way less trouble then what you are charging. So it has to be a secondary thing next to what I hope can be something else to make a living.

  3. hi steve are you off the clock when you are setting and waiting for your turn and allow your clock too build some hrs up for driveing or is this on the clock ?

  4. are we ever going too get loaded up ? they said late eveing now it most be midnight over there now and your still not loaded up

  5. good point there steve 22hr wait time at the shipper ouch was this off the clock wait time or on the clock wait time if this was off the clock wait time if this was off the clock wait time you could have done an all most unplan 34hr restart if you had to wait other 12hr or so too be loaded up just saying

  6. Pilot has there own brand of coffee? If so, gonna have to look for that because I would trust a truckers opinion on coffee! 😊

  7. I’m not surprised to hear this especially in a big city like Dallas where I am sure the shipper is shorthanded too which really adds to the frustration you guys express. All of this was the previous administration wanting to make life miserable for everyone in the working world especially in industries like yours. You summed it up best, in a socialist society who isn’t fair to transportation, the best thing you can do is break out the old deck of cards or get chores done in the meantime.

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