On Standby

Afternoon gang! We have arrived at the shipper but our load is not due out until midnight or so. Right now it isn’t even scheduled to be in the dock yet. All we can do at this point is wait and go ahead and take our break now so we can roll very early Sunday morning. This trip has two deliveries Monday morning so it will be a very tight schedule and we will have to run it hard tomorrow then finish up whatever we can’t get done by the end of the day tomorrow. Beautiful weather out here in Nebraska today except for the breeze and cooler temperatures – but it is winter across the Great Plains! See everyone Sunday morning!

8 thoughts on “On Standby

  1. I love the snow and Santa and his sleigh!!

    Thanks for sharing them with us. Safe travels to you, @BigRigSteve and Very Happy Holidays. And I wish Happy Holidays to all. Be safe & God Bless.

  2. hi steve you could do a 34hr restart and head out monday AM then that way this trip wont be so tight or you could see if they have other loaded trailer ready too go that gos too like IL or some in and give this trip too some one else any ways some in too think about why you are waiting

    1. Well, the issue is I have to make 2 deliveries early Monday morning…so I can’t just sit around and take a restart anytime I want

      1. ok steve would there be a way too have your BOSS to change the deliveries time from Monday morning too may be monday afternoon or Tuesday morning ? then that way at lest the trip wont be has tight has it is right now ? some in too think about

        1. Hahaha no, I can’t just change delivery appointments. Think about if truckers just delayed shipments because trips were tightly scheduled! This is trucking, and we are in the holiday season. The whole idea behind trucking is to move freight across the country as fast as possible.

  3. it must be frustrating to be sitting, waiting at such a busy time, making tight delivery times even tighter. …But you’re just one link in a longer chain of supply and demand. Unfortunately it’s always the weakest link that gets the attention, the strongest link is just expected to carry the weight….hope you get back on the road soon….

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